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Coaching Your Care Agents: Insights Learned From Global Brand Leaders

Sprinklr Team

September 22, 20203 min read

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As more brands embrace a customer-first mindset, they are employing automation engines for modern customer care. With a robust customer experience management (CXM) platform, customer service teams can streamline housekeeping activities, approvals, call routing, and more — freeing up valuable agent time.

One of the best uses for that freed-up time lies in coaching customer service agents to strengthen their skills and performance.

Although coaching pays off in terms of employee satisfaction, customer experience, and revenue retention, it’s hard for leaders to provide effective coaching.

We gathered insights from the global brands we work with, along with our friends at Forrester and McKinsey, and compiled them into an eBook with ten expert tips for elevating your customer service coaching program.

Below is a sample of the best practices we gleaned. You can read about all ten tips in more detail by downloading the eBook.

1. Manage Time Wisely

While professionals in almost every role and industry say they don’t get enough coaching, the solution isn’t necessarily to double the length of teaching sessions. Mature Care organizations recognize that prioritizing customer service coaching is less about the length of time spent teaching and more about frequent and consistent learning.

2. Tailor Coaching — It’s Not One Size Fits All

Your care agents are individuals with varying levels of expertise. An effective customer service coach can make use of time freed up by their automation engine and the data gleaned from their CXM platform to tailor lessons to the agent-level. More personalized coaching delivers higher rewards.

3. Leverage the Power of Groups

Effective coaching goes beyond a customer service coach spending one-on-one time with each agent. Your care agents can benefit just as much from each other as they can from leaders. Mature Care organizations engage in group coaching and routine team huddles to foster a community of support among care agents.

4. Give New Hires a Support Network

Your customer service coach can’t dedicate all of their time to onboarding new hires. Successful Care leaders ensure that new team members have multiple avenues of support, by nesting them with cohorts of people from the start.

5. Use Rules to Give Agents Freedom

Successful Care leaders use their “rules of engagement” as a living, evolving set of guidelines to empower agents. A good customer service coach ensures agents are familiar with the guidelines, and then allows them the freedom to act within the rules to put the customer first.

6. Data is a Good Servant but a Bad Master

Mature Care organizations use data to their advantage, leveraging an automation engine to test theses and collect valuable customer insights to share with marketing, sales and other teams. At the same time, they don’t over-prioritize any one metric to gauge their customer experience. While data is necessary for modern CXM, remember that data should guide your strategy, not dominate it.

Download the eBook to read more insights and statistics about all 8 tips on improving your Care Agent coaching.

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