Top brands: Taking ownership of customer issues on X, formerly Twitter

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March 3, 20212 min read

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25 brands that step up

Sometimes customers just need to hear that you’re trying to help. When it comes to X, formerly Twitter care, simply taking ownership of a problem can have a powerful impact — whether taking ownership means moving customers to DM so that you can solve their problems confidentially, or simply offering a sincere apology.

In From AM to DM: Twitter Customer Care in a 24/7 World, we measured how brands take ownership of customer problems by looking at those two kinds of interactions, as well as at the volume of incoming Tweets. That let us identify the accounts that do an exceptional job at taking ownership of customer issues, as well as delivering overall excellence in X, formerly Twitter care. Here are twenty-five X, formerly Twitter handles that stand out for the way they take ownership of customer issues:

Brand: ADT

Handle: ADT

Industry: Commercial Services

Brand: Allstate

Handle: Allstate

Industry: Insurance

Brand: Ask Lyft

Handle: AskLyft

Industry: Leisure & Tourism

Brand: Ask Spectrum

Handle: Ask_Spectrum

Industry: Telecom

Brand: Avis Car Rental

Handle: Avis

Industry: Leisure & Tourism

Brand: Cadillac

Handle: Cadillac

Industry: Automobiles

Brand: CenturyLinkHelp Team

Handle: CenturyLinkHelp

Industry: Telecom

Brand: Chase Support

Handle: ChaseSupport

Industry: Financial Services

Brand: CVS Pharmacy

Handle: cvspharmacy

Industry: Retail

Brand: Delta

Handle: Delta

Industry: Airlines

Brand: Domino’s Pizza

Handle: dominos

Industry: Restaurants

Brand: EDF

Handle: edfenergy

Industry: Utilities

Brand: Expedia

Handle: Expedia

Industry: Tech

Brand: FedEx Help

Handle: FedExHelp

Industry: Logistics

Brand: Hilton Hotels

Handle: HiltonHotels

Industry: Leisure & Tourism

Brand: Macy’s

Handle: Macys

Industry: Retail

Brand: Michaels Stores

Handle: MichaelsStores

Industry: Retail

Brand: PayPal Support

Handle: AskPayPal

Industry: Financial Services

Brand: Postmates Support

Handle: Postmates_Help

Industry: Logistics

Brand: Sephora

Handle: Sephora

Industry: Retail

Brand: Starbucks Care

Handle: StarbucksCare

Industry: Restaurants

Brand: Ulta Beauty

Handle: ultabeauty

Industry: Retail

Brand: United Airlines

Handle: united

Industry: Airlines

Brand: Whole Foods Market

Handle: WholeFoods

Industry: Retail

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