Three Strategies for Planning Your Q5 Marketing on TikTok

Now is the time for marketers to start thinking about Q5, the small but mighty post-holiday shopping period between Christmas and mid-January.

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Rachel Alvarez

November 29, 20234 min read

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This post was originally published on TikTok and edited slightly by Sprinklr.

The post-holiday season is for checking 2023 boxes and ringing in 2024 goals. While the rest of the world might still be on holiday, TikTok communities of shoppers and brand loyalists never are.

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What is Q5?

With the 2023 winter holiday season just around the corner and 2024 kicking off shortly after, now is the time for marketers to start thinking about Q5, the small but mighty post-holiday shopping period between Christmas and mid-January. With users shopping, engaging, and downloading more after the holiday season, Q5 is a time for marketers to tackle end-of-year goals and prepare for the year ahead. It's also a cost efficient route for achieving end of year goals with decreased competition in the auction post-holiday.

Why Does Q5 Marketing Matter on TikTok?

When the peak of the winter holidays comes to a close, consumers find themselves with extra cash and gift cards to spend, setting goals for the year ahead, and more. This creates opportunities for TikTok users to get inspired and treat themselves. As engagement and purchase intent remain high, Q5 is a time for marketers to lean into extending holiday sales and/or getting a head start on building for 2024 with TikTok Ads.

Strategy 1: Extend the Impact of Your Holiday Campaign to Drive Sales with Video Shopping Ads


Source: Internal Global TikTok Campaign Data, 2023

Video Shopping Ads—TikTok's catalog-powered solution that reaches shoppers with personalized product recommendations— is your always-on foundation for driving post-holiday sales. Whether you're driving gift card spend, offering end-of-year sales and promotions, or capitalizing on decreased auction competition, Video Shopping Ads lets you maximize sales in Q5.

Sprinklr can now help brands manage TikTok Video Shopping Ads directly within Sprinklr's Unified-CXM platform. This allows global brands to maximize ad performance and easily create various TikTok Video Shopping Ads formats.

Strategy 2: Test and Learn for Impactful 2024 Campaigns with TikTok Ads

Take advantage of Q5 with a test and learn approach to supercharge your video spend ahead of the Q1 buzz. For example, using Sprinklr to test out different target audiences for TikTok In-Feed Ads and Sprinklr's Unified Campaign Calendar will help you create a high-impact, unified advertising strategy ahead of your launch. Sprinklr’s AI-powered budgeting and automated scheduling features can also simplify your campaign planning process. Additionally, TikTok's Interactive Add-Ons are creative callouts that help brands boost ad engagement.


Source: TikTok beta test data, Dec 2021 – Feb 2022

Enhance your In-Feed Ads with Spark Ads to turn creator-made content into a plug for your brand’s ethos and messaging. Authentic content from creators hypes up your mission and values, showing the TikTok community who your brand truly is.

Strategy 3: Lean into the Q5 performance opportunity for your mobile app on TikTok

As TikTok users both receive new devices over the holidays and purchase new devices for themselves in Q5, gaming and app downloads really ramp up. With more free time to relax in Q5, mobile devices play a big role for users looking to have fun and to connect with friends and family.


To get a better understanding of your apps campaign performance, track TikTok conversions and monitor reporting insights via Sprinklr Ads Reporting.

About the Sprinklr x TikTok partnership

Sprinklr is a Campaign Management and Creative partner badged in the TikTok Marketing Partners program and helps marketers manage, execute, and optimize both organic and paid content campaigns on TikTok. Advertisers streamline their digital and social advertising campaigns and eliminate the need for multiple tools and maximizing impact with seamless management with Sprinklr's customer experience management platform.

If you're interested in taking advantage of TikTok Video Shopping Ads in Sprinklr, reach out to your Sprinklr account manager or contact Sprinklr here.

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