How you unite Microsoft Dynamics and Sprinklr to get 1+1=3

Sprinklr Team

June 1, 20203 min read

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Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions out there, and Sprinklr likewise within Customer Experience Management (CXM) for modern channels.

If you are not that familiar with Sprinklr yet and want to see more about what exactly we do, before you read the rest of this super interesting post, watch this video:

So in Dynamics you typically do: Consolidated customer view, case management, automated workflows and processes, leverage customer purchase history and preferences, and much, much more!

But you know what, your customers and prospects are different. They act and communicate differently, especially dependant on which generation they belong to. The days of just communicating via phone, email, and brick-and-mortar stores are coming to an end.

Let me illustrate:

So if you want to listen, understand, and engage with Generation Y and Z, or just the tech-savvy people from the other generations, then it happens on what we call the modern channels – social, but also messaging platforms (Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.), chat forums.

Why should you care? Well, let me give you a few examples of why:

So there is a clear reason to do something!

But how can we use Dynamics and Sprinklr together, and get the desired 1+1=3? 🤔

The focus on Dynamics is not to excel on these channels, but it is actually, exactly the focus from Sprinklr, and Sprinklr is the best to do this for larger enterprises (according to ex. Forrester and Gartner).

This is why 9 out of the 10 most valuable brands use Sprinklr + 70% out of the top Fortune 100 companies, etc.

Sprinklr has strategic partnerships with all the largest vendors within social (25 different ones), messaging (11 different ones), chat forums, etc. So you get all the access to data that is needed, both real-time, but also potentially historically plus the AI to analyze and understand it plus the proper tools to do centralized modern engagement.

BUT Sprinklr is NOT a CRM solution, Dynamics is!

What about Microsoft, what do they themselves use here?

They use Sprinklr!

Microsoft is one of the largest Sprinklr customers themselves, which is also why Sprinklr has chosen to focus on the best in class integrations with Microsoft, which is why we offer Sprinklr’s SAAS platform on Azure, out of the box integration with Dynamics 365 and Power BI!

But what are the use cases for these integrations?

Proactive listening, engagement, and care on modern channels

On your customers and prospects on the modern channels – what are they saying about your company, products, employees + even competitors, and how do you best react to that.


  1. A customer had a bad experience and is complaining about this on social, we then “catch” this in real-time and direct it to the proper customer care agent, so that they PROACTIVELY can fix it. CSAT crisis avoided!

  2. A potential prospect is complaining or talking about an experience with a competitor online, now your sales team can PROACTIVELY reach out “to help” #newrevenue.

Ads on modern channels


  1. Direct your modern channel (ex. Linkedin, X, formerly Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.) ads to the customers and prospects, based on the interest that you have listed in Dynamics.

  2. If you have a sales opportunity ongoing with a client, then reinforce your message to them via the modern channels. sort of what we all are used to in the normal BTC world, when we look at zyx product online and it “stalks” us where we go next.

  3. If you have a Care issue ongoing with a person, then maybe don’t aim your ads at that person until the issue is fixed.

And yes, Sprinklr is actually also one of the leading Ad platforms for buying, managing, and reporting on modern channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, X, formerly Twitter etc.).


Sprinklr has built a unique AI engine to examine billions of signals on modern channels. So if you say, in your organization, that… “we are customer-focused”, “customer first” etc.

How do you measure it then? Via. old school surveys, that not many want to fill out anymore.

You measure this in real-time with AI and sentiment analysis!

Then work with it and publish it to the relevant internal stakeholders via Power BI.

And/or, put it up on a big wall in the office with our Sprinklr Display solution!

The overall benefits?

There are many, but here are some highlights:

  1. ONE customer id across Dynamics and Sprinklr, to get that true 360 degree view!

  2. Reduce costs by using modern channels instead of “just” old school email and voice

  3. Improve your customer satisfaction by catching potential CSAT issues and dealing with them proactively and in real-time

  4. Turn Care and Social into a revenue driver

I hope that this was of interest to you. If you want to hear more, just give me a shout.

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