Sprinklr Launches Paid Media Capabilities on LinkedIn with the Sponsored Updates Ads API

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May 11, 20152 min read

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LinkedIn has more than 300 million users from around the world. 40% of these users, or roughly 120 million, log in each day to share industry news, discuss business strategy, and polish their professional personas. It’s clear that the world’s professionals have made LinkedIn their de facto online home, but there’s more to the story.

Increasingly, brands are taking notice of the full power of LinkedIn. They recognize the value of its massive community and the potential to connect with highly-targeted audience segments. But, as with any major initiative, they need a little help to make the most of the platform’s potential.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Sprinklr continues to enable brands do even more to take advantage of the unique LinkedIn opportunity; we are now a LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Ads API partner. This means that brands can now design and launch paid campaigns on LinkedIn from the same place they manage all their existing social initiatives.

What Does This Mean for Marketers and Brands?

The Sprinklr / LinkedIn API integration allows brands to bring scale and efficiency to their LinkedIn advertising efforts (get our top tips on how to create compelling sponsored updates for LinkedIn on the social network’s blog). Buying LinkedIn advertising through a complete, integrated, and collaborative platform has a number of unique benefits.

First, you can now organize your LinkedIn organic content and paid content in the same planner, sharing assets and approval workflows so that you don’t have to do double the work. Second, you can run paid media campaigns on LinkedIn using Sprinklr’s automation layer to increase overall media efficiency by up to 20%. Third, you’ll save time (and get better insights) with one place to view all of your organic and paid campaign data.

About the Author: This post was written by Elizabeth Closmore, Global Head of Product Evangelism.

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