How I Went From a Commodity in a Corporate Job to Part of the Sprinklr Family

Sprinklr Team

January 15, 20204 min read

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In 2019, for the first time, I sat down and put pen to paper and made some resolutions about what I wanted out of that year. A few of these resolutions were personal including travel and fitness goals, but the main thing I wanted to focus on was my career and finding an opportunity where I could be truly happy, challenged, and grow in my development.

I was not sure if this was going to be a new role at my previous employer or at a brand new company. I worked at my previous corporate employer for 6 years since I had graduated from college. It had been a company where I had transitioned from the college kid to the woman I am today, met friends for life, and figured out the direction of my career.

With my hesitations of leaving this chapter of my life behind, I was lucky enough to join Sprinklr in May 2019 as a Global Incentive Analyst. In less than a year, Sprinklr has completely gone above and beyond my expectations for a job.

For those of you who are also ready for a new opportunity in your career, here is why my experience has shown me how much the grass is greener here at Sprinklr. Don’t worry we’re hiring!

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At my previous corporate job, I felt that my hard work and passion was often a negative and that I cared too much. At Sprinklr, everybody believes in our mission: “To enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier.” As a result, my peers are all true professionals that go above and beyond their day-to-day jobs to achieve success. Everybody gives 110 percent and as a result, we all support each other to achieve the results we desire.

My finance team at #TechGivesBack for Meals on Wheels

Values and the People

The main reason I made the decision to join Sprinklr is the people and the atmosphere. Entering the New York office for my initial interview, you could feel the positive energy, friendliness, the diversity of employees. Now that I am part of Sprinklr, I can say I have never worked for a company where people are all the best of the best at what they do. We are treated like family and the management and leaders of this organization genuinely care and listen to us as employees.

At my corporate job, I never felt like I could truly make an impact in the grand scheme of things. Feedback and suggestions often took a long time to be considered and/or implemented. Sprinklr actively asks me on a monthly basis, how they can make me happier as an employee and truly tries to implement any changes that are brought to the table.

development sprinklr executive team

Onboarding class with peers from all over the world as well as our CFO Chris Lynch and CHRO Diane Adams.


Sprinklr is the first Unified Front Office Platform for Modern Channels. They understand how customers have evolved and they offer a unique solution that every company will need. As a result, the growth potential as an organization and the opportunity to learn and grow as an employee seems endless. We have a program in place called “Learn 2 Grow” where Sprinklr wants us to dedicate time to enhance our lives personally and professionally and truly develop skills to make us successful in our current and future roles. In my corporate job, there was a very rigid structure with a lot of limitations and logistics of working with different business units to seek opportunity. Here at Sprinklr, I have access to various groups and there are many chances to meet and introduce yourself to peers to see what they do and if it is something you want to learn more about.


Joining the Sprinklr family was one of the best decisions I made in 2019. As we start this new year of 2020, I cannot wait to see how much I am able to learn and grow professionally and personally. I am excited to be a part of the future of such an exciting and important organization. If you want to learn more about our vision and want to be a part of something great, come join us!

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