Introducing: New Event Series Ideas that Shaped My Career

Sprinklr Team

December 17, 20203 min read

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Perspective is a function of experience. As I get ready to celebrate another trip around the sun, I reflect on the highs and lows of this year personally and professionally. One of the best birthday gifts I gave myself when I turned 30 was time with a career coach who challenged me to search for the common denominators – the patterns of what is working and not is working.

During a recent sales review at Sprinklr, I listened for the common denominators in our deal cycles and an interesting trend emerged — the impact our solutions have had on our customers’ careers. There was one customer user who went to her CFO and was able to procure a higher media budget because of the data that Sprinklr proved to the company’s bottom line. There was another customer who said she couldn’t sufficiently do her job without Sprinklr. All-in-all I heard over ten stories of how customers have progressed their job titles from Specialist to Manager, from Manager to Director, and from Director to Executive with credit to what the Sprinklr platform provided them. Now, we can’t take all the credit for these career progressions — but we’ll definitely take an honorable mention.

As the Senior Field Marketing Manager at Sprinklr, my job is to prove the value of our solutions through a variety of customer experiences. These days that means a lot of digital offerings. With unemployment numbers much higher than we would all like, and a wave of employees working from home, it’s imperative to figure out how to step up and stand out. No time like today to sharpen your skill set, incorporate a new talent, or get inspired by other accomplished professionals — Social Media Strategists, Communications Directors, IT Managers, Customer Service Representatives, and Marketing Leaders across every industry.

Sprinklr’s new virtual series called Ideas that Shaped My Career is meant to teach and inspire. Each episode will feature a professional who explains how they started their career, how they advanced their career, and the lessons they learned along the way. They’ll also share their perspective on what the future of work might look like in their profession.

I’m delighted to be kicking off this series with Julie Rose. Julie is the System Manager, Social Media, Division Communications at CommonSpirit Health. Her company has been a Sprinklr customer since 2017 but she started using Sprinklr in 2016 while working as a Social Media Manager at PetSmart. For Julie, her outlook on work is all about the data. Sprinklr enables her to make informed decisions based on sentiment while keeping an eye on what competitors are doing. She can quickly address critical situations that could impact her brand’s reputation while also making every marketing message relevant and helpful to her customers. On a personal level, she was recently inspired to make a major change in her life by selling 98% of her belongings and embracing a digital nomad lifestyle.

Let the inspiration begin!

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