Why you need a unified contact center to keep up with customer expectations in 2022 and beyond

Wendy Mikkelsen

December 22, 20213 min read

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Today’s customers are savvier than ever. They expect high quality experiences from businesses and have access to what can often feel like endless options to choose from.

To earn their trust and affection, your business must set itself apart.

Rapid advances in technology have empowered customers not only to choose from an array of channel options, but also to expect companies to engage and delight them on any channel of their choosing. Organizations that will win and keep customers in the coming year are those that go the extra mile to ensure they build a seamless digital customer experience.

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The contact center is changing

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has driven a significant increase in the adoption and usage of technology in both our personal and professional lives — whether it's using an app to have groceries delivered, streaming a workout class on a fitness app, or joining a video call from a makeshift home office. And while many aspects of our lives have felt paused or extremely slowed down, we have simultaneously evolved a new standard of immediacy for online and online-to-offline interactions.

With all of these digital touchpoints in our daily lives, it’s natural that people have come to expect the same conveniences when the need arises for customer service interactions.

But meeting these expectations, while managing multiple channels and point solutions, as well as increases in demand, is a challenge for any business — no matter how sophisticated the contact center and customer care organization. And according to Gartner, resolutions that involve time-consuming live interactions can cost businesses 80 to 100 times more than a self-service fix.

The omnichannel experience is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have

Customers today want the ability to help themselves, and to find answers to their questions independently whenever possible. When people do reach out to your business, they want to do it using whatever channel they are most comfortable with, and they want a prompt response on that channel — with the option to move to a different one if necessary.

By using the right technology across the entire organization, care teams can keep their customers at the center of their processes. Sprinklr’s unified contact center software uses a single system for case management across all channels, and a single agent desktop to handle all cases — so that no matter which channel customers use, every conversation works together to create a seamless, unified brand experience.

Predictions for customer care in 2022 and beyond

To discover the five trends we believe contact centers should be aware of — and take action on in 2022 — download our ebook 5 Predictions for Customer Care in 2022: Why You Need a Unified Contact Center to Keep Up with Customer Expectations.

Find out how Sprinklr Service helps businesses leave an indelible, positive impression on their customers — one that builds loyalty, cultivates trust, and ultimately drives sales.

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