3 Advertising Tactics to Apply When Hiring Need Spikes

Sprinklr Team

April 24, 20202 min read

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, federal and local recommendations continue to change, requiring some companies to lay off their workforce while other industries experience increasing demand. In an effort to account for this increase, dozens of companies are aggressively hiring — but does your company have the resources and technology it needs to support a rapid collection of applicants and hiring?

Getting the word out to individuals who may find themselves out of work is a critical step in securing enough applicants to fill the demand.

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Hyper-Targeting Ads on Twitter Using Listening-Based Audiences

Sprinklr’s partnership with Twitter gives us access to deep listening insights to uncover details about who is speaking on specific topics. Using these insights, Sprinklr can generate hyper-targeted audiences to deliver your ads to. For example, listen for the keywords “laid off” and subsequently deliver ads to users mentioning those keywords in their conversations.

Scaling Personalization on Facebook

Instead of throwing dollars at a broad target to attract talent, use Sprinklr to scale personalization by generating many geo-targeted areas with unique creative. More personalization leads to higher conversion rates, which leads to more new employees when they’re needed most.

Pre-Qualifying by Clicking to Connect with Bots

With an influx of applications, screening potential new employees may take time and resources you just don’t have. In Sprinklr, you can leverage bots to pre-qualify applications before handing them over to a real person to move them through the screening process.

Implementing, Managing, and Moderating with Haste

Time is of the essence. Sprinklr’s combination of technology and services is poised to help customers looking to hire quickly implement a solution quickly, training your teams to take over management and moderation of ads and their resulting conversations.

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