4 ways social listening reports unlock the business value of customer experience

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October 14, 20216 min read

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Digital and social platforms have transformed the way consumers interact with your brand and communicate their experiences and expectations. Customers may not always mention you by name, but they are constantly sharing feedback on dozens of social media and messaging channels. Social listening tools helps you reach across this feedback ecosystem for insights into customer experience (CX) and new opportunities for business value.

But it’s not enough to simply collect information. You also need a way to consistently and clearly visualize that information so it can be acted on quickly and at scale by key stakeholders across your organization. The right CX solution helps you generate social listening reports for a comprehensive view of customer data. These reports, in turn, suggest actions your business should take next. When insight becomes action, value is created.

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Overcome the hurdles preventing faster value creation

All too often, unstructured customer data is pulled from a variety of different point solutions across complex business environments. This leads to a fragmented, incomplete understanding of CX, so comprehensive social listening reports are impossible to generate or learn from. Brands that don’t take a unified approach to social listening face many common barriers to new value:

Low visibility into the marketplace

Point solutions create a murky view of how customers are responding to your brand, because they often create conflicting data sets. Without a unified view, data may be interpreted differently by users throughout your environment. This fractured view also creates barriers for enrichments like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Reporting in this context, even with AI, can create paralyzing discrepancies in your data. That means you miss out on key insights into your brand and your competitors drawn from millions of customer conversations. A unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform creates consistency in your data that unlocks the power of AI to guide your decisions. Without a unified understanding of your customer data, your brand may struggle to take action on customer sentiment or prevent threats to your reputation.

Slow and reactive approach to change

Fragmented data reaches different teams at different times in various states of quality. By the time it reaches the right decision maker in an actionable form, it’s often out of date and irrelevant. This means you’ll be behind the curve on rapidly changing customer expectations. You’ll also fail to capitalize on real-time trends you would have captured with a Unified-CXM platform.

Poor collaboration

Siloed data means your internal stakeholders across the customer journey can’t share a single source of insight about CX. Without this shared view of the customer, teams can’t work together to address issues or coordinate strategies. Such data is also rarely integrated with existing workflows across the business, so key insights are missed entirely.

Social listening dashboards turn insight into action

A Unified-CXM platform helps you overcome roadblocks to value by leveraging detailed visualizations of your customers’ experiences. This allows you to access insights through actionable, on-demand dashboards that can be shared instantaneously across your business.

Not only do social listening reports give your business the most comprehensive view of CX, but they also allow you to select specific queries of your data. This means you can drill down into unique topics, verticals, or geographies for more granular insight. Taken together with the broader spectrum of reporting, the right Unified-CXM gives you the tools you need to:


Social listening reports in a Unified-CXM platform generate consistent data for every team that touches the customer journey. This shared source of truth eliminates the friction that stood in the way of collaboration, so your teams can take meaningful steps toward value together instead of in isolated pockets.


Social monitoring dashboards give you an ear to the ground on conversations gaining the most traction in the marketplace, so you can understand how to augment your brand and create even happier customers. This means every customer-facing member of your team has a clear view of the stories, messages, marketing campaigns, and features to build from and enrich CX. Because these insights are distributed across your business environment simultaneously, you can act more quickly than competitors still operating out of silos with myriad point solutions.


The last 18 months have proven how quickly customer expectations and behaviors can change. Instead of reacting to these changes in the marketplace, an AI-driven Unified-CXM platform can help you lead them. While very few customers are pitching new products through social channels, many are implicitly articulating pain points and challenges that your business could innovate to solve. Reporting helps you visualize these stories, so your development teams don’t have to innovate through guess-and-check. Innovation always comes with some risk, but companies that take a strategic approach with the right tools see the greatest return on their investment.


Your brand’s reputation is more important to your customers now than it’s ever been before. Social listening and reporting help you recognize and anticipate brand sentiment, so you can take action and mitigate the risk of sending the wrong messages. A Unified-CXM not only affords you the visibility to avoid reputational harm, but it also gives you a tool to better engage specific segments of your customer base by giving voice to their unique needs. Social listening reports give you the insight you need to maximize your marketing efforts, mitigating the risk of wasted resources and campaigns that miss the mark.

Optimize social listening with reports in Sprinklr Insights

Sprinklr Insights is a no-cost opportunity to experience firsthand the difference a Unified-CXM platform can make for value creation. Sprinklr Insights’s standardized reporting features more than 12 categories to better hear the voice of your customer, benchmark the performance of your brand against the competition, understand and mitigate reputational risk, and identify opportunities to iterate and innovate your products or services. Lite goes beyond social listening with a host of features, including:

  • Zero configuration, self-service onboarding with customized reports specific to your role

  • Omni-channel customer, brand, and competitive intelligence across social, news, forums, TV, and more

  • AI-enriched smart-trend data that goes beyond mention and engagement metrics to give you quality insights for brand monitoring

  • Real-time, reliable reporting with standardized and curated use-case reports specific for brand safety and crisis detection

  • Listening topics that allow you to customize your data and insights based on your own keyword knowledge

  • Automatically turn dashboards into presentations to better inform leaders and internal stakeholders

Sprinklr Insights is your first step toward a comprehensive enterprise CX solution. The trial allows you to experience the solution quickly, easily, and efficiently with your brand and objectives in mind. And because there is no commitment, you can explore how social listening can begin creating value for your business immediately. Get started today with no obligation.

Start your free trial of Sprinklr Insights

Gain exclusive access to Sprinklr’s AI-enriched reporting and insights specifically calibrated to your brand and objectives in just minutes — and use that information to make your customers happier.

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