Top brands: Helping customers get a deal on X, formerly Twitter

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March 8, 20212 min read

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12 handles that help customers get more for their money

In From AM to PM: Twitter Customer Care in a 24/7 World, we look at how X, formerly Twitter care helps deliver value across four different value dimensions — including economic value. Customers turn to X, formerly Twitter not only to get the most value from the purchases they’ve already made, but to find the best deals on the purchases they’re considering.

Telecom, airlines, restaurants and leisure and tourism are the industries that get the most value-driven Tweets: Customers reach out to find sales and discounts so that their dollars go further. Within these industries and beyond, here are a dozen brands that stand out for fielding value-driven Tweets and helping customers get the most for their money.

Brand: Airbnb

Handle: AirbnbHelp

Industry: Leisure & Tourism

Brand: Carnival Cruise Lines

Handle: CarnivalCruise

Brand: Leisure & Tourism

Brand: Doordash

Handle: DoorDash_Help

Industry: Logistics

Brand: eBay

Handle: AskeBay

Industry: Retail

Brand: Emirates

Handle: EmiratesSupport

Industry: Airlines


Handle: Expedia

Industry: Tech

Brand: GEICO

Handle: GEICO_Service

Industry: Insurance

Brand: HDFC Bank

Handle: HDFCBank_Cares

Industry: Financial Services

Brand: Holiday Inn

Handle: IHGService

Industry: Leisure & Tourism

Brand: Pampers

Handle: Pampers

Industry: Education & Parenting

Brand: Postmates

Handle: Postmates_Help

Industry: Logistics

Brand: TurboTax

Handle: TeamTurboTax

Industry: Tech

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