Welcome, Postano! The World’s Best Social Data Visualization Technology Just Joined Sprinklr

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April 1, 20162 min read

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Imagine you walk into a store to buy new running shoes. As you sit down to try on a pair, you notice a giant screen full of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts streaming by in real time. You see photos of people on their morning runs and tweets about the sneakers you’re about to buy. Then you snap a picture of the shoes you’re holding, add a caption asking your friends what they think, and watch your very own post appear on screen.

Now imagine you’re the store owner or shoe manufacturer. Don’t you think a beautiful, interactive display of great social content from real people would enhance your customer’s experience and the authenticity of your brand? We do, too.

That’s why today, I couldn’t be more excited to officially announce Sprinklr’s acquisition of Postano, the world’s leading social visualization platform. Working with more than 200 companies like Michael Kors, Time, the L.A. Kings, and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Postano’s technology enables brands to find, curate, and analyze the best social content and publish it as beautiful visualizations across web, mobile, and large-screen displays, from stores to stadiums.

LA Kings Postano Moderation

Data visualization is an increasingly important technology for the C-suite and marketers of brands big and small. Companies using this technology can more easily gather perspective on their customers’ view of the world and then use those insights to create more engaging, relevant customer experiences.

How Sprinklr + Postano Will Help Brands Provide Customers With Beautiful Visualizations and Better Experiences

With the acquisition of Postano, Sprinklr’s commitment to helping brands create moments their customers love extends even further to live, ‘real-world’ events that transcend the gap between online and offline experiences.

With the analytical power of Sprinklr—and the visual capabilities of Postano—we can deliver the best social display capability in the market. Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud and unified platform will provide the content, governance, and data for Postano’s flexible, robust, and striking visual technology.

Most importantly, this acquisition will provide brands with an improved outlet for creating incredible customer experiences. The integration of Postano into the Sprinklr family will allow brands to not only hear the voice of their customer but also see what they’re saying, thereby creating a unified way to engage and entertain, both on and offline.

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