Best times to post on social media for better ROI

Umme Sutarwala

December 26, 20237 min read

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Social media has emerged as a potent tool for connecting, sharing and, yes, even generating money, whether you're browsing through your Facebook feed, reading the most recent X posts or double-tapping on Instagram photographs. But here's the twist: The timing of your posts is just as important for social media success as the content itself.

So, get ready to learn about the prime days, peak hours and other crucial aspects that will make your social media presence masterfully timed. Buckle up because we're going to demonstrate how, in the realm of social media marketing, the clock can be your best friend! 

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Why should you find the best time to post on social media? 

A great social media marketing plan must include the ideal time to publish on social media. The importance of choosing the best publishing times varies for the different platforms and may largely impact the visibility, engagement and overall efficacy of your content. Here's why selecting the best posting times for social media networks is crucial: 

  1. Maximizing reach and engagement: By scheduling your posts for those times when your target audience is most likely to be active on social media, you can increase the possibility that people will see and interact with your content. This may result in a wider audience as well as more likes, comments, shares and click-throughs. 

  2. Better conversion rates: Posting at the right time is important if your social media marketing objective is to increase website traffic, create leads or close deals. Higher click-through rates and conversion rates might result from scheduling your content for when your audience is most engaged. 

  3. Beating algorithm changes: Recent and interesting information is frequently prioritised by social media algorithms. Making sure that your posts show up in your followers' feeds when they are most likely to engage can help you keep ahead of these algorithms. 

  4. Competitive advantage: Being aware of when your competitors publish and when your audience is most engaged might help you gain an upper hand. You may be the first to post at the start of the peak time by effectively scheduling your content. 

  5. Cost-effective advertising: If you're running paid social media advertisements, understanding when to run them can help you get the most bang for your buck. You may improve your chances of connecting with prospective customers by running your advertising while your target demographic is online. 

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Understanding the dynamics of posting time on social media  

Now, let’s understand the mechanics of publishing times before getting into the specifics of each site. The best time to publish on social media might change depending on these three variables. 

  • Customer behavior: Understand the demographics and behaviors of your target audience. Online tastes and behaviors may vary amongst audiences. If you're trying to reach working professionals, for instance, publishing at lunch or after work could give more traction. 

  • Competitor analysis: Analyze the posting patterns of competitors or other accounts in your field. Even though it shouldn't be your only strategy, this information may help you determine when your audience is most likely to be online. 

  • Consistency: In social media, consistency is essential. Once you've determined when to post, make an effort to maintain a regular schedule. By doing this, you can help your audience to anticipate and interact with the content at specific times. 

Let's now examine when to publish on some of the most widely used social networking networks.

Best times to post on social media  

Best times to post on Facebook 

Facebook continues to be a powerful tool for businesses to engage with their audience. Regardless of where your audience is located, Facebook can automatically customize post schedules based on their time zones to make sure that they see your content at the right hour. Typically, the best times to post on Facebook are: 

  • Weekdays: People frequently check their social media during work breaks, thus mid-morning (9 AM to 11 AM) and mid-afternoon (1 PM to 3 PM) are generally ideal periods. 

  • As individuals anticipate the weekend, engagement is frequently higher on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Best times to post on Instagram 

Instagram, the platform that’s recognized for its visual content, has its distinct publishing hours: 

  • Weekdays: The optimum times to post are often at lunchtime (11 AM to 1 PM) and the early evening (7 PM to 9 PM). 

  • Wednesdays: Mid-week blues is real, and users are quite active on this day, so you should schedule essential posts here. 

Best times to post on X (formerly Twitter) 

Since X moves quickly, it's important to plan out when to post: 

  • Weekdays: The best times to catch users are in the late morning (10 AM to 11 AM) and early evening (6 PM to 7 PM). 

  • Wednesday and Thursday: There is more activity during these days on X. 

Best times to post on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the preferred social media site for business networking and, hence, posting timings vary: 

  • Weekdays: The highest results are frequently obtained in the mid-morning (10 AM to 11 AM) and lunchtime (12 PM to 1 PM) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

  • Tuesday: The most active day on LinkedIn. 

Best times to post on Pinterest 

Posting timings are impacted by Pinterest's emphasis on creativity and inspiration: 

  • Evenings: Especially between 8 PM and 11 PM, when people are frequently browsing for inspiration and ideas after completing their daily responsibilities. 

  • Weekends: The busiest day for Pinterest activity is frequently Saturday. 

Best times to post on TikTok 

TikTok, a newer social media phenomenon, has its distinct schedule: 

  • Evenings: Between the hours of 8 PM and 11 PM, when consumers unwind and peruse through entertaining content. 

  • Weekends: Saturday nights are especially well-liked. 

Best times to post on YouTube 

As YouTube is the primary destination for video content, uploading there should coincide with the watching schedule of your intended audience: 

  • Weekdays: The best viewing times are in the late afternoon (2 PM to 4 PM) and early evening (7 PM to 9 PM), when people are home from work or school. 

  • Weekends are a wonderful alternative since people have more free time on Saturdays and Sundays. However, they are more inclined to watch videos that are not technically heavy. 

5 factors influencing the posting time on social media 

The optimal posting time for social media or online content can vary depending on several factors.  

Time zone of the audience 

The location of your target audience is a key factor in choosing the most effective posting hours. To increase interaction, it's critical to schedule your postings to your main audience's time zone(s). 

Platform algorithms 

The algorithms of the platforms decide when your postings are most likely to be noticed by your followers. Each social media site has its own set of algorithms. These algorithms consider things like user behavior and engagement trends. 

Industry and audience demographics 

Online behaviors vary across different sectors and audience groupings. While B2C audiences may be more active after work and on weekends, B2B viewers may be more engaged during business hours. 

Content type 

The optimum publishing times vary depending on the sort of content you're providing. Content that must be posted right away, like breaking news or flash deals, must be time-sensitive. Evergreen content, however, may be planned intelligently. 

Day of the week 

Some days of the week often have higher levels of participation. For instance, when people get ready for the weekend, Thursdays and Fridays frequently experience greater activity. 

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How to find the best time to post on social media

Built-In Analytics tools 

The majority of social media networks come with built-in analytics tools that provide insights into how well your posts are performing as well as the times of the day when your audience is most engaged. 

Third-party analytics 

Numerous programs from third parties offer sophisticated analytics and scheduling functions. Based on your specific audience and previous posting statistics, these tools can assist you in determining the ideal posting hours.  

Social media management software 

Certain software can provide all-inclusive social media management options, with analytics and scheduling tools. This way, you can schedule and automate your social media posts for the most effective times. 

Market research 

Research into your target market's habits and preferences might provide you with important information about when they are most engaged on social media. 

New posting-time trends in 2023 

The trends around posting times on social media are always changing. Here are some new trends to think about: 

Video content at peak hours 

Virtually all social media platforms are seeing an increase in video content. When your audience is most engaged (during peak hours), posting videos can increase customer engagement and share rates. 

Live streaming 

Live streaming is becoming more and more common, particularly on weekends and in the evenings. Consider going live when your audience is likely to be online for an engaging experience. 


Users who are looking for immediate responses or entertainment turn to their smartphones during these small windows of time. Profit from these opportunities by publishing pertinent content at the times when your audience is most likely to engage in these brief exchanges. 

International audiences 

If your audience is global, you may want to adjust your publishing times to account for different time zones. Tools that let you schedule posts depending on several time zones can be really helpful. 

How to balance posting time on social media with content quality? 

While timing your posts is important, the caliber of your content should never suffer. Here's how you can find that harmony: 

Plan ahead 

Make a content calendar that specifies when and what you'll post. You can thus maintain the quality of your content while intelligently scheduling posts.

Quality over quantity 

Top-quality, low-volume content is preferable to poor-quality, high-volume content. Put your energy into producing useful, timely and interesting information. Enterprises can provide more relevant content and generate more by using Sprinklr's unified content marketing platform

Test and discover 

Try out several publishing times to find which ones are most effective for your particular audience. Analyze your stats frequently to improve your publishing approach. 

Use scheduling tools 

You may plan and arrange posts in advance using social media scheduling tools. This makes it possible for you to have a regular publishing schedule without compromising the quality of your content. 

Get your audience involved 

Inquiries about your postings are monitored, as are messages and comments. In order to create a better online community, respond to comments right away and have interactions with your audience promptly. 

Wrapping up 

The timing of your social media postings may have a big influence on your return on investment. You can make your content more visible and encourage deeper conversations by knowing when your audience is most interested and active. Remember to modify your posting schedule according to your target market and industry. Staying adaptable and regularly reviewing your data can help you remain ahead of the curve and provide a greater return on investment in the quick-paced world of social media.  

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