Why Sprinklr Acquired Scup: Helping Brands Connect with Customers in South America (& Beyond)

Ragy Thomas

April 30, 20153 min read

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Social media is all about connecting people. Whether it’s distance, language, or culture, social media bridges barriers that otherwise keep people apart. It enables conversations among large groups of individuals on a scale that just a few years ago was impossible.

Of course, wherever there are large groups of people, brands are sure to follow. And as they pursue their audiences onto social media, brands must also learn to connect in new and relevant ways. Each new country brings with it unique cultural differences. It’s important for brands to understand these differences if they want to effectively reach consumers on a global scale.

At Sprinklr, we’re committed to helping brands provide remarkable customer experiences wherever their customers may be. We began that journey in the United States and later expanded to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, India, and Japan.

Today, we are excited to announce a new home away from home for Sprinklr. We’re expanding into South America and have entered into an agreement to acquire Scup, the leading provider of social media monitoring, customer care, and analytics technology in Brazil.

Our expansion into South America represents our commitment to building a truly global company with local, experienced teams in every major geographic region. It also solidifies our ability to better serve brands interested in one of the most active tech and social media markets in the region: Brazil.

Ninety-two percent of Brazilian internet users are on social media, spending an average of 3.8 hours each day connected to social. In the United States, that number is just 2.7. As Forbes points out, in 2013 Brazil was already the world’s second-biggest user of X, formerly Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube on a global scale.


Finally, Brazil is a business powerhouse; it boasts 25 of the world’s largest 2,000 companies and has the 8th-largest GDP. It’s where many international companies first open up shop when they want to launch in Latin America, and it’s a hotbed for startups and innovation.

We chose Scup because it is a recognized technology leader and innovator in social media management in the South American market. Founded in 2009 in São Paulo, Scup was the first Brazilian social media platform certified by X, formerly Twitter, and it currently serves more than 500 of the most social brands in Brazil.

We’re very excited to expand into South America and welcome the Scup team to the Sprinklr family. Today marks another exciting milestone in our journey to build a truly global company that serves the world’s largest brands. To learn more, please read a special whitepaper we put together on the state of social media in Brazil: Project Vanilla.

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