Sprinklr named Best Innovation in Customer Experience at Enterprise Connect Awards

Wendy Mikkelsen

October 15, 20214 min read

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This has been an incredible year of innovation and growth for Sprinklr, and today I’m excited to announce that we have received the 2021 Best of Enterprise Connect Award for Best Innovation in Customer Experience.

The annual Enterprise Connect conference and exhibition is a must-attend for anyone in the world of enterprise communications and collaboration. We were recognized this year for Sprinklr's Conversational Commerce platform, our new chat-based engagement feature that uses AI to guide customers from intent to purchase — by helping them with product selection and evaluation.

Chat assistance is essential to your customer experience

Customer expectations are higher than ever, and people are increasingly less likely to reach out to a business directly for help with a purchase. Instead, they expect to be heard by businesses wherever they encounter an issue — and they expect to get a response quickly. In this new era of digital customer experience, organizations that continue to wait for customers to contact them over the phone or email are at a growing disadvantage.

Imagine, for example, a customer who recently started playing tennis. This person knows she needs new shoes — both to improve her agility and performance as she learns the new movements, and to help prevent injury. But this customer only knows that she needs a new pair of shoes for her new activity. She doesn’t know what type of shoes will be best for her. So she goes online, and after doing some research which only confuses her further, she posts to social media for advice.

“Calling all tennis experts!” she posts. “I need a pair of tennis shoes but don’t know where to start. Can someone please recommend the best sneakers for a beginner tennis player? I don’t want to spend $$$ on pro-level gear but I do want a good quality pair that will last, and that won’t mess up my knee.”

Now, she might get lucky and catch the attention of someone who coaches for a living, or who has been playing the game seriously for years and knows all about the different types of shoes. In most cases, though, she’ll find she gets a lot of conflicting advice from people with varying degrees of expertise — if she gets replies at all. But with the right AI-powered customer experience platform helping an athletic shoe business listen to and analyze public data sources like social channels, reviews sites, blogs, and other public forums, this scenario could play out quite differently — and in a way that benefits both the customer and the business.

With the right technology in place, AI would pick up these product mentions, plus the purchase intent (“I need a pair of tennis shoes”), and proactively route the message details to an available agent who can start a conversation with the customer.

The AI would then guide the specialist with choices on shoe options as they discovered more about the customer’s physical needs, the type of court she’d be playing on most, and the frequency and maturity of her game.

Voila! The customer receives the guidance she is looking for, no matter which channel she uses, and the business gets a new loyal customer.

And because the live chat details are retained by the business, the customer could stop and start whenever she wants, picking the conversation right back up where they left off.

Turn your contact center into a profit center

Used with Sprinklr’s Sprinklr Service and Sprinklr Social solutions, and powered by our Unified-CXM AI platform, Conversational Commerce helps organizations create immediate revenue streams — and better experiences for their customers.

With Sprinklr Conversational Commerce, each customer conversation is analyzed in real time. AI then offers the best product or service recommendation based on the customer’s needs — via either bot or live agent assistance — and provides step-by-step workflows to help live agents close the sale. The platform can also be integrated with your organization's product or service catalog, e-commerce, payment, and CRM system, enabling a full commerce experience for the customer directly within a single messaging channel.

Sprinklr’s recognition by the Best of Enterprise Connect award program for Best Innovation in Customer Experience highlights the increasing importance of digital CX across channels, and emphasizes our position as leaders in placing the customer experience at the heart of everything we do.

Find out how Sprinklr's Conversational Commerce platform can help you respond to changing consumer behavior.*

*Conversational Commerce is currently available to organizations interested in working with Sprinklr as a test partner. Request a demo to learn how you can become an early adopter today.

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