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Top brands: Providing customer care on a dedicated Twitter account

Alexandra Samuel

February 22, 20212 min read

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25 companies that win with a separate Twitter care handle

Should you deliver customer care from your main Twitter handle, or use a separate account that’s dedicated to fielding inquiries and solving problems? In From AM to PM: Twitter Customer Care in a 24/7 World, we found that the answer depends on the industry: Dedicated care accounts are widely used in the restaurant, telecom and tech industries, but rarely used by utilities, food and beverage brands, airlines and apparel companies. 

Whether you’re considering a move to a dedicated care handle, or looking to improve the performance of your existing care account, it pays to learn from the best. These twenty-five dedicated care accounts excel in the fundamentals of Twitter care: They have an average Sprinklr care score of 879, compared with an average of 486 for the more than one thousand brands we analyzed.



Brand: Amazon

Handle: AmazonHelp

Industry: Retail

Brand: AMC Theaters

Handle: AMCHelps

Industry: Leisure & Tourism

Brand: Asda

Handle: AsdaServiceTeam

Industry: Retail

Brand: AT&T

Handle: ATTHelp

Industry: Telecom

Brand: Bank of America

Handle: BofA_Help

Industry: Financial Services

Brand: Bell

Handle: Bell_Support

Industry: Telecom

Brand: Capital One

Handle: AskCapitalOne

Industry: Financial Services

Brand: Dell Technologies

Handle: DellCares

Industry: Tech

Brand: Frontier Communication

Handle: AskFrontier

Industry: Telecom

Brand: LinkedIn

Handle: LinkedInHelp

Industry: Media

Brand: Lyft

Handle: AskLyft

Industry: Leisure & Tourism

Brand: Netflix

Handle: Netflixhelps

Industry: Media

Brand: PNC

Handle: PNCBank_Help

Industry: Financial Services

Brand: Postmates

Handle: Postmates_Help

Industry: Logistics

Brand: QuickBooks

Handle: QBCares

Industry: Tech

Brand: Rogers

Handle: RogersHelps

Industry: Telecom

Brand: Samsung

Handle: SamsungSupport

Industry: Tech

Brand: Sky

Handle: SkyHelpTeam

Industry: Telecom

Brand: Spectrum

Handle: Ask_Spectrum

Industry: Telecom

Brand: Spotify

Handle: SpotifyCares

Industry: Media

Brand: Sprint

Handle: sprintcare

Industry: Telecom

Brand: T-Mobile

Handle: TMobileHelp

Industry: Telecom

Brand: Telus

Handle: TELUSsupport

Industry: Telecom

Brand: Uber

Handle: Uber_Support

Industry: Logistics

Brand: Verizon

Handle: VerizonSupport

Industry: Telecom

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