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February 11, 20213 min read

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The Top 15 Fashion & Clothing Brands on Social Media

Here at Dachis Group we love fashion and design. So we thought we’d take a look at what our big data social analytics platform revealed about the best fashion & clothing brands in social media. We ranked 60 global fashion brands across critical social performance indicators like Audience, Earned Media, Engagement, Participation, and Advocacy. 

Read on to see what we learned:

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Burberry is the best fashion brand on social media

Whether sharing exclusive insider info from fashion week or their new fall lineup, Burberry uses social media like a true innovator. They were one of the first brands to embrace Instagram for Video, are a consistent leader in content creation, and are exemplary when it comes to making their brand feel omnipresent, but still exclusive and luxurious using social media.

INNOVATORS: Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, H&M, and FOREVER 21

Burberry isn’t the only leading fashion brand on social media. Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton, H&M, and Forever 21 deserve serious commendation for their social media marketing. These brands encourage engagement and advocacy with everything they do. Forever 21 in particular and Facebook into a showcase for everything that makes fast fashion so playful, addictive, and shareable. It all makes perfect sense given the significant presence of the brand’s core audience (digital native teens) on Instagram. What better way to build affinity and remind them to stop in on the weekend to try out the latest product.

LEADERS: Vans, Michael Kors, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Dior

Falling just outside the top 5, these fashion brands are without a doubt Leaders in the fashion industry. Whether it’s the highly engaging event strategy from Vans or incredible digital storytelling from Dior as evidenced by their more than 16 million views on YouTube (the most of any fashion brand), or Dolce & Gabbana’s embrace of Vine.

ACHIEVERS: Old Navy, Polo Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Coach, and Gap

Coach exemplifies the high achieving nature of these five fashion brands. Coach has shown it really understands global luxury marketing through its approach to the China market. The perfect example is their Chinese New Year promotion which entailed a simultaneous launch of eCommerce capabilities in China, the creation of a WeChat presence, regional celebrity endorsement, and a sophisticated e-card campaign that triggered serious social sharing.

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Update: put together an excellent write-up of this data. Check it out.

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