Using Sprinklr Sandbox to Fuel Your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Protect Your Bottom Line

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August 19, 20204 min read

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Once a software platform becomes a critical system to your everyday operations, making crucial updates to that system becomes riskier.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is essential to mitigate risk while making necessary updates throughout the application’s lifecycle. Just as change management methods help you make big shifts in your operations or company structure, ALM methods help you make changes to your application’s features and capabilities without interrupting current operations.

Sprinklr enables brands to deliver a great customer experience, one of the strongest drivers of customer acquisition, loyalty, and revenue. As two-thirds of companies now compete primarily on the basis of customer experience, an interruption to your Sprinklr system can significantly impact your bottom line.

Here’s how you can use reliable ALM processes, fueled by Sprinklr Sandbox, to protect your customer experience and bottom line.

Using ALM to Manage Change Without Risk

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is, in short, a system of processes and tools that your business uses to manage updates and improve the quality of your software in a low-risk manner. ALM mitigates risk and protects your bottom line by treating software updates as you would a new product release, in a phased approach:

Plan: Plan the steps for the change (e.g. a new feature, software update, or tool integration). Identify which teams will make and test this change.

Develop: Execute the changes in a controlled, development environment where unit tests and iterations of the configuration changes can be developed and trialed.

Build: Build final configuration changes for the new feature, the required updates to the code, or the new integration.

Test: Test the feature, update, or integration in a test environment. If any errors are caught, they are sent back to the appropriate team to be fixed and then re-tested. Once the changes pass testing, they can move on to the next phase.

Release: The feature, update, or integration is deployed to the live software environment, for all users to see and access.

This phased approach allows you to prepare each software change in a safe environment without impacting the live system, and then test and coordinate that change across all of your teams. With ALM best practices, you can roll out a new feature, enhancement, or integration in a strategic manner to each relevant team and department that relies on the Sprinklr platform.

Sprinklr Sandbox Fuels Your ALM Phases

Sandboxes are the engines that keep ALM running. Sprinklr Sandbox acts as a separate, standalone environment that can be used for development, testing, and training, without compromising your live Sprinklr environment.

For instance, Sprinklr Sandbox is the perfect solution when you want to:

Set up a new configuration, while ensuring it won’t break your current setup.

Test out connecting Sprinklr with another platform via an integration, before doing it live.

Train your team on using Sprinklr by allowing them to practice in a hands-on way.

When you’re ready, you can easily push changes from Sprinklr Sandbox to your production environment. For large companies with multiple teams using Sprinklr, you can leverage more than one Sandbox to empower each team to develop and test changes in their own isolated environments without disrupting other teams working in production. Once approved, Sprinklr Sandbox makes it easy to sync changes to your live production environment, train other teams on the latest updates, and track or even undo recent changes that have been made as needed.

With Sprinklr Sandbox, you can develop features, test updates, and train users all in a low-risk environment — enabling your teams to follow ALM best practices that mitigate risk to your customer experience and protect your bottom line.

Download the Sprinklr Sandbox Product Overview to learn more.

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