How a Senior Ads Product Specialist Built a Career at Sprinklr

Rachel Alvarez

February 10, 20205 min read

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After spending nearly four years at Sprinklr, Idan Deutsch’s track record includes supporting the paid social team for some of the world’s most valuable brands and creating product messaging and positioning to highlight the benefits of Sprinklr Marketing. Now, as a Senior Ads Product Specialist, Idan has created a role for himself at Sprinklr that incorporates all of his expertise and interests.

I sat down with Idan to learn more about his career path through the company and his advice for anyone else looking for a career in AdTech.

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What is your title and what does your role involve?

I’m currently a Senior Ads Product Specialist. This means I’m a product expert for our clients. I personally work on the Hulu account and have a couple of other clients that I support for advertising in Sprinklr. My team is the day-to-day contact for a client – answering any questions they have within advertising, ensuring they’re reaching their business goals and getting the most value out of Sprinklr Marketing.

When did you start at Sprinklr?

July 2016. I came through a referral from a former co-worker who left my previous company and joined Sprinklr. He was always raving about Sprinklr, so I had a feeling it would be a great fit. Here I am four years later, so I know I made the right choice.

Other than your friend’s experience, what else interested you about Sprinklr?

I was excited about the role at Sprinklr – it was called “Associate Director, Advertising Excellence” and I had the opportunity to architect the Sprinklr experience for some of the world’s largest advertisers by onboarding them onto our Sprinklr Marketing product. Being responsible for millions of dollars of advertising managed through Sprinklr was incredibly exciting. The company I previously worked for was similar to Sprinklr but had a much smaller scale, so the power of Sprinklr’s technology was very interesting to me. I wanted to learn more about the implementation of the product and also work directly with customers.

You’ve had a few different roles at Sprinklr. How did you grow your career within the company?

When I started at Sprinklr, I was focused on customer implementation and onboarding new clients to Sprinklr Marketing. After a couple years of learning more about the product, I knew I wanted my role to focus more on product development. I was passionate about improving the usability of Sprinklr and the user experience.

This personal passion led to an opportunity for me to join the product marketing team in 2018. Shortly after I started the role, I realized the product marketing team’s focus was on sales enablement and content creation. While this may not have been my original intent, I still benefited from learning about other important aspects of Sprinklr operations. I discussed with my manager the gap between the role and my personal interests, and with his support, I found an opportunity to join the product specialists team. This team is the perfect fit for me. I get to combine my interests in product usability, advertising and customer success.

Throughout this journey, I always had the support of my Sprinklr colleagues who made it possible for me to learn and grow. My managers have been incredibly supportive of my decision to change roles and find the right fit, which I think is really unique. You don’t need to feel “stuck” in a role here. Sprinklr really encourages employees to take proactive approaches to finding opportunities and roles that engage your interests and help develop your skills.

What makes Sprinklr’s culture special to you?

As I said before, the culture of learning at Sprinklr is unmatched. In addition to growing professionally at work, I was also encouraged to learn outside of work. Participating in Toastmasters [a public speaking and leadership educational organization] was something that I had always wanted to do, and when my manager found out about my interest in this he was incredibly supportive. He encouraged me to join and try out public speaking courses. I’m not sure if I would have taken the time to do Toastmasters if I didn’t have that support. I’m so glad I did, because I found a great way to hone my presentation skills.

Another thing I love is our free access to Audible and LinkedIn Learning. Sprinklr had a program called 12 Days of Learning where we were encouraged to take brief LinkedIn courses every day. They were super interesting, and I also listen to Audible books on personal growth now all the time.

What should people know about Sprinklr who might be looking for a role here?

The people at this company genuinely, passionately care about each other and the work that we do every day. We have offices around the world and it always amazes me how quickly we can rally together cross-functionally to move mountains and solve client challenges.

Also, the investment that Sprinklr makes in our personal growth and career opportunities has really improved in the past four years. We have much more structure around personal and professional career growth programs which is great.

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