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Why Sprinklr Acquired Get Satisfaction: You Can’t Have Great Customer Experience Without Great Customer Care

Ragy Thomas

April 8, 2015  •  4 min read

A business can’t market or sell to unhappy customers. In fact, in today’s world of connected and empowered consumers, you can’t even market or sell to the friends and distant relatives of unhappy customers. Your reputation precedes you.

On the other side of the equation, highly vocal satisfied customers are the most powerful marketing engine your company has today. They increase the reach of your advertising, they add credibility to your products, and they convince their friends to buy more products more often.

It is obvious that the marketing of the future starts with customer care.

That’s why today, we announced the acquisition of Get Satisfaction – a critical step in our vision to help brands earn the love of their customers by delivering amazing experiences at every touchpoint (read the official press release).

How Sprinklr + Get Satisfaction Helps Brands Succeed at Customer Experience

The internet is the first place that today’s customers go to solve issues with things they own and to research things they intend to buy. The connected and empowered generation isn’t prepared to wait patiently for their turn on the phone or in a line. They want answers on their terms.

Get Satisfaction’s Online Communities help you tap into the wisdom of the crowd and harness the passion of your happiest, most knowledgeable, and most helpful customers to assist their peers. Customers seeking information can get it first hand from the community on a “many to many” or “one to many” basis that complements traditional customer care.

Think about how much happier your customers will be when your brand provides responsive, context-rich, and (most importantly) helpful, customer support across 20+ social channels and branded communities.

Think about how much easier it will be for your business to scale and grow when every social customer care interaction uses the same unified profiles, CRM, workflow, automation, SLAs, and case management.

Think about the potential for advocacy, social selling, and social commerce, when you can enrich every encounter with data from dozens of other customer interactions – regardless of the channel.

The possibilities are truly limitless and we are only getting started…

The Next Step in Building Experience Cloud(™)

Over the years, Sprinklr has become a critical technology for helping more than 800 enterprise brands manage customer care in social channels in a scalable and structured way. We call the management of customer experiences across social channels Third Party Experience Management (TPX). This is at the core of what we’ve always done: help businesses become social at scale.

The acquisition and complete integration of Branderati, Pluck, and now Get Satisfaction enable a whole new realm of business critical capabilities in a new place: brand websites. These capabilities range from ratings and reviews, to gamification, social commerce, and now customer care. We call these experiences on brands’ websites First Party Experiences (FPX).

In a world of highly empowered consumers, brands absolutely must have the ability to link together Third Party and First Party Experiences. They need a clear understanding of who their customer is at every touchpoint and the ability to deliver amazing experiences across those touchpoints.

The Experience Cloud is really the only way to create, manage, and deliver experiences that customers will love across digital touchpoints.

A Brand New Day For Experience Management

We are very excited to welcome the Get Satisfaction team to the Sprinklr family. And even more excited about what the future holds for Sprinklr and our client partners.

This is only one more step in the journey, but it’s a big one.

I invite you to join us for an exploration of the Experience Cloud on April 23rd.

It’s a webinar featuring McDonald’s, Charlene Li of Altimeter Group, and members of the Sprinklr team.

I hope you can make it.

Onwards and upwards!

About the Author: Ragy Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Sprinklr.

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Ragy Thomas

Founder and CEO, Sprinklr

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