5 Interesting Social Media & Technology Statistics about Brazil for Globally-Minded Enterprises

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February 14, 20214 min read

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Acai bowls might be all the rage in the United States right now, but exotic fruit isn’t the only reason people have their eyes on Brazil. It’s no secret that Latin America’s largest country is a rising tech star and a business powerhouse; it boasts 25 of the world’s largest 2,000 companies and has the 8th-largest GDP across the globe.

Naturally, it’s one of the first countries enterprise organizations look at when they start to think about expanding south of the border. In fact, we recently picked Brazil as the ideal home for our new offices in South America.

But what’s so special about Brazil? Here are five Brazil statistics on the country’s digital landscape that any company considering expanding into the Latin American market should take a look at.

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1. 76% of internet users access the internet every day, logging on for an average of 5 hours on weekdays and 4.5 hours on weekends.

Statistically, Brazil’s internet users are highly active. In fact, they spend more time on the internet than they do watching TV. There’s no denying that internet penetration is still a problem in the country (as it is in the rest of the Latin American region): less than half of Brazilians – 48% – have regular access. Still, that nearly 48% represents a digital audience of 100 million, and this number continues to grow. In 2014, only 26% of Brazilians used the internet every day; a year later, that number jumped to 37%.

brazil statistics 75% of users use the web every day

2. Brazil is responsible for 10% of total time spent on social media globally, which puts it in second place, just behind the United States.

Those who do have access to internet in Brazil use social media constantly. A recent Comscore report shows that Brazil’s internet users spend more time navigating social media than any other category of usage, such as business or services. Moreover, Brazil outpaces all other Latin American countries when it comes to the number of users who visit social media sites on a daily basis.

The average time spent on social media each day by Brazilian social media users is 3.8 hours. Meanwhile, in the United States, that number is just 2.7. Facebook is by far the most popular social platform, boasting 25% of the total population as users. Next comes Whatsapp (24%), Facebook Messenger (22%), and Skype (14%).

3. Brazil will become the fourth-largest global advertising market by 2018, surpassing the UK and Germany.

In 2015 eMarketer predicts Brazil will rank number six in worldwide ad spend and number nine in global digital ad spend, investing a projected $3.04 billion in digital (ahead of all other Latin American countries). Meanwhile, mobile ad spend in Brazil is expected to reach over 1 billion by 2016 and over 3 billion by 2019.

4. Brazil leads the mobile market in Latin America, with 238.7 million connections (active SIM cards) and 112 million users.

Not only is Brazil statistically a leader in mobile in the region; Brazil’s social media is one of the main activities people do on their mobile devices. 88% of the cell phones of younger Brazilian Internet users have the Facebook app installed. Most also have YouTube (81%) and WhatsApp (79%) on their phones.

Moreover, tablet sales are booming in Brazil; they increased by 119% in 2013 to nearly 8 million. Currently, it’s estimated that there are more than 11 million tablets in use in Brazil.

5. According to a study of 1,500+ internet users, social networking is a regular habit for 90% of Brazilians between the ages of 15 and 32.

Brazil’s internet users are generally quite young. And, on average, the 15-32 age group has seven social media profiles – the main ones being Facebook, where 96% have a profile, followed by YouTube (79%), Google + (67%), and X, formerly Twitter (64%).

This probably has something to do with the fact that Brazil has an overall youthful population. Around 85% of the country is under the age of 55, and 40% is under the age of 25. To put things in perspective, only 33% of the United States’, 32% of China’s, and 30% of the United Kingdom’s population are under the age of 25.


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