How Sprinklr’s Values Helped Me Reach a Personal Goal

Sprinklr Team

February 20, 20203 min read

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I’m a Managed Services Consultant at Sprinklr, based in the beautiful city of Hamburg and I love to run. If you were to ask me about my after work or weekend plans, it will probably include some sort of running or sports activity. But I will certainly not run around (no pun intended) and tell everyone about split times, personal records and the endless science of the perfect shoe. Most of the time, I keep my passion to myself unless I’m amongst my peers.

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Sprinkle, don’t shout

We have five core values at Sprinklr. These values guide the way we work and the way we live. One of the values is “Sprinklr, Don’t Shout.” This encourages employees to stay humble. We work hard and we’re the leaders in our space, but we don’t shout about the great things we do all the time.

This value relates directly to how I feel about my personal passion for running. This past January 2020 I decided to pursue an ambitious running goal called The January Battle. This is an activity that happens around the world where runners need to complete a total of 400km of running from Jan 1st to Jan 31st. The first running group to have 5 women and 5 men complete the challenge win.

But the challenge isn’t for a medal, a trophy or even confetti. Everyone is running for the fun of running. It’s truly a race that embodies the value of “Sprinklr Don’t Shout.”

Sprinklr’s 24-4-Others Program

When I decided to commit to the January Battle, I knew I wanted to use this race as a way to inspire others by doing something that I love. I decided to combine my love of running with Sprinklr’s volunteer program called 24-4-Others, which encourages employees to spend a work day giving back. But instead of spending one day helping others, I ended up taking time around work throughout the month of January to raise awareness for mental health through sports. I wanted to focus on spreading the word about depression and destigmatizing mental illness by raising money for Wir fuer Yannic, a German non-profit that promotes education, prevention and help around depression.

Personally, I know that running has positively impacted my mind and wellbeing, and I also know how it feels to be clueless about how to break free from dark moments. My hope was to use the positive mood-boosting impact of running to increase mental health awareness.

Never ever give up. Ever.

I’ve come – pardon me – I’ve run so far already (not just in January), I feel it’s about time for me to give back and assure myself and everyone to really never ever give up. Ever.

Sprinklr’s value of “Never ever give up. Ever” naturally comes and goes with the many runs I completed in January – in fact with every training. For every training I’ve done last month, including all the runs, but also swims and yoga classes, I collected money for Wir fuer Yannic.

Living Sprinklr’s Values Personally and Professionally

At the end of January, I ended up surpassing my running goal – reaching a total of 460km running – and my group was the first to reach 400km. Additionally, I raised nearly $2,000 to increase education and awareness around mental health. Sprinklr’s Core Values and 24-4-U program played a key role in my achievements – I kept them in mind at work and they carried me through my runs outside of work. This entire running/training/fundraising experience made me proud to be at a company where I’m encouraged to thrive personally and professionally.

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