Sprinklr + Hybris = Holistic Customer Experience Management Made Easy

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February 12, 20152 min read

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How many of the marketing messages we see each day are actually relevant to us? How many are so in touch with our interests and dreams that it seems as though the marketer has read our minds? For most people, the answer is not very many. The truth is that more often than not the beer and sports lover is shown an ad for wine and cheese while the fashionista sees a picture of men’s deodorant.

And what’s the result? Wasted money for the marketer and endless annoyance for the customer.

Brands aren’t foolish – they just haven’t had access to the infrastructure needed to deliver effective and personalized marketing experiences… until now.

Introducing Sprinklr + Hybris

This week SAP launched hybris, a new marketing solution that unifies customer data into one centralized hub, allowing companies to unleash the power of truly contextual marketing.

At the core of that offering is a partnership with Sprinklr. Today’s consumer lives in social. They experience and interact with brands through a huge array of touchpoints ranging from simple Instagram posts to lengthy conversations on Facebook. Sprinklr is proud to be hybris’ exclusive social launch partner, providing enterprises with the infrastructure they need to tap into social media and power the next generation of marketing experiences.

With Sprinklr, hybris customers can seamlessly personalize every marketing tactic with real-time data sourced from any social channel. They can activate Sprinklr’s scalable, secure, enterprise CXM software infrastructure to continuously update unified customer profiles, improve business intelligence, and optimize commerce activities.

What does this mean in practice? For the first time everyone wins. Brands can deliver highly personal, contextual marketing and shopping experiences that drive more revenue. Meanwhile, consumers will be free from a world of endless irrelevant advertising shouting at them to buy products that don’t interest them.

We’re excited for what the future holds. We hope you are too.

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