Meet the 2024 CXUnifier Award winners

Jordana Gustafson Wright

May 15, 202410 min read

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Congrats to this year’s CXUnifier Award winners! These awards honor exceptional brands and individuals who consistently raise the bar in customer experience to create significant and measurable business impact. Behind each award lies a story of passion, creativity and dedication to delivering excellent customer experiences. From visionary leaders pioneering new paths to teams harnessing the power of technology for good, each winner's journey showcases a commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business success. Let's dive into the transformation stories that define this year's CXUnifier Award winners.

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Sprinklr for Good – ALSAC

Recognizes a team using Sprinklr to give back, showcasing technology's potential for positive social impact. 

ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, utilizes Sprinklr as its platform to share inspiring stories about the institution’s impactful work. Through Sprinklr, ALSAC identifies opportunities to engage with brand advocates, potential donors, existing Partners in Hope and the wider community across social media channels. Additionally, ALSAC leverages Sprinklr to identify individuals expressing intent to leave a bequest to St. Jude in their wills and engages with them to ensure their conversion to Bequest donors.  
ALSAC hopes to utilize Sprinklr to engage in even more personalized conversations with donors by equipping agents with specific details about each individual donor, empowering the team to cultivate stronger relationships with donors and expand initiatives that drive support. This ensures that families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food — so they can focus on helping their child live.

Customer Service Trailblazer — 3M

Recognizes a visionary customer service leader who has pioneered new paths in delivering exceptional customer experiences.  

At the helm of 3M's transformative customer care approach stands an integrated team, led by Kirsten Salmanowicz, Sr. Manager of Media Technology and Governance. Together, this team has redefined the company's social support landscape, leveraging Sprinklr Service in partnership with a global moderation team, Sprinklr Managed Services and Sprinklr analysts. 3M now ensures seamless social care across more than 100 social media accounts, covering over 21 languages with 24/7 availability. This strategic overhaul, initiated in late 2022, has streamlined operations, addressing scalability issues and process gaps. Presently, 3M's global social care team efficiently handles over 10,000 cases monthly. This strategic shift has resulted in tangible benefits, including rapid customer support facilitated by Sprinklr’s AI-powered chatbot, leading to a 90% reduction in response time and heightened customer satisfaction. Additionally, the integration of AI for moderation has significantly bolstered efficiency and accuracy, while leveraging User Generated Content (UGC) has fostered community engagement and reduced content creation costs.

Social Service Trailblazer — Microsoft

Honors a visionary customer service leader who has pioneered exceptional customer experiences on social channels. 

Microsoft’s win in the Social Service Trailblazer category underscores its visionary approach to delivering exceptional customer experiences on social channels. Led by Lena Rudzinski, Head of Social Media Support who brings a decade of expertise to the helm, Microsoft has transformed traditional customer service paradigms. Through innovative strategies that expand support offerings and the use of AI, they've streamlined the customer service journey, ensuring top-quality support is accessible whenever and wherever customers need it. Microsoft has developed custom social listening dashboards that provide invaluable insights into consumer sentiment, emerging trends and brand perception across social media channels. These initiatives have yielded tangible results, including increased core metrics and strengthened partnerships with marketing and product teams. Moreover, Microsoft prioritizes employee engagement and empowerment, constantly enhancing the customer care team's role by providing tools, features and growth opportunities. Rudzinski's leadership and innovative strategies continue to set new standards, reaffirming Microsoft's position as a trailblazer in delivering exceptional customer service experiences on social channels.

AI Luminary — Careem

Recognizes outstanding use of AI in customer service to enhance support processes and service excellence for both customers and agents. 
Careem's Social Media Community Management team is committed to delivering exceptional service and support to customers. The company has integrated AI extensively into its customer service efforts, deploying AI-powered automations and chatbots across all its markets. The chatbots play a pivotal role in streamlining operations for both customers and agents, allowing them to deliver seamless support experiences. By automating repetitive and redundant tasks, customer service agents are freed up to focus their attention on more complex issues. Careem's chatbot capabilities include natural language processing to understand and respond to customer queries accurately and efficiently, and they perform essential functions like providing real-time updates to customers as their cases are processed, offering personalized recommendations and facilitating transactions. In addition to handling customer inquiries and providing support, Careem's chatbots are equipped to engage customers in meaningful conversations, enhancing overall engagement and satisfaction. The strategic implementation of AI has not only reduced response times by 25% but also led to a remarkable 40% reduction in manual workload, boosting agent efficiency and productivity; a 99% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score; and a 25% reduction in SLA, reflecting Careem's commitment to delivering exceptional service and support. 
"By leveraging AI in our customer service efforts, we have witnessed significant benefits, including improved response times, enhanced scalability, and greater customer satisfaction," says Associate Director of Social Media Community Management Mohannad Baig.

Digital Service Visionary — Jumia

Recognizes a team at the forefront of digital service transformation, using chatbots to boost customer interactions and sales. 

Jumia's innovative use of chatbots has positioned them as pioneers in digital service transformation, significantly boosting customer interactions and sales. By integrating Sprinklr's capabilities, they have efficiently deflected and reduced human-to-machine interactions, resulting in a remarkable 40% decrease in support service resources while exceeding Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets and increasing Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores by up to five percentage points. This exceptional achievement highlights Jumia's leadership in leveraging chatbots to revolutionize the customer experience and drive business success.

Social Media Campaign of the Year — Volkswagen do Brasil 

Recognizes a team that has demonstrated outstanding creativity for a winning social media campaign. 
The winning nomination for Social Media Campaign of the Year highlights an exemplary and innovative initiative led by Volkswagen Brazil's Livia Kinoshita together with AlmapBBDO.  With a focus on reconnecting Volkswagen with the hearts and minds of Brazilians, the campaign aimed to celebrate the brand's 70th anniversary in Brazil while showcasing its commitment to innovation and engaging the current generation. The team leveraged AI technology to bring together the late, iconic Brazilian singer, Elis Regina, and her daughter Maria Rita in a groundbreaking virtual duet, symbolizing the fusion of Volkswagen's heritage with its future innovations. Shared across social media channels, including YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram, the campaign strategically engaged with a wide audience, encouraging organic sharing and conversation. 
The impact of the campaign was immediate and widespread, achieving record-breaking levels of organic engagement and generating over two billion impressions. It dominated social media conversations, trended on Twitter and Google and garnered over 33 million views on YouTube alone. Furthermore, the campaign significantly improved key brand perception metrics, positioning Volkswagen as an innovative, inspiring and deeply ingrained brand in the lives of Brazilians. 

Data Dynamo (Insights) — Roche 

Recognizes excellence in leveraging data analytics and social listening to derive valuable business insights and make informed, data-driven decisions. 
Roche’s Global Social Media team harnesses real-time data to empower its communicators and stakeholders to make informed, data-driven decisions. With a mission to revolutionize the way they approach communication, the team has transitioned from conventional methods to becoming a pioneering force in insights-led communication strategies.  
In December 2021, they embarked on a journey to incorporate digital intelligence, including but not limited to social listening and competitive benchmarking, into their team’s capabilities in order to provide stakeholders and executives access to real-time data that would aid in decision-making. The data would also provide a view of the company’s public perception across audiences. Powered by Sprinklr Insights, the team has built robust topics and dashboards covering various areas of the business. “This has helped us to understand how we're performing from a financial point of view, what is the current brand reputation, and how well we're perceived within specific therapeutic and disease areas,” explains Head of Digital Intelligence Heinrich van den Worm. His team has also leveraged Sprinklr’s AI-powered Product Insights to understand Roche’s product portfolio and to remain compliant from a pharmacovigilance point of view when it comes to detecting adverse events. Roche uses the data to understand reputation, impact and brand familiarity.   
“This approach helps us to measure beyond impressions and engagements to truly understand the impact where we have invested media,” says van den Worm. “We've established ourselves as the single source of truth when it comes to insights and information and have managed to save significantly on external costs that would have gone to agencies to help perform this service.”

Data Dynamo (Marketing) — Garmin 

Recognizes excellence in leveraging data and marketing analytics to derive valuable business insights and make informed, data-driven decisions. 

Under the leadership of Global Director of Social Media Charles Gooch, Garmin has transformed its approach, centralizing social and marketing efforts around data and analytics. This shift has elevated social media to a critical component of Garmin's customer experience initiatives. Gooch has revolutionized Garmin's approach, standardizing asset and campaign tracking globally. A robust tagging structure combined with real-time, holistic reporting of key metrics has allowed Garmin to create impactful content mid-campaign that resonates with customers. Now, over 88% of Garmin's assets are tagged and tracked, and the team is tracking performance and re-use of assets globally. This saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in asset creation and creates huge efficiencies in campaign production.

Trend Spotter — Ferrara Candy Company 

Recognizes a customer adept at using data analytics to identify and turn market shifts into strategic opportunities. 
Ferrara Candy Company's adept use of data analytics to seize upon market shifts and transform them into strategic opportunities has been a key factor in the company's success. With a rich legacy of beloved candy brands spanning over a century, Ferrara has embraced the digital realm, leveraging Sprinklr Social Listening to identify and respond to cultural moments across its extensive social media footprint. This real-time monitoring, coupled with data analytics, empowers Ferrara to predict and capitalize on emerging trends. Initiatives like the “Sugar Rush” Brand Fan program, which annually generates over $3 million in earned media, exemplify Ferrara's proactive approach and mastery of trend-spotting. These strategies solidify its position as a leader in the confectionery industry, reinforcing its brand presence and market leadership.

Unifier of the Year — Deutsche Telekom

Honors a team that has achieved mastery in delivering exceptional customer experiences. This award celebrates commitment to excellence, creativity and effectiveness in shaping impactful customer journeys. 

CXUnifier DeutscheTelekom

Deutsche Telekom's Social Media and Digital Service team, led by Maik Lohse, has revolutionized customer experiences in the German market, earning them the prestigious Unifier of the Year award. The Deutsche Telekom team has not only implemented a massive channel unification strategy onto Sprinklr, but has also driven a profound mindset shift in an established and traditional industry. Guided by the company’s customer-centric ethos, the team strives to transform customers into devoted fans. Today, more than 300+ agents in Germany work across social and digital channels in one integrated workflow from one unified platform — and will be scaled to 20,000 agents by year end. With Sprinklr, the team has achieved remarkable results: a 20% increase in digital channel sales, an NPS of 57 and a 22% boost in agent satisfaction — all while handling a 30% increase in workload without growing their workforce. This transformation has led to significant improvements in agent and customer satisfaction, with streamlined workflows and improved response rates. Looking ahead, the team plans to leverage Sprinklr's AI capabilities to further enhance efficiency and customer engagement across all channels, including messaging platforms like Apple and WhatsApp. Their innovative approach and commitment to excellence have set a new standard for customer service in the telecommunications industry. 

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