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Benchmarks for Best-In-Class
Digital Customer Experience

Benchmarks for Best-In-Class
Digital Customer Experience

Sprinklr’s industry-first Digital CXM benchmarks provide a data-driven methodology for how well companies manage their digital customer experiences. Our research reports (available on request) reveal digital customer experience performance standards among the top 20 brands across multiple industry sectors.

Each Digital CXM benchmark report includes:

Organic Conversation Insights
Volume and sentiment of customer mentions of companies/brands
Customer-led Outreach
Frequency and speed of response when customers contact companies/brands on public online channels
Brand-led Outreach
Share of voice in the public digital channel; and frequency and sentiment of customer responses

Get the Industry Benchmarks that Matter Most to You

Industry Sector Reports

Financial Services (Coming soon!)
Tech & IT (Coming soon!)
Beauty (Coming soon!)
Household Products (Coming soon!)
Packaged Foods (Coming soon!)

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Below is a sample of types of insights you can expect from our Digital CXM benchmarks:

Advocacy & Influence: Are customers sharing and being advocates for our brand(s)?

Digital customer experience all starts with listening to and understanding your consumers. By catalyzing and listening to organic consumer conversation, brands can hear first-hand what consumers want more of, and what they don't like. The best brands drive a high volume of conversation with positive sentiment. Our AI can help you understand what consumers are talking about, at scale.

Responsiveness: Are we responsive when customers reach out to us online?

For top performing brands, 1:1 conversations with customers online offer an opportunity to turn a brand detractor into a vocal brand advocate. Our platform has workflows to make sure you don't miss outreach and can delight your consumers

Reach: Are we reaching our digital customers at scale?

Understanding your company's digital share-of-voice and influence is critical. Sprinklr can help you deliver a cohesive presence across digital channels and gain your fair share of the conversation.

Share of Voice: Are we delighting them with what we share?

The rate at which consumers react is a strong indicator of powerful content—and the sentiment of their reactions reveals if your brand's content is delighting them. Leading brands leverage Sprinklr's platform to test and learn what resonates with customers.


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