Sprinklr Supports the Launch of Promoted Video with Autoplay on Pinterest

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August 8, 20172 min read

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Today, Sprinklr is bringing game-changing capabilities to its customers by launching support for Promoted Video with Autoplay on Pinterest. This announcement is huge news for our customers who want to engage the more than 175 million people around the world who flock to Pinterest each month.

Now, brands can use Sprinklr’s unified customer engagement platform to manage all of their video advertising and content marketing strategies at scale. Our clients now have the confidence to execute any Pinterest campaign knowing they will maximize ad spend, streamline internal operations and convert custom audiences into happy, loyal customers.

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The Benefits of Promoted Video with Autoplay

Promoted Video with Autoplay on Pinterest sparks into motion the moment people scroll by—no need to hit “play.” People can find a brand’s promoted videos autoplaying in their home feeds, search results and Related Pins they find at the bottom of every Pin closeup.

Video has been increasingly popular on Pinterest, with a 60% increase in videos on Pinterest in 2016. A whopping 93% of Pinterest’s 175 million monthly users say they use Pinterest to plan purchases, 75% of the content people enjoy on Pinterest comes from businesses and 67% of people say videos on Pinterest inspire them to take action. Clearly, Pinterest is a valuable channel for marketers and promoted videos give businesses another way to create engaging customer experiences

Expanding our Pinterest Partnership

In April 2015, Sprinklr joined Pinterest’s Marketing Developer Partners Program, which was relaunched in November 2016 as the Marketing Partners program, making Sprinklr a partner across both content marketing and advertising on Pinterest. By supporting autoplay promoted videos on Pinterest, Sprinklr is uniquely positioned to help brands develop cohesive strategies and conduct reporting that tells the full story about a Pinterest campaign’s performance.

Try Autoplay Promoted Videos Today

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to your Sprinklr success manager.

For more on this news, you can read Pinterest’s blog here.

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