6 Industrial Companies Leading the Charge on Social Media

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January 15, 20216 min read

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When most people think of brands winning at social media, a few standouts often come to mind (Wendy’s and Oreo, we’re looking at you!). But the food industry isn’t the only one excelling at social. In fact, there are shining examples in a number of sectors – including manufacturing and industrial companies.

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Breaking long-standing stereotypes

The industrial sector has faced a number of challenges in recent years. With the manufacturing skills-gap becoming more pressing as older workers retire, there’s a critical need to attract and retain younger workers in the field.

For better or worse, manufacturing is largely perceived as dull, dirty, and very much a man’s line of work. and while recent developments have changed this image a bit, serious misperceptions remain.

Fortunately, smart manufacturers are using social media marketing to change the way people view the companies that power our world.

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1. GE

General Electric has come a long way since its founding in 1892. While it has maintained core focuses in lighting, transportation, and power transmission, among other product streams, the products themselves have evolved significantly over time.

With modern technology changing the industrial landscape, GE has taken to social media marketing to promote its modern innovations. 

GE on Instagram

GE’s Instagram feed is a great example of how the company appeals to the masses. The brand regularly posts industrial products with an artistic flair: Aircraft engines become a swirl of movement; offshore wind turbines are framed by romantic sunsets; and women on the shopfloor show that manufacturing is no longer a man’s world.

GE - 1GE - 2

The company posts captivating photos with detailed captions that explain the technological innovation behind each shot. It understands that Instagram is driven by strong visuals, and captures everyday scenes in compelling ways. 

2. The Dow Chemical Company

There are few companies that have as much market diversity as The Dow Chemical Company. With a product range that spans transportation, energy, agriculture, packaging, electronics, and more, Dow plays a big role in our daily routines.

So, how does such a large corporation relate to its followers on a human level? It focuses on the human element within its own business.

The Dow Chemical Company on LinkedIn

While many brands post stodgy announcements on their LinkedIn pages, Dow typically posts updates focused on its people. Even if the news is about the company itself, Dow selects a human representative as the face and voice behind the news.

And while Dow features content that relates to material science and products, it tends to tie those updates to current events. For example, during Pride Month, the company highlighted Under Armor’s Pride Edition HOVR shoes, which use Dow foam for comfort and performance.

3. ArcelorMittal

As the world’s leading steel and mining company, ArcelorMittal is a literal heavyweight in the industrial sector.

Its materials are used in everything from cars, airplanes, construction materials, infrastructure, and household appliances. Any company that uses steel in its products knows ArcelorMittal.

ArcelorMittal on Twitter

While it’s a leader in somewhat staid industry, ArcelorMittal understands the value of social media marketing.

On X, formerly Twitter, the brand showcases unique applications for its materials and highlights the need for safety in manufacturing. It also regularly retweets content from the company’s international divisions along with third-party accounts that tweet about steel.

ArcelorMittal - 1ArcelorMittal - 2

ArcelorMittal also uses X, formerly Twitter to position itself in unexpected ways. For example, while the brand is most known for structural steel, it’s also a leader in recycling, turning manufacturing waste into fertilizer for farmers.

4. Cat Products

Normally, you wouldn’t look at a vehicle and immediately know its brand based on color alone. However, when it comes to heavy equipment, it’s a fair assumption that anything painted Caterpillar Yellow is a member of the Cat Products family.

As a leading supplier of machinery that builds, destroys, and everything in between, Caterpillar is a recognized fixture in forestry, construction, agriculture, and more.

Cat Products on YouTube

Growing a strong following on YouTube can be a challenge for industrial companies. Caterpillar has found that the secret sauce combines training, safety, and #BuiltForIt Trials.

Cat Products regularly posts product demos, maintenance how-to’s, and examples of Cat equipment performing unexpected jobs – like building a highly elaborate sand castle. The posts regularly get millions of views, so it’s clear that Caterpillar is doing something right.

5. Direct Energy

As a utility company that provides customers throughout North America with modern comforts such as heat and electricity, Direct Energy has a strong customer base. Its services, which include HVAC, plumbing, and electrical maintenance, are all things we use every day without much thought – until something goes wrong, that is. Even so, this is one utility company that goes out of its way to make sure its customers feel appreciated and heard.

Direct Energy on Twitter

It’s no secret that navigating customer support menus over the phone is one of consumers’ most-hated pastimes. The rise of social has both provided a venue to voice that frustration, as well as a new platform to get problems solved.

Direct Energy’s care representatives personally respond to customers’ posts and work with them to address their issues.

Direct Energy - 1Direct Energy - 2

6. Con Edison

As one of the world’s largest energy delivery systems, Con Edison is a household name throughout New York City and Westchester County, NY, where it provides electricity, gas, and steam services.

With millions of built-in customers, why would a brand like Con Ed need social media at all, let alone a comprehensive presence? It all boils down to customer care, which the company excels at online.

Con Edison on Twitter

Utility companies often get a bad rap online. If somebody’s tweeting to their electric or gas provider, it’s more than likely due to a problem or outage. To combat this issue, ConEdison takes a proactive approach to social media with regular posts to keep followers in the loop.

The brand’s community managers respond to customers directly and post real-time updates about repairs, weather advisories, safety tips, and more.

Con Edison - 1Con Edison - 2

A New Industrial Revolution 

For centuries, industrial companies have been at the forefront of global innovation. So while most observers may not associate steel and chemical production with whip-smart social media strategies, it’s not exactly surprising that big manufacturers are establishing unique voices across the digital landscape.

Sprinklr named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Social Suites, Q3 2021

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