New cross-industry benchmarking data: see what the leaders in social customer care are doing right

Teresa Meister

June 1, 20223 min read

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Customer expectations are higher than ever when it comes to social media interactions with businesses. In particular, people expect to be listened to — and responded to — by the companies they engage with across social media. 

Of course, that’s easier said than done. Every organization has its own technological and structural challenges to overcome, and each industry faces unique complexities that can make prioritizing and managing social customer care difficult.

Sprinklr's first-ever Social Customer Care Benchmarking Report gives you unique insight into how top-performing brands across six industries are setting a high-water mark for social care.

Here’s a peek at some of the insights we discovered.

Customer service benchmarking: the industries leading in social care

We evaluated more than 13,000 brands across the globe in six industries: Technology, Entertainment & Media, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Health & Pharma, and Retail, using Sprinklr’s AI to analyze more than 2 billion inbound and outbound messages, and nearly 27 billion social media engagements. 

First, we compared each industry’s average response rate, on both X, formerly Twitter and Facebook.

blog benchmarking-report img1

*Size of bubble corresponds to volume of inbound messages

The data shows that Financial Services brands are in a league of their own — not only in responding to their customers, but in responding quickly, too. This is especially true on X, formerly Twitter. Though Entertainment & Media brands have considerably more inbound messages to attempt to respond to compared to other industries (on Facebook, these businesses get more than 17x as many messages).

blog benchmarking-report img2

Based on message volume, X, formerly Twitter is a very popular channel for Food & Beverage brands, which publish 5x more messages on that channel than other industries. But on Facebook, Retail brands are posting the most messages.

blog benchmarking-report img3

For engagement rate, though, the clear leader is Entertainment & Media. These brands garner more engagement on social channels than any other industry — with the biggest lead on Instagram.

Key insights from social customer care across industries

There are three main facets of social customer care: consumer appeal, brand responsiveness, and attention to customers. Businesses that show broad strength in all of these areas — across two or more social networks — are considered the social customer care leaders in their industry. 

And while every industry has its own distinct needs, customer behavior patterns, and audience values, there are some trends and best practices that have emerged as critical, no matter the type of business your organization serves. 

These are the critical social customer care insights that hold true across industries:

  • A strong voice enables care 

  • Engagement is an enabler of care 

  • 24/7 care is now expected 

  • Large enterprise brands should focus on addressable messages 

  • Smaller brands make the biggest effort 

To read more about these insights and what they mean for your business, download our Social Customer Care Benchmarking Report: 2022 Industry Leaders.

Read more about these insights and what they mean for your business

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