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Sprinklr Acquires Little Bird – Helping Brands Improve Influencer Marketing and Customer Experience

Ragy Thomas

November 17, 2016  •  3 min read

For a long time, marketing followed a predictable path.

You had a message, an audience you wanted to influence, and a desired outcome. And the best way to reach the right people, and achieve the right outcome, was to broadcast. To shout.

Then something interesting happened. Social media came along and upended the status quo.

Consider that 81% of consumers say social posts from their friends directly influence their purchase decisions, and that customers are 60% of the way through the sales process before ever engaging with a company.

We live in an age of connected and empowered customers where it no longer matters what companies say (or shout) about themselves. It’s what customers say that determines whether a business can truly be successful. And spotting the most influential customers has become a critical strategy for all brands. In fact, 75% of marketing and communication professionals say that identifying the right influencers is the biggest challenge when building an influencer engagement strategy.

With this seismic shift in mind, I’m proud to announce that we have acquired Little Bird, an  influencer identification and marketing platform that helps brands discover influencer-driven insights and deploy them across the enterprise to create better customer experiences. You can read the full press release here.

Little Bird: the leading influencer identification and marketing platform

Every customer-facing department – from marketing to customer care to product development – is affected by this shift to customer-centricity.

Little Bird’s technology brings direct value to these functions and others by analyzing individual connections across the social web to identify influencers who can galvanize word-of-mouth marketing; build communities to support a wider set of customers; and accelerate the discovery of trends.

Fully integrated across the most complete social media management platform for the enterprise, Little Bird will enhance multiple components of Sprinklr’s technology by leveraging contextual segmentation and social graph analysis to discover the best influencers based on their reputation around specific topics and conversations – not their follower count.

What this means for global companies

Delivering more human and intuitive experiences, across every touchpoint, for every customer, is the single-most strategic investment for the modern enterprise.

We’re thrilled to be able to give 1,200+ global brands a deeper understanding of the trends that matter most, with actionable insights so they can cut through the noise and create more personal, consistent, and informed experiences for their customers.

In a world not so distant from now, companies deliver personal experiences to every customer. They make decisions based on knowing individuals as people, not data points. And their customers, in turn, feel like they matter – because they really do.

That future is within arm’s reach, but it’ll take some effort to get there. So, let’s get to work. The best is yet to come.

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Ragy Thomas

Founder and CEO, Sprinklr

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