10+ Ideas for Social Media Posts That Move the Needle

Karishma Borkakoty

December 15, 20236 min read

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In an era where Gen Zers scroll through their social feeds with a curator’s precision, brands are vying with each other to capture their fleeting attention spans.  

This generation has seen it all — from humorous memes to trending online challenges. Their familiarity with the internet and grasp of virality have resulted in them expecting genuine and authentic interactions from brands. But with the sheer volume of marketing and advertising content available, how can your brand truly cut through the noise?  

As 2024 approaches, the challenge intensifies. But don’t worry, we're going to give you a quick rundown of the types of posts that we think will resonate with Gen Z audiences in the coming year.  

Social media post ideas to build brand awareness 

Brand awareness is all about making a brand memorable in its customers’ minds. Here are a few social media post ideas to help your brand make a lasting impression on customers. 

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Behind-the-scenes tours 

Content idea: Give your followers a sneak peek into your office, manufacturing unit, or a day in the life of your team. 

An image that shows behind-the-scenes of a Pizza bakery

Example: A video or an image of your product being manufactured or a team member's day. 

Why it works: Authentic social media content increases relatability, enhancing trust and humanizing the brand for followers. 

Brand story reels 

Content idea: Post short videos or a simple image post that narrates your brand's journey. 

Example: Clips from the early days juxtaposed with videos highlighting current successes. 

Why it works: Storytelling evokes strong emotions, making consumers feel connected to a brand's journey and its values. 

User-generated content showcases 

Content idea: Encourage users to share their experiences with your products and feature them on your page. 

An image that is showing customer testimonials or photos on social media

Example: A montage of customer testimonials or photos. 

Why it works: Leveraging user generated content boosts community trust and showcases genuine product appreciation. 

Interactive quizzes and polls 

Content idea: Engage followers with fun quizzes about your industry or products. 

An image that showing a personality quiz to engage followers on social media

Example: "Which [Your Product] suits your personality best?" 

Why it works: Interactive content boosts engagement and provides insights into your audience’s preferences. 

Social media post ideas to improve user engagement 

Engagement is the currency of social media, and it's crucial for community building. When you actively engage with people by having conversations, replying to comments and sharing their stories, you are laying a foundation for a community that cares about what you do. 

Challenge posts 

Content Idea: Introduce a challenge related to your product or industry and encourage followers to participate. 

An image that showing a fitness challenge to inspire community participation

Example: A #30DaysofFitness challenge or something similar for your fitness brand. 

Why it works: Challenges inspire community participation, creating organic brand promotion and enhancing user loyalty. 

Live Q&A sessions 

Content idea: Host monthly or weekly Q&A sessions addressing product queries, industry insights or any topic your audience is curious about. 

An image that showing a Q&A post on social media

Example: A skincare brand hosting a "Skincare Myths Busted" session with an influencer. 

Why it works: Direct interactions through Q&A foster transparency and address consumer queries in real time, thus building trust.  

Social media post ideas to increase website visits 

Driving traffic from social media to your website can be challenging, but with the right content, it's achievable. 

Exclusive deals and promo codes 

Content idea: Offer exclusive promo codes to your social media followers. 

An image showing a promotional post on social media

Example: "Use code INSTA10 for a 10% discount on our website." 

Why it works: Exclusive promotions reward followers and incentivize them to visit the brand's website. 

Blog post snippets and teasers 

Content idea: Share snippets from your latest blog posts and link them back to your website. 

A social media image promoting a latest blog post

Example: Sharing an infographic from a blog about "Top Industry Trends in 2023.". 

Why it works: Teasers stimulate curiosity, driving users to seek detailed content on the website. 

Exclusive product launches 

Content idea: Promote products that are exclusively available on your website. 

A social media image showing a new product range

Example: Teasing a new product range only available for purchase on your social media channels. 

Why it works: Exclusivity creates urgency and curiosity, driving users to the primary sales platform. 

Webinar announcements 

Content idea: Promote your brand’s upcoming webinars or online workshops. 

A social media post image of a webinar

Example: "Join our free webinar on [topic]. Link in bio!". 

Why it works: Webinars position the brand as an industry thought leader, driving quality leads to the website. 

Social media post ideas to influence lead conversions 

Converting leads on social media requires a blend of trust-building and strategic promotion. 

Customer testimonials 

Content idea: Share video testimonials or reviews of satisfied customers. 

A social media image showing a customer testimonial of a brand

Example: A video montage of clients praising your services. 

Why it works: Testimonials offer social proof, which significantly influences your potential customers' purchasing decisions. 

Product demos 

Content idea: Show how your product works, its features and benefits. 

A social media post image showing a detailed walkthrough video of a software product

Example: A detailed tutorial video of a software. 

Why it works: Demos clarify product utility, addressing customer hesitations and reluctance to try something new. 

Flash sales and limited time offers 

Content idea: Introduce time-sensitive deals to encourage immediate purchases. 

A social media image showing time-bound offers

Example: "Flash Sale: 50% off for the next 3 hours only!" 

Why it works: Time-bound offers generate urgency, prompting immediate actions and purchases. 

Comparison posts 

Content idea: Do a comparison of your product with competitors, highlighting your USPs. 

A social media image showing chart comparing features and pricing of two bikes

Example: A chart comparing features and pricing of comparable products by your brand and its competition. 

Why it works: Comparison content helps consumers make informed decisions, positioning the brand as a trustworthy source. 

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How a unified platform like Sprinklr can help improve your social media presence 

For your social media content to make an impact, it’s not just important to have a consistent posting cadence; posting the right content at the right time also makes a huge difference.  Here's how Sprinklr Social can help you raise your social media game. 

  • Unified content view: With Sprinklr Social’s content planning and calendar capabilities, you get a comprehensive overview of your scheduled content, ensuring timely and consistent messaging across platforms. 

  • Actionable analytics: Analyze the performance of your posts and adjust strategies accordingly with AI-powered insights. This feature allows for continuous refinement of social media content, maximizing audience engagement.  

  • Stay on trend: Real-time trend analysis helps you create content that’s in sync with the latest trends, ensuring your posts remain relevant and relatable to your followers. 

  • Deep audience understanding: Sprinklr Social provides you with in-depth insights into audience behaviors, preferences and engagement patterns, which can help you craft engaging content. 

  • Streamlined asset access: Centralized asset management ensures that your team members can easily access brand-approved graphics, videos and other media, simplifying the content creation and review process. 

Sprinklr Social makes managing your social media a lot easier than before. Sign up for a personalized demo by filling out the form below.   

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