BWT Alpine F1® Team and Sprinklr: creating the perfect fan engagement vehicle

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March 9, 20224 min read

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Sprinklr is excited to be an official partner and unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform provider for BWT Alpine F1 Team and the wider Alpine Business Unit.

As part of the partnership with Sprinklr, BWT Alpine F1 Team has tapped Sprinklr to build a “digital vehicle” — a unified platform that will listen, engage and respond to fans in a new way, whether live at the track or on the digital channels fans choose. This marks Sprinklr’s first foray into a sponsorship within the sports industry, and we are primed to showcase how this kind of partnership can successfully drive meaningful growth for a world-renowned sporting entity.

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The underlying goal is to help BWT Alpine F1 Team reimagine its fan experience, which is foundational to the team’s objective to reignite its brand and reputation for innovation by connecting deeply and in real time with fans. The construction of this unified “digital vehicle” centers around five key areas of impact:

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The Brakes: Crisis Management

In an F1 car, brakes are integral not just for safety but also to be able to make quick moves in the middle of competition. Without brakes, drivers would surely lose control and be at the mercy of the course.

This ability to quickly stop and pivot is crucial both on and off the track. Sprinklr products like Social Listening Platform, Competitive Insights & Benchmarking, and Media Monitoring & Analytics will help the team monitor and protect brand reputation, understand digital ripple effects, and anticipate issues by identifying weak signals — all in real time.

The Engine: Content Creation

Without an engine, how does an F1 car move forward and win? A strong and powerful engine can make or break a race and catapult a team to victory.

An improved content creation strategy will be at the center of the digital vehicle’s engine, which adds Campaign Planning & Content Marketing and Marketing Analytics to the platform. This will allow BWT Alpine F1 Team to create and manage content that is not only impactful but also cost-efficient.

Aerodynamics: Flawless Engagement

A car’s aerodynamics are integral in shaping efficient and seamless movement, managing the airflow from the first point of contact to the last. This sets up the car for success by guiding the air through the most impactful and efficient paths on the body of the car.

Similarly, adding Sprinklr’s Social Publishing & Engagement and Advocacy functionalities to the arsenal will remove friction and increase two-way communication between BWT Alpine F1 Team and its fans, growing its audience and improving seamless engagement.

The Control Room: Real-Time Data and Analytics

The shrewd eyes in the control room have tabs on a massive amount of information and need to be able to quickly and efficiently distill data and make split-second decisions that could be a game-changer on the track.

The digital marketing experts at BWT Alpine F1 Team will use the embedded Sprinklr Unified-CXM platform reporting and analytics to ensure the team can gain insights, make decisions, and act as fast as their car. In addition, they will be able to utilize Sprinklr’s Presentations and Display, which create powerful visualizations of real-time data that help drive meaningful connections with fans. Deeply connecting with fan sentiment and intent will help shape the fan experience of the future. These insights will span across social media performance, events and campaigns, news, sponsors, drivers, and competitors to show a clear picture and drive a path forward toward a higher level of engagement.

The Garage Team: Unified Ecosystem

At the heart of any F1 race team are the experts in the garage, who tinker with and hone the vehicles to perfection. It is a true skill that each of the team members possess individually, but what elevates a garage above all others is their ability to be unified.

The entire digital ecosystem of BWT Alpine F1 Team will benefit greatly from this unified approach and by harnessing the power of Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform. To achieve this unity, the Sprinklr platform will produce a single source of truth through system-wide data visualization and unified KPIs.

All of these products are delivered in conjunction with Sprinklr’s platinum support, providing high-speed and unmatched service to BWT Alpine F1 Team and the wider Alpine business unit near-instantaneously.

Throughout the rest of the season, our team will uncover new insights to inform how BWT Alpine F1 Team develops new relationships and engages with a passionate fan base, delivering more engaging content, personalized experiences, increased digital channel touchpoints, and much more.

We are so excited to be joining this thrilling ride and can’t wait to reach the podium. Good luck to the team and see you on the track!

Learn how Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform can make your customers happier.

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