Introducing Sprinklr Customer Community: An Integrated Platform for Peer-to-Peer Customer Care

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March 15, 20173 min read

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In our hyper-connected world, where new technology seems to appear every day, interacting with others is a vital way to stay on top of the latest tools.

By connecting with peers from across a wide range of industries, marketing and social media professionals can pick up new strategies, learn from compelling examples, and take note of best practices in the field.

At Sprinklr, we value this sort of interconnected learning. In fact, it’s what drove us to build our own Customer Community, a lively, easy-to-use tool for collaboration between Sprinklr users.

It’s a place to connect and share ideas. Sprinklr users can discuss best practices, solicit advice for projects they’re working on, and ask for troubleshooting help from their peers and Sprinklr employees.

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Access to Many Voices

Harnessing the wide range of Sprinklr users, Sprinklr’s Customer Community includes a diverse set of voices – and thus a wide array of insights. And to keep the conversations informed and relevant (and the information safe and confidential), Sprinklr’s Community is a private resource available only to Sprinklr customers.

Community users can reach beyond their industries and learn about strategies and techniques that they might never know about otherwise. Teams can collaborate with companies of all sizes, allowing users to build a more well rounded understanding of the space – regardless of how large company their company is or what it does.

With so much valuable information to be learned, teams will be able to improve their day-to-day operations. Practitioners who may lose time to a cumbersome task every week can crowdsource and identify a faster route. Managers embarking on a new, intimidating project can learn how to approach it with help from the friendly, collaborative community of Sprinklr users.

By providing Sprinklr users with industry-leading answers and insights, Sprinklr will provide its customers with a number of different avenues for finding the quickest resolution to any hurdles standing in their way. A tool like our Customer Community is a great way to pool-knowledge and alleviate pressure on support teams by allowing people to solicit feedback and advice from their peers.

An Engaging User Experience

To ensure a steady stream of relevant, useful conversations, Sprinklr’s Community will be monitored by a team of moderators and a community manager. This oversight will help users navigate the various topics, and will ensure that the conversations remain on-topic and accurate.

To help users save time, Sprinklr employees can mark a conversation as “official” – allowing users to find an answer quickly even in the midst of a lengthy conversation thread.

What’s more, Sprinklr’s Customer Community will be a lot of fun to use. Through gamification, users will receive points for posting conversations, replying to queries, among other actions.

The more activity a user drives, the more points they will acquire, and with rewards for high point totals, users are incentivized to participate and contribute to the collection of shared knowledge.

The process will identify advocates and reward those who are most helpful within the community, making for a more active – and helpful – resource as a whole.

A Focus on What (and Who) Is Most Important

Customer Community reflects Sprinklr’s commitment to putting the customer first at every opportunity. It’s a place for leaders in the digital, social space to connect and share – and ultimately, learn ways to better serve a customer base that is more connected and empowered than ever.

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