L’Oréal’s new social marketing strategy: Listen to Engage

Arnaud Tamisier

January 7, 20213 min read

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Beauty is a rapidly growing market and the consumer plays a central role in it, particularly thanks to modern channels like social media and messaging. It is through these new channels that consumers express themselves, give their opinions and share their experiences. Brands can now understand consumers and reach them in new ways, but at the same time, they’re challenged with managing a growing number of customer interactions. Brands are forced to change the way they manage marketing, advertising, customer research, customer care and engagement due to the growth of digital channels.

Deploying a digital marketing strategy and interacting with consumers in a personalized way is not easy. It is even more challenging when you are an international multi-product, multi-division, multi-language group trying to promote about forty brands on 5 continents.

In a global, competitive market with fragmented channels, bringing your brand to life in a coherent and relevant way is a real challenge. However, this is the challenge that L’Oréal, the world leader in cosmetics, is tackling with Sprinklr’s support.

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L’Oréal’s social media and customer experience management strategy

One of the ambitions of L’Oréal as part of its 20-50-100 strategic objectives (20% sales via e-commerce, 50% from packaged consumers and 100% from love brands) for 2020 is primarily to improve consumer brand preference and create “Love Brands”. In 2017, the L’Oréal group chose Sprinklr to accelerate its social media strategy and improve the customer experience.

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Marc Duquesnoy, Social Media Performance Director & Quentin Habert, CDO Program Manager of L’Oréal, during a Sprinklr event in France

A model based on listening and engaging

To understand consumers’ expectations and better serve them, the L’Oréal digital team is designing a social marketing model which it calls Listen-to-Engage. This model is based on bringing product, marketing and customer service departments together on the Sprinklr platform to collaborate and personalize customer interactions at scale. This model has four main parts:

  • Listening to all social channels, blogs, forums and news sites to monitor brand reputation and collect consumer insights that will feed product marketing.

  • The publication of content on brands’ social accounts and engagement with consumers. Community managers use Sprinklr’s social listening capabilities to detect interesting conversations and communicate in a reactive and personalized way with consumers, but also to work on amplifying publications through paid media.

  • Detecting influencers to deploy a brand ambassador program.

  • Customer care across social channels


Improving Customer Experience Management Across the Company

The challenge for L’Oréal was the deployment of a consistent social media and customer experience management story across the company. Every single customer-facing department was impacted including typical processes and technologies. The first step was to train community managers in order to strengthen their role and to increase their autonomy by applying processes within a single platform connected to the entire marketing information system.

“We had 120 tools to manage social networks and we did some streamlining to migrate to Sprinklr in every country by involving 3,000 users with 35 brands in 75 countries. Sprinklr is the foundation of our social media strategy. It is our backbone.”

-Marc Duquesnoy, Social Media Performance Director, L’Oreal

A Unified Platform for Customer Experience Management

Ultimately, L’Oréal benefits from a unified vision for customer experience management that improves internal collaboration. Ultimately, thanks to Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management software, the front office teams interacting with external audiences have a 360° customer vision which enables everyone involved – consumers, prospects, partners, ambassadors or influencers – to experience the different L’Oréal brand contact points in a consistent manner. This is a major asset, particularly when it comes to developing brand experiences at a global level.

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