Facebook announces planned retirement of analytics

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April 1, 20212 min read

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On March 30, Facebook announced that it will be deprecating its native analytics offering as of June 30, 2021. Facebook pointed marketers to its other business tools—including Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager, and Events Manager—to help them understand and manage their activity on Facebook and Instagram. And while these tools will continue to help you manage your presence on Facebook and Instagram, third-party analytics solutions will become critical to understanding what’s working and what’s not.

Omni-channel reporting for improved performance

Sprinklr Marketing provides marketers with omni-channel reporting capabilities that combine paid, owned, and earned data into one, unified dashboard.

With both templatized and custom dashboards, the possibilities are endless with Sprinklr reporting, allowing you to pivot your data any way imaginable to identify top performing content across markets, channels, and business units. Reporting capabilities include:

  • Data aggregation at the channel or account level — or on your choice of custom variable

  • Unlimited drill-down capabilities to dig deeper into results

  • A growing list of visualizations, including word clouds, charts, tables, and more

  • Metadata tagging to categorize and filter campaigns and content

  • Custom metric calculations specific to your organization

  • Automated reports sent monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly

But wait — there’s more! With Sprinklr’s robust set of integrations, you can ingest data from other analytics providers, including:

  • Google Analytics

  • Adobe Analytics

  • Google Campaign Manager

  • MOAT

  • Adjust

  • Appsflyer

  • Kochava

Create a truly holistic picture of your marketing and advertising activity across campaigns, audiences, and content and uncover trends that help inform campaign strategy and improve performance.

There’s no time like the present. Talk with our expert consultants to learn more about how Sprinklr Marketing can fill your analytics gap — and then some.

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