What is Twitter Spaces and Its Benefits for Brands in 2024

Jahnavi Bhuyan

September 15, 202310 min read

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Does Twitter (now rebranded as “X”) form a crucial mode of promotion for your brand?

Have you ever tweeted something humorous, only to find out that you used the wrong emoticon?

That single, tiny symbol is enough to change the entire mood of your tweet and can result in a loss of business.

Every now and then, the written word has the restriction of being unable to correctly communicate the mood.

But Twitter Spaces is the way out of this confusion.

So, join us as we discuss how to create effective Twitter Spaces to elevate your brand image and increase conversions.

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What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a feature that allows Twitter users to have live audio conversations with another user or a group of users. It was rolled out in December 2020 for both individuals and businesses to encourage them to build more personal connections with their audiences.

Here are its key highlights:

  • Initially, anyone with 600 or more followers could host a “Space,” but now, hosting a Space is open to everyone, regardless of their follower count

  • It is open to the public, which means anyone can join as a listener

  • Up to 13 people (including a host and two co-hosts) can speak at a time

  • If someone you follow is hosting a Space or is a speaker in one, their display picture will pop up with a purple bubble at the top of your timeline during the conversation

  • Once the Space has ended, it will no longer be available publicly on Twitter

The landing page of Twitter Spaces on the Twitter website.


In simple words, this feature is a great medium to have conversations and discuss ideas with like-minded people. Businesses and marketers can leverage it to give product demos, solve customer problems, discuss their company roadmaps and more.

What can brands do with Twitter Spaces?

According to Twitter’s research, a 10% increase in conversations, thanks to Twitter Spaces, resulted in a 3% rise in sales volume. This is why marketers and brands are keen on using Spaces to explore their brand potential.

Though, what can a brand accomplish exactly by using Twitter Spaces? Well, this is what.

Gathering audience feedback

Twitter Spaces can prove to be a great resource when it comes to gaining feedback about your products, features or brand image.

Usually, gathering feedback from audiences is a time-consuming and restrictive process. Brands pick feedback from scattered sources, like review sites, social media sites and communities, and try to make sense of it.

Twitter Spaces lets you communicate in real-time, saving a lot of effort and confusion and with minimal effort. You can engage with your audience directly and get natural responses during your feedback sessions.

Rolling out new features or products

The conversational nature of Twitter Spaces is an excellent way to communicate with your audience while rolling out new features or products. You can gather feedback in real time and act on it.

As a business leader, you can take this opportunity to encourage the participants to share their thoughts and opinions on the new releases. This will help you to learn more about the audience's needs and pain points.

You can also use it to target new audiences who are outside the pool of your regulars. These folk might provide generalized feedback and insights on how users perceive your brand, which will go a long way in understanding how your brand is perceived holistically.

Hosting discussions on trending topics in your industry

“Hot topics” in your industry can make for great conversations when it comes to this feature. This gets even more interesting when you get people from the audience involved. Trending topics, such as events, destinations, big brand moments and launches make for great discussion on Spaces.

Keeping up with the trends in your niche is critical to staying relevant in the online world. When hosting a discussion, you can invite up to two co-hosts that specialize in the issues at hand.

Hosting discussions on trending topics can:

  • Increase your visibility on Twitter

  • Help your network with relevant influencers

  • Demonstrate your expertise as a specialized authority

  • Strengthen your relationship with customers

Increasing exposure

Audio content has been gaining tremendous popularity over time. One of the greatest benefits of this feature is that you need not start from scratch to build a community of followers. It can be used extensively with your already-built audience on Twitter.

What’s more, you are not limited to your followers. Social media collaborations are super-effective in getting exposure for your brand to newer audiences. When you collaborate with another brand or influencer, you pull in their followers as well. This can help you get new prospects and expand your reach.

Nurturing your brand community

Twitter Spaces is the perfect forum to interact with your followers in real time and build meaningful connections. You have the opportunity to not only engage with your audience but also nurture your relationships. This may include conversations related to the product or service, Q&A forums and feedback sessions.

Why is Twitter Spaces important for brands?

Leveraging Twitter Spaces is relatively easier for brands because your audience is already there. This saves you a lot of time when it comes to identifying and building your audience from scratch.

Here's why it is important for your brand.

1. Massive audience reach

Twitter has over 200 million daily active users, globally. This means that the user base is not limited by demographics or geography. This opens an avenue for brands to reach target audiences from all sorts of industries and backgrounds.

Hosting a Space will allow you to communicate with your existing audience and beyond. Your brand can also multiply the visibility if you decide to collaborate with other brands and influencers.

2. Easy to use

Whenever a Space is live and your followers are attending it, an icon appears on top of the screen with a purple bubble. All of your followers can see the activity in progress. As soon as someone clicks on the icon, the Space opens up for the user to participate in or simply listen.

Since its layout is clear and intuitive, it directs the user to participate in the conversation in one way or the other. The participants can raise their hands to speak or select multiple reaction buttons to communicate their reactions.

3. Greater visibility

As previously mentioned, a purple icon appears every time a profile starts using Twitter Spaces. This means that the chance of getting noticed is maximized to a great extent. In other words, you get more visibility.

Therefore, all events created by the brand’s profile reach more audiences, even if the followers do not have the Space’s link.

4. Public space

Most Twitter Spaces are public. In simpler words, you don’t have to follow a person to join a Space that they’re hosting. However, there are also Ticketed Spaces that have a limited number of attendees, requiring listeners to buy a ticket to join.

This feature is available to all and can be accessed via links. You can listen to Spaces without having the Twitter app, but if you want to raise your hand to ask a question or to contribute to the discussion, you will need the app. This is because Twitter’s web version only supports listening to Spaces.

With or without the app, there is no denying the fact that brands can use the feature to influence, engage and communicate with as many people as they want.

5. Experiment and try things out

One of the best parts of hosting Twitter Spaces is that you do not have to be camera-ready. You can be in your pajamas and deliver powerful product demos and messaging with no one to judge you.

Here are a few other things you can experiment with to boost your brand reach and visibility:

6. Educate your audience about a topic regularly

The easiest way you can make use of this feature is to teach your audience how to do something. We understand that there isn’t a visual element in Spaces, but guess what? Audio is still a great way to educate your audience because almost 62% of people aged 12 and over listen to online audio weekly.

For example, if you are an online marketer, you can talk about using the right hashtags on social media platforms. This is a helpful initiative because it offers real-time tips and tricks for the current events or problems that your target audience is facing. You can also conduct polls for your audience to identify the week’s topics.

7. Hold a Q&A session to address frequently asked questions

When hosting a Q&A session, you want to come prepared. You can ask for the questions to be submitted ahead of time and compile a list of FAQs. This way, you get time to prepare the answers and do not have to worry about the audience not speaking up in a live Q&A session.

This provides an opportunity to gather feedback on the preferences and pain points of your audience. And, for all you know, you might also get appreciated for getting actively involved with them by hosting these Spaces.

8. Exclusive interview with experts

You can conduct a podcast-style interview by inviting a guest expert to be the focus of your interview. The only difference is that there will be a live audience tuning in.

So, make sure you invite a person who is knowledgeable in your field and has interesting perspectives to share with your listeners. Do come up with questions ahead of time so that the interview goes smoothly.

Once the interview is over, you can open the floor to questions from the listeners. This can help your audience get the most meaningful insights about a topic, making your Twitter Space stand out.

9. Hold virtual networking events weekly

Networking face-to-face can be intimidating for some, which is why audio interactions can be a lot more comfortable. Hosting weekly virtual networking events is a great way to make new connections while helping others to do the same. It opens avenues for your audience to network with new people that they would not have otherwise met.

These events can be hosted for a specific niche, like female entrepreneurs, PPC experts, product managers — whatever is relevant to your expertise.

Examples of how Twitter Spaces has been used successfully by businesses

Now that you got a rundown on what Twitter Spaces is and how it can make a difference to your brand, let’s look at a few great examples of how some businesses used Twitter Spaces to their advantage.

Cowrywise’s Space that discussed a happy work culture

The financial technology company Cowrywise hosted a Space with one of their company’s leads (an expert in people management) to discuss how he manages his team and creates a happy work culture.

The Space worked well because:

  • Thought leaders showcased the company’s expertise on niche subjects, establishing brand authority

  • Brand authority builds trust and a sense of confidence in the company

  • Customers could directly connect with the brand’s thought leaders and gain insights

Tweet by Cowrywise announcing their upcoming Twitter Spaces event.


Bobby Umar’s Space on LinkedIn mastery

Bobby Umar is a keynote speaker who focuses on personal branding and networking. He hosted a Space where he presented LinkedIn tips for diverse women with ideas for creating content.

Here are its key features:

  • Creative presentation, discussion and question-and-answer sessions

  • Facilitation of professional connections and networking among content creators

Bobby Umar on Twitter Spaces with diverse women as guest speakers.


To sum it up

Twitter Spaces may be relatively new in the world of social media, but it has incredible potential to build connections for brands and elevate brand presence.

It enables a virtual town hall with your audience, where even the non-followers are welcome. As a result, you get a chance to address concerns directly and also get quick feedback.

All of this is fun until you are unable to keep track of it all.

This is where Sprinklr Social comes in. It is a holistic social media management platform and an official Twitter partner. Sprinklr lets you automate and improve care experiences for your audiences on Twitter.

Let's say you found new prospects via a Twitter Space who have shown an interest in your product or services. Even if the prospect is hesitant to send the first message, you can take the initiative by sending a direct message that can be curated via simple automation. It’s that simple.

And if you need any more information on all things social media or if you’d like to take Sprinklr for a whirl, request a demo now to see how it takes your Twitter efforts to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this feature is available on both Android and iOS. The feature works the same on both platforms.

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