6 Health and Wellness Brands That Excel in Social Media Marketing

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February 2, 20216 min read

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Traditionally, being healthy meant a diet inspired by the food pyramid, regular exercise, and doctor’s check-ups – but today, people are living longer and working for longer.

This societal shift has changed everything. Thanks to modern technology, all that we need to monitor, maintain, and improve our health is instantly accessible. Every step we take (or don’t take) can be tracked, and the Nutrition Facts panel is now a staple of consumer reading.

For brands in the multi-trillion dollar health and wellness industry, the potential is clear. Consumers want to meet their health goals in personal, meaningful ways. On social, health and wellness brands can inspire and motivate these consumers to do exactly that.

Here are six health and wellness brands that excel in social media marketing – as determined by Sprinklr Business Index® (SBI®), which measures and analyzes the breadth of public interactions between brands and consumers across social media.

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Baylor Scott & White

As the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in Texas, Baylor Scott & White is pretty well respected in the health and wellness space. It’s also a great brand to watch in the social media marketing space.

On X, formerly Twitter, Baylor Scott & White posts multiple updates per day related to healthy habits, new research, and even current events.


The account is a trusted resource for people looking for a daily dose of wellness inspiration, as well as guidance on preparing for upcoming doctor’s appointments.


Its X, formerly Twitter feed covers everything from the importance of flu vaccinations, to understanding how different foods and diets can impact overall health. These are top-of-mind issues for many readers, so having that constant stream of information coming from a medical source makes for an engaging social strategy.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers helps people manage their weight by adopting a healthier lifestyle and a healthier relationship with food and exercise. Through an online subscription and over 45,000 global weekly meetings, members receive the coaching, tools, and nutritional advice they need to “Live Life Fully”.

On social, the brand shares regular motivational content. This inspires people to be proud of the progress they’ve made in reaching their personal goals.


Success stories are another huge part of Weight Watchers’ social output. When people see the achievements of others, their doubts fade and the impossible begins to seem very much possible.


Thankfully, those with a sweet tooth are not forgotten. To mark National Ice Cream Day, the brand shared three ice cream sandwich recipes, proving that occasional indulgence is welcome.


Weight Watchers’ ability to inspire a healthier way of living is paying off. SBI® statistics indicate an audience insights score of 9.0, proving that the brand’s followers are living life to the fullest.


Bodybuilding.com is not only the largest online sports nutrition company, but also the most visited fitness website in the world. The company inspires customers and fitness enthusiasts to reach their health and appearance goals through a mix of information and supplementation.

On social, the brand hosts regular giveaways of nutrition and tech products, along with lots of swag. These competitions drive plenty of audience engagement and enthusiasm.


Healthy versions of popular meals are also a staple of the site’s social content. These recipes are easy to follow and always include nutritional information.


SBI® statistics indicate that Bodybuilding.com easily inspires its social audience of 6.3 million to realize their full potential. An audience insights score of 9.7 is a frontrunner in the health and wellness industry.


Reaching your fitness goals can be challenging at the best of times. CrossFit takes this challenge to an incredible level of intensity. A mission statement of “Forging Elite Fitness” describes the brand perfectly – it is a favorite among law enforcement and professional athletes.

However, programs are available to anyone that’s interested. This inclusivity allows committed individuals to achieve remarkable fitness levels.

CrossFit is not age-specific either. On social, the brand highlights those who begin the quest for peak fitness at a young age.

And like all good fitness brands, CrossFit preaches the importance of rest and recuperation. Even the most ardent of fitness enthusiasts need to take a break sometimes.

SBI® statistics indicate that CrossFit’s inclusive approach to wellbeing is adored by audiences. The brand receives over 96,000 daily content engagements, leading to an industry-leading content insights score of 9.5.


Being fit and healthy is far from being a piece of cake. According to mindbodygreen, the way we eat, move and live has a cumulative effect on one’s wellbeing.

On social, the brand highlights the importance of a positive mindframe. On ‘hump day’, words of wisdom can make a world of difference.


It can be easy to feel worn out from a long working week. Some self-care can often be exactly what one needs to replenish energy levels.


When working at full potential, there are no limits to what we can achieve. On social, mindbodygreen highlights what committed individuals can enjoy through smart financial discipline. Brunch in paradise is evidently just desserts.

SBI® statistics indicate that audiences welcome mindbodygreen’s mindful approach to healthy living. The brand receives a content insights score of 8.9, along with a leading audience insights score of 9.8.


The wearable fitness technology market is big business – the market is expected to be worth over 12 billion dollars by 2022. At the forefront of this fitness tech boom is Fitbit.

Armed with activity trackers and wristbands, users can hold themselves accountable for the steps they take towards achieving their health and fitness goals.

On social, Fitbit often solicits feedback from users, asking about their favorite Fitbit challenges and the progress they’ve made thus far.


The brand also shares fitness information and tips that can be applied to one’s everyday life – as well as workouts.


SBI® statistics indicate that Fitbit ticks all boxes for audiences on social. The brand receives a notable audience insights score of 9.1.

A Healthy Approach to Social

It’s clear that, in order to reap rewards from social, brands must show consumers how they can uniquely help them. Fortunately, brands are rising to this challenge.

Exercise is certainly pivotal to one’s wellbeing, but leading brands do not forget the importance of diet and mindfulness also – the power of the collective leads to a superior outcome.

Through an engaging mixture of information and inspiration, health and wellness brands can help consumers live their very best lives.

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SBI® statistics were pulled on July 27th, 2017

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