Top 9 Social Media Scheduling Tools in 2024 [Features & Pricing]

Karishma Borkakoty

June 4, 202420 min read

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Carl Lewis once said, “Life is about timing.” And this couldn’t be truer in our digital world, where timing isn’t just everything — it’s the only thing, especially if you are managing social media. You've got to get those social media campaigns perfectly aligned, track your posts meticulously, and hit those prime engagement windows spot on as if your life depends on it 😉 

The stakes are high out there and missing a beat — like not posting during peak hours, could actually cost you. And let’s be honest, you can’t really say, "Oops, I didn’t have enough time," or "We’ve got too many posts and not enough hands to schedule them." That just won’t cut it. That’s the cold, hard truth. Meanwhile, your competitors are always ready, waiting for a slip-up to steal the spotlight right out from under you. 

Now, finding the right social media management tool to help manage all this? It’s tough. The internet’s full of lists claiming the "Best Social Media Scheduling Tools" or "Top Picks for Social Media Managers." But at the end of the day, the decision on what’s best for you and your team is yours alone!

Don't worry, though — we're here to help make things a bit easier. Our team has put together a list of the top 9 social media scheduling tools. We’ve compared features, ease of use, everything you need to help you make an informed choice. So, let’s get into it and find the tool that fits like a glove!

Table of Contents

What is a social media scheduling tool? 

A social media scheduling tool can be defined as a software platform that helps you automate and streamline your posting process across various social media channels. It allows you to plan, create and schedule posts in advance, making sure your content delivery is consistent and timely.

However, a comprehensive social media scheduling solution does much more than just posting: 

⭐ It optimizes content for different the vibe, audience and algorithm of different platforms

✅ It sets up approval workflows for outgoing content so it’s always on-brand 

📢 It boosts content reach and engagement manifold by posting it in optimal times 

⛔ It establishes governance by restricting and access and permissions, which is a boon for distributed marketing teams   

Why do you need a social media scheduling tool?

Using a social media scheduling tool is crucial for several reasons, especially if you're aiming to optimize your social media strategy and maintain an active, engaging online presence. Here’s why you’ll want to start using one: 
#1 - Consistency is key: Scheduling posts keeps your feed fresh even when you’re swamped with other tasks.

#2 - Time saver: Batching your content creation and scheduling it out frees up your day for other gigs.

#3 - No time zone troubles: You can automatically post at the best times for engagement, no matter where your audience lives.

#4 - Keep the quality top notch: More time to think means less rush, less fluff, more quality content. 

#5 - Analytics on tap: You track what works and tweak your strategy without breaking your flow.   

Top 6 must-have features to look for in a social media scheduling tool  

  • Cross-platform scheduling: Enables scheduling and posting across multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard, streamlining the entire publishing process.  

  • Visual content calendar: Features a user-friendly calendar for easy planning, scheduling, and visual tracking of your posts, allowing for minor adjustments.  

  • AI powered social media analytics: Utilizes AI-driven analytics and reporting tools to provide deep insights into content performance, audience behavior and predictive analytics to optimize future posts.  

  • Automated publishing: Offers automated posting at recommended times determined by AI to maximize engagement based on user activity and historical data.  

  • Team collaboration tools: Supports team roles, content approval workflows and shared libraries to enhance coordination and maintain brand consistency 

  • AI-driven content suggestions: Employs AI to suggest content improvements and generate ideas based on trends, ensuring your posts are engaging and relevant.   

🚀 Want to go pro? Get a tool enriched with Generative AI   

Coming up with new content ideas on a regular basis can be testing for even the most creative social media executives. That’s where a genAI-enriched social media scheduling tool can be handy. How so?  

  • Automate Content Creation: Employ generative AI to produce high-quality, creative content, ensuring consistency and innovation in your posts. 

  • Refine Posting Strategy: Utilize AI to determine optimal posting times and analyze engagement data, continuously refining your approach for maximum impact. 

  • Get AI Insights: Use AI tools to analyze audience behavior and preferences, tailoring content that resonates and engages. 

 Excited to learn more? Check out Sprinklr’s GenAI platform below 👇    


The 9 best social media scheduling software for 2024 

Now that you know essential features in social media scheduling tools, let's get to know the tools better — their hero features, strengths and weaknesses, and of course, customer reviews. Ready to jump into it? 

⚠️ Important Note for Readers: 

The below tools are in no particular order of ranking or popularity. Still, they are independent picks by Sprinklr’s editorial team based on our research and publicly available information in the review sites. It is crucial to note that software or platforms may evolve over time, and the company may address some of these concerns in newer updates or versions. 

Here’s our top picks for the best social media scheduling solutions of 2024 - 


Sprinklr social media scheduling dashboard

Sprinklr is a leading social media management platform that helps businesses schedule social media posts, respond to customers and manage online reviews to improve their online reputation. With its AI-driven approach, Sprinklr stands out as the best option for businesses looking to effectively manage their online reputation and engage with customers in a personalized and efficient manner.  

Sprinklr tops the list of top social media scheduling tools because it provides a unified platform that simplifies the management of social profiles across multiple locations. Plus, it helps automate the entire process of scheduling, publishing and posting. Its calendar view has filters that enable you to narrow down what you see on a scheduled post, including status, author, campaign, tags, likes, comments and reach.    

🚀Key features 

  • Broad channel coverage & unified dashboard: With Sprinklr, you can schedule and publish across 10+ social media channels using a single unified dashboard. From Instagram Reels to TikTok videos, Sprinklr can manage all types of social media content effortlessly, so your feed is always vibrant and engaging. 

Sprinklr manages scheduling across all social channels at once
  • Multi-level publishing approvals:  Sprinklr Scheduler allows you to set up multi-level publishing approvals, with access roles and permissions, so your content is always brand-complaint and trust-inspiring. 

Sprinklr-s multi-level publishing approvals help establish brand compliance
  • Real-time preview: You can check previews of your posts before they go live and understand how your posts will look on desktops and mobile screens. This way, you can make last minute changes and avoid PR crises and dented online reputation. 

  • Pause all posts: Sprinklr allows you to pause all publishing in times of crisis with one click. You have greater control over your publishing flows and distributed teams with the pause button at your fingertips. 

  • Account groups and permissions: Talking about control, you can set up account groups restricting access permissions to desired members of your team and regulate who views, edits and publishes your posts. 

Overall verdict 

Sprinklr offers a unified customer experience, ensuring seamless interactions across various platforms. Its AI-driven insights provide businesses with deep understanding, while extensive integrations enhance functionality. These advantages enable businesses to create cohesive social media campaigns and bolster customer engagement. Additionally, due to its extensive capabilities, it might have a learning curve for users new to complex social media management tools

Customer testimonials 

💪 Strengths 

“Sprinklr Social helps us with efficiently planning, posting, and analyzing organic social content in a continuously developing digital landscape. With this solution, we do not only save time in managing our owned social channels but also have high ROI on our content and are able to build social communities. We are able to scale our ROI on content by sharing high-performing content across markets, actively using Sprinklr Insights with Sprinklr Social, and running analyses on our data with easy-to-retrieve reports. Besides, the support from Sprinklr is excellent and based on tailored expertise. They help us with designing use cases relevant to us and our industry to get the most out of the platform.” 

💡 What could be better? 

“There are a lot of possibilities within the module. However, the Sprinklr success manager and experts are skilled and support business-fitting use cases. In addition, sometimes features that are available in native platforms are not yet available in Sprinklr. Nonetheless, with an efficient feedback loop through Sprinklr, this normally gets solved after a few development sprints.” Source

Trusted by: Uber, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, the Prada Group and Boston University 

Price: Starts at $299 per user per month. Check pricing

Trial: Available for 30 days, free of cost 


Hootsuite-s s social media scheduling dashboard

Hootsuite makes it to our list of the best social media scheduling tools for 2024, thanks to many differentiating features and capabilities. It simplifies scheduling on multiple platforms from a single dashboard. You can plan and view all your upcoming posts using the calendar feature, which provides a clear, comprehensive overview of your content schedule. This visibility makes it easy to spot any gaps and maintain a consistent posting rhythm. Additionally, if you need to adjust your schedule, Hootsuite makes it straightforward to move posts around, ensuring your social media strategy remains flexible and responsive to changing needs. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Efficient scheduling across platforms: Hootsuite enables you to schedule posts in advance across multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn. This ensures a consistent online presence and engagement, eliminating the need to manually manage posts during peak times. 

  • Comprehensive calendar view: Utilize Hootsuite's visual calendar to track and manage your scheduled content across all platforms. This feature provides a clear overview, helping you maintain a balanced and strategic posting schedule. 

  • Time zone synchronization: Schedule your posts according to different time zones to ensure optimal engagement. This feature is essential for global brands aiming to reach audiences effectively regardless of geographical location. 

  • Bulk scheduling capabilities: Hootsuite allows you to upload and schedule multiple posts simultaneously. This is particularly useful for planning campaigns or maintaining regular content flow without daily manual input. 

Interesting Read: How to Schedule Social Media Posts in Bulk: 5 Easy Ways  

Overall verdict 

Hootsuite’s scheduling feature lets you plan and schedule your content in advance, which is a huge time-saver and helps keep your social media activity consistent and timely. The visual calendar and bulk scheduling features are particularly helpful for getting a clear picture of what your social media strategy looks like at any given moment and for streamlining social media tasks. While it covers all the basics really well and even goes beyond with functionalities like time zone synchronization, it's the ease of use and reliability that make it a favorite for many social media marketers. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Hootsuite offers a solid solution to keep your social media efforts organized and effective. However, it's not without its learning curve, especially when first setting up and exploring its features, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes an invaluable tool for digital marketing. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 

“Hootsuite makes it easy for our distributed team of content contributors to submit content, and our internal team can then create a posting calendar and use automated posting to make the management of all of our social platforms fast and simple”. 

💡 What could be better 

“There are a few small challenges that left me scratching my head. I did not like that I was so limited (even after purchasing the basic) on the platforms that I could post to - they are so close to perfection! Everyone should be free to post to every platform they need to... maybe limit the posts, monitoring, and reporting... but NOT the platforms!” Source  

Price: Starts from $99/month 

Trial: Available for 30 days, on the house  


Later-s social media scheduling dashboard

Later's social media scheduling tool is tailored to enhance your content and social media management process by allowing you to schedule posts across multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, X and Pinterest from a centralized dashboard. The tool features a visual content calendar that helps you plan and preview your posts with a clear view of your content schedule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This visibility helps you easily identify and fill any gaps in your posting routine.  

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Multi-platform scheduling: Schedule posts directly to major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X and Pinterest from one centralized dashboard, facilitating a unified approach to social media management. 

  • Auto Publishing: Later supports automatic posting to eligible social media platforms, enabling you to set your posts to go live at your chosen times without manual intervention, ensuring you never miss a peak engagement window. 

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling: You can adjust your posting schedule with ease using Later's drag-and-drop feature, which allows for quick and easy rescheduling of posts, offering flexibility in response to dynamic marketing needs. 

Overall verdict 

Later excels in essential scheduling functionalities with tools like automatic posting and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, which are key highlights for its user base. Ideal for small businesses, startups and individual content creators, this tool offers an uncomplicated approach to managing social media, which is both effective and user-friendly.  

However, it does lack some of the deeper analytics and customization options that more advanced platforms offer, which might be a limitation for larger organizations or those with more complex social media needs. This simplicity, whilst a strength for many users, may not satisfy all aspects of a sophisticated digital marketing strategy. 

📢Did you know? 

Sprinklr’s scheduling tool comes bundled with advanced reporting and analytics You can use it to draw detailed campaign performance reports to dig into platform-specific metrics as well as to compare cross-platform performance.

Sprinklr Social-s analytics and reporting dashboard for comparing platform performance of campaigns

Care to give it a try? Grab your free trial now! 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 

“Scheduling content. We used to have to post to our church account daily, which doesn't sound bad, but logging in daily, uploading whatever we are posting, writing the post and hitting send, eats into the workday. But Later helps because we can take an hour and schedule a month or more posts. It's so good.”  

💡 What could be better 

“The only thing that's slightly less than perfect about Later is the scheduling option. Sometimes I wish I could unschedule a post or access a formally posted image and bring it back as a new post to re post myself. But that is a small feature, everything else I love!” Source  

Price: Starts from $18 a month

Trial: Provides a free plan with limited features and usually offers a free trial of their more advanced plans.  


CoSchedule-s social media scheduling dashboard

CoSchedule doesn’t just schedule social media posts; it integrates entire marketing campaigns. This includes blog posts, email marketing, events and other projects, all visible on one comprehensive calendar. This holistic approach allows for better alignment and coordination between different marketing activities, promoting a unified strategy.   

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Best time to post: CoSchedule employs an advanced social media algorithm to determine the optimal times for posting based on when your audience is most active and engaged. This feature automates the decision-making process, ensuring that posts are set to go live at times likely to maximize reach and interaction. 

  • Social queue filling: Unlike many other tools, CoSchedule includes a feature called Social Queue Filling, which automatically slots scheduled posts into the best times available in your calendar. This helps maintain a consistent social media presence without the need to manually plan each post’s timing. 

  • Bulk scheduling: CoSchedule enables bulk scheduling of posts, which is particularly useful for campaigns or when managing multiple posts at once. This feature allows you to upload and schedule several posts simultaneously, significantly cutting down on the time spent on manual scheduling. 

Overall verdict  

CoSchedule is widely appreciated for its comprehensive scheduling capabilities. Users love the Best Time Scheduling feature and Social Queue Filling which optimize post timings based on audience engagement data, thereby increasing the likelihood of higher interaction rates.   

Despite its strengths, CoSchedule can improve in a few areas. Some users find the interface a bit overwhelming, especially those new to digital marketing tools. Additionally, while it offers great integration for various content types, its analytics features could be more detailed. Users have mentioned that deeper insights into post-performance and audience demographics would be beneficial for refining strategies further.  

Customer testimonial  

💪 Strengths 

“The feature I believe is most impactful is the scheduling of posts. Easy to use and saves time, you can plan and schedule promotional post for your business weeks even months ahead of time.”  

💡 What could be better  

“It's only since I've gotten into the implementation that I realized this program is not user friendly. The UI is not intuitive and has not evolved with the need of the ever-evolving needs of digital marketing.” Source  

Price: Has 3 pricing plans, starting from $0.00 to $29.00 

Trial: Not available  


Loomly-s social media scheduling dashboard

Loomly is a comprehensive social media management tool that excels in scheduling and optimizing posts across multiple platforms. It offers a visual calendar, automated publishing and collaboration features that streamline content planning and execution. Additionally, its advanced analytics help measure post performance, aiding in content optimization. Designed for ease of use, Loomly supports team collaboration, making it suitable for both mid-sized businesses and large enterprises.  

🚀 Prominent features  

  • Calendar heatmap view: Loomly offers a calendar heatmap view, providing a visual representation of your posting frequency and schedule density. This feature helps you quickly assess your content distribution over time, ensuring balanced and strategic posting without overlaps or content gaps. 

  • Advanced post states: Loomly categorizes scheduled posts into various states such as draft, pending approval, approved, and scheduled. This structured approach enhances workflow management by clearly defining each stage of the content lifecycle, allowing team members to track progress and ensure timely publishing. 

  • Live post optimization tips: As you create content, Loomly provides real-time optimization tips based on best practices for each social media platform. These tips can include advice on character counts, hashtag use, and even the effectiveness of the chosen media type, helping to enhance the potential reach and engagement of each post. 

Overall verdict  

Loomly's scheduling features are generally well-received for making social media management more streamlined and less of a headache. Users are particularly fond of the calendar heatmap view, which gives a quick, visual snapshot of when content is going out, helping ensure that posts are well-distributed over time without any manual effort. The advanced post states system is another hit; it keeps everyone on the same page about where each piece of content is in the production line — from drafting to approval to being scheduled — making it easier to manage workflows, especially in large team settings.   

On the flip side, while the interface is generally user-friendly, new users with little prior experience in social media tools might feel a bit overwhelmed by the array of features and options available at first.  

Good to know: Sprinklr offers a self-serve scheduling product that deploys within ten minutes. Adding channels, content and teams is a matter of few clicks. A-list brands like L’oreal and SAP have found value with Sprinklr Social Self-Serve.  

Try it out now! It's 100% free for 30 days 😊    

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 

“It is super nice to see the calendar view and the ease of use is pretty great. I also love the recommendations they provide based on if your post is posting at the right time, right length, or even just some ideas on what to post as far as holidays that day etc.” 

💡 What could be better 

“The analytics offered by Loomly are good, but it would be helpful to have more in-depth options.” Source 

Price: Plans start from $42/month 

Trial: Free for 15 days 

Sprout Social

Sprout Social social media scheduling tool dashboard

Sprout Social's scheduler is a powerful tool designed to enhance the efficiency of social media management across multiple platforms. It offers a user-friendly interface that includes a comprehensive calendar, allowing users to visualize their entire social media strategy at a glance. The scheduler supports queueing of posts at optimal times, leveraging data-driven insights to maximize engagement. Additionally, it enables easy rescheduling through drag-and-drop functionality, making it simple to adjust your content plan on the fly. This scheduling feature from Sprout is especially useful for big teams, as it allows for seamless collaboration, including the ability to assign tasks and approve posts without any hassle.  

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Optimized scheduling: Sprout Social doesn't just let you schedule posts; it helps you schedule them smarter. The platform uses data-driven insights to recommend the best times for posting based on when your audience is most active. This means your posts are more likely to get seen and engaged with effectively. 

  • Collaborative workflow: If you're part of a large team, Sprout Social's got your back. The platform facilitates easy collaboration, allowing team members to draft, review and approve posts all within the tool.  

  • Comprehensive calendar view: Planning your content strategy becomes a breeze with Sprout’s interactive calendar. It allows you to see all your scheduled content across all channels in one place, making it super easy to manage your posting schedule without missing a beat or double-booking your content slots. 

Overall verdict 

Users love the data-driven insights that Sprout Social offers for scheduling posts. The platform analyzes engagement metrics to suggest the best times for posting, which maximizes visibility and interaction with content.  

However, some users find the array of features and the depth of options in Sprout Social a bit overwhelming initially. The platform could benefit from streamlined onboarding processes or enhanced user guidance to help new users adapt more quickly. 

Face-off time: Sprinklr vs Sprout Social: Which is Better for Your Brand 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 

“The ease of use to schedule content is the best part about using Sprout Social. It's also very easy to add new accounts and take accounts out when necessary. I work at a marketing agency so we write and manage tons of content for our clients, so it's important to be able to switch from client to client easily, and switch from platform to platform. Sprout Social does a great job with that.” 

💡 What could be better 

“A negative point is its cost, compared to other platforms that perform the same function, I consider it expensive, another negative point is the customer service, it is slow and it takes time for them to understand the problem, I think they need better training.” Source 

Price: Starts at @249/month 

Trial: Available for 30 days 


SocialPilot-s bulk-scheduling-mass-planner

SocialPilot is recognized for its ability to streamline social media management tasks with features like multi-platform scheduling, a visual calendar for comprehensive planning, bulk scheduling options and adaptive scheduling to accommodate different time zones. These features make it an effective tool for individuals and teams looking to optimize their social media operations and maintain a consistent presence online. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Streamline your social media: Schedule posts across major networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X without any roadblocks. Set it and forget it; SocialPilot keeps your social presence active even when you're off the clock. 

  • Bulk scheduling option: You can load your social media posts and schedule them all at once with SocialPilot’s bulk scheduling. It’s a real time-saver, especially when you're juggling multiple campaigns or content types. 

  • Time zone friendly: No matter where your audience is, SocialPilot makes it easy to hit them up at the right time. Schedule posts for any time zone to maximize engagement without breaking a sweat. 

Editor’s Pick: Social Media Engagement: What You Need to Know!  

Overall verdict 

SocialPilot's features make it a practical tool for those looking to streamline their social media efforts. While there's a bit of a learning curve, particularly in maximizing all the features available, it's generally manageable and worth the effort for the efficiency it brings to social media scheduling. 

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 

“Everything about SocialPilot makes scheduling your content from articles to post easy. The formatting of your calendar and scheduled activities with multiple social accounts could not be clearer or intuitive. If you are an entrepreneur, a small to medium business, or just an individual who wants to schedule their content, SocialPilot is a no-brainer, and the price point is perfect. I use SocialPilot to manage 8 accounts and once a week I can load everything in and have it work with all of my social channels - integration and implementation could not be easier.” 

💡 What could be better 

“Nothing worth noting. I think the UI could be improved a bit when compared to other comparable platforms. But overall, nothing is a blocker to the functionality.” Source  

Price: Starts at €30/month 

Trial: Free for 14 days  


SocialBee scheduling tool interface

SocialBee is a comprehensive social media management tool designed to help businesses, freelancers and agencies effectively schedule and automate their social media content. Key features include content categorization for rotating posts, evergreen content recycling to keep profiles active, and targeted social media engagement tools to boost interactions. The platform offers detailed analytics for monitoring content performance and optimizing posting strategies. Additionally, SocialBee supports direct integration with platforms like Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google My Business, as well as third-party tools like Canva for content creation and Buffer for additional scheduling options. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Content categorization and recycling: SocialBee excels in organizing content into categories, allowing for automated recycling of evergreen posts. This ensures your social feeds remain active without constant manual input, making content management more efficient and effective. 

  • Comprehensive engagement tools: The platform provides robust tools for increasing audience engagement, including features for interacting directly with followers, automating responses and scheduling posts at optimal times based on audience activity. 

  • Advanced integration options: SocialBee supports integrations with a variety of platforms and tools, including major social networks, Canva for designing posts and Buffer for additional scheduling capabilities. These integrations streamline the content creation and posting process, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. 

Overall verdict 

The categorization feature of SocialBee is a real game-changer, allowing you to organize posts in a way that keeps your content strategy diverse and engaging. However, if your social media strategy heavily relies on real-time engagement or trending content, you might find the tool a bit limiting, as it focuses more on scheduling and less on spontaneous content opportunities. But for planned content and maximizing the impact of evergreen posts, SocialBee really shines.  

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 

I love that I can organize my posts into categories. Everything is in one place, but structured. Also, I can re-use content that I once created easily! Such a time-saver! It was easy to set-up and integrate with my social media accounts, so I didn't need the help of customer support. However, I have participated in a free online workshop which I found super helpful and gave me a bunch of new content ideas! I find it especially helpful that I can set everything up and then don't have to worry about it - it will just get posted as scheduled, no matter whether I'm sick, on vacation, busy ... Pretty awesome!” 

💡 What could be better 

Bulk video sharing and uploading isn't the best with this platform - often run into errors. Slow loading when we have to schedule for more than one social profile.” Source  

Price: Has 3 pricing editions, from $29/Mo to $99/Mo 

Trial: 14-day trial available  


Sendible-s scheduling calendar

Sendible is a social media management platform tailored especially for agencies and teams, aimed at making social media management more streamlined and efficient. 

🚀 Prominent features 

  • Advanced scheduling and automation: Sendible provides robust tools for scheduling posts across multiple channels simultaneously. Its automation capabilities allow for setting up posts at optimal times, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency. 

  • White-labeling options: One of Sendible's unique features is its white-labeling options. Agencies can customize the platform with their own branding, including logos and colors, which is ideal for presenting a unified brand to clients. 

  • Comprehensive client management: The platform excels in client management features, including collaborative tools and approval workflows that facilitate better communication and streamline content approval processes within teams. 

Overall verdict 

Sendible is packed with features that not only help plan and schedule content efficiently but also ensure that every piece fits the client’s brand tone perfectly. The initial setup and mastering all the features might take a bit of time, but once you’re up and running, Sendible can significantly streamline your social media management. It’s a great pick if you're looking to take the hassle out of handling multiple accounts and want to keep everything looking sharp and consistent.  

Customer testimonial 

💪 Strengths 

“I love that Sendible not only allows you to schedule content, but it also provides you with the most optimal posting times and can generate reports for you. My favourite feature about Sendible is also that it allows you to create a specific calendar preview for each of your clients. As an agency, it's perfect for us as we have the ability to create and send personalized logins to each of our clients and team members enabling them to have their own custom preview of content for the month.” 

💡 What could be better 

“There are a lot of amazing features and it can get overwhelming. This isn't a bad problem but it's good they have people to help you understand it.” Source 

Price: Offers 4 plans ranging from $29 to $750 per month 

Trial: Yes, available for 14 days  

Summative assessment of the best social media scheduling tools 

Now we will summarize our tool evaluation into a concise, skimmable table below to give a helicopter view of all 9 best social media scheduling tools. 







Advanced scheduling capabilities, Robust analytics, multi-platform support 

Sophisticated features for beginners 



Wide range of social networks supported, good for team collaboration 

Interface can be overwhelming, pricing tiers may not suit all businesses 



Visual content planning, Instagram focus 

Limited features compared to more comprehensive tools, primarily focused on Instagram 



Integrates with content marketing calendars, decent scheduling features 

Not as feature-rich for social media scheduling specifically 



Intuitive interface, collaboration features 

Limited advanced scheduling features 

Sprout Social 


Excellent analytics, good for larger businesses, user-friendly interface 

Pricing may be high for smaller businesses; some users report occasional bugs.  

Social Pilot 


Affordable pricing, decent scheduling features 

Interface can be clunky, lacks advanced features of more expensive tools 

Social Bee 


Simple interface, good for beginners 

Lacks some advanced scheduling features, may not scale well for larger businesses 



Good for agencies and teams, robust analytics 

Interface could be more intuitive, pricing may not suit all budgets 

How to pick the best social media scheduling tool for your business 

By following the steps below, you can make an informed decision and select the social media scheduling tool that best fits your business needs. 

Step 1- Define Your Needs 

Identify your specific requirements such as the number of social media accounts, desired features (analytics, team collaboration, etc.), and budget constraints. 

Step 2 - Research Options 

Explore various tools available in the market. Look for reviews, user feedback and comparisons to narrow down your choices. 

Step 3 - Consider Integrations 

Determine if the tool integrates well with your existing software stack, such as your CRM system or content management platform. 

Step 4 - Evaluate Features 

Assess the features offered by each tool, including scheduling capabilities, analytics, reporting and customer support. 

Step 5 - Trial Period 

Take advantage of free trials or demos offered by the tools you're interested in. Test the user interface, ease of use and performance to see if it meets your requirements. 

Step 6 - Factor in Scalability 

Consider your future needs as your business grows. Choose a tool that can scale with your business and accommodate additional features or users as necessary. 

Wrapping up 

Effectively managing social media involves careful planning, editing and scheduling content to be automatically published. This process is crucial to maintaining a consistent and engaging presence online. 

While finding tools with advanced scheduling features can be challenging, tools like Sprinklr Social are specifically designed to meet these demands with efficiency and ease. 

Interested in learning more or seeing our tool in action? Book a free trial with Sprinklr and witness first-hand how our scheduling software enhances your social media strategy and simplifies your workflow. 

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