Connected marketing — 7 ways to unify your marketing operations

Sonam Sagar

March 28, 20225 min read

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Marketers have seen a lot of changes over the last few years, both in their scope of work and how they connect with customers. We continue to respond to near-constant disruptions brought on by the pandemic and global digital transformation while facing new and emerging responsibilities to connect, relate, and respond to customers in an effort to retain their business. Marketers are struggling to keep up with customer-centric and digital-first initiatives and connecting their marketing operations to larger business goals.

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The risks of siloed marketing operations

When marketing teams don’t know where assets are kept, when they can’t scale the execution of their campaigns across multiple regions, and when they may or may not be in compliance, your marketing operations are inefficient. When your teams use multiple and disjointed point solutions, you’ll drive inefficiencies, slow down your teams, and cost your organizations money.

What does it mean to unify your marketing operations?

With each new campaign initiative, there are multiple internal and external stakeholders who play a part in planning, creating, approving, executing, and reporting on marketing and advertising activities. Marketing leaders plan campaigns, creative teams ideate on those plans, there are approval paths to ensure compliance, processes for execution, and reporting to inform on the success of the activity.

Unification means connecting all of these teams, individuals, and processes in one central location on one unified platform. By establishing unified, end-to-end workflows across the full marketing lifecycle for planning, execution, and analysis on one platform, you’ll provide your teams with a singular experience, reduce duplicate work, and create better visibility across regions and teams.

What are the benefits of unification?

When you eliminate the silos of your marketing organization, you’ll increase your overall efficiencies, speed your team’s efforts, and save your company money. Efficient marketing activities are the cornerstone of all marketing campaigns, and when your teams can work together in unison and on the same platform, those efficiencies will pay off with successful and on-time activations, consistent messaging, and increased visibility — all of which can lead to an increase in marketing driven return on investment (ROI.)

A unified and connected marketing strategy helps you efficiently execute campaigns across departments, fusing marketing, advertising, sales, care, and other customer-facing functions to create a unified customer experience for your audience. When you build unified campaigns, you can:

  • Deliver customized experiences at scale

  • Personalize digital outreach

  • Deploy consistent brand messaging at scale

  • Align with brand strategy

  • Improve campaign effectiveness

  • Accelerate speed to market

  • Increase return on ad spend (ROAS)

A connected marketing ecosystem

At Sprinklr, we know that unifying your marketing operations is the first step to ensure profitable and effective marketing and advertising activities across your organization, and for your brand to thrive in today’s unpredictable climate.

You want each part of your organization to have the same purpose, focused on the same priorities, with the same processes, and on one unified platform. A unified platform is one tool that manages all of your marketing and advertising activities and gives you complete visibility across all of your regions and teams. What do you need for a unified and connected marketing ecosystem?

Unified briefs. Enable your teams to use standardized briefs across teams, channels, and regions, to have a single source of truth for objectives, strategies, resources, timelines, and deliverables.

Unified calendar. Your teams need a singular view of content across all channels to gain visibility on exactly what is planned across all of your paid and organic activities.

Automated workflow and task management. Streamline and automate workflows across teams to track progress, prioritize tasks, and identify bottlenecks. Automation eliminates manual processes to meet your campaign timelines.

Unified asset management. Maintain your approved, high performing content in one repository where you can easily access brand-approved assets, repurpose content across channels while reducing duplication of efforts, and reduce production costs.

Unified compliance. Ensure your content and messaging aligns with your brand strategy with a global compliance framework that allows you to automate approval workflows and give visibility to every piece of content produced, before it’s published.

Unified reporting. When you have a centralized location for reporting, you’ll realize full visibility of data and analytics across paid and organic campaigns. Performance dashboards measure engagement opportunities and activity to optimize across digital channels and inform future campaigns.

When you bring all of these marketing and advertising activities together in one place, you’ll create a unified customer experience that keeps your customers at the center of your marketing activities.

Applying an effective marketing automation strategy within your marketing ecosystem will help you to streamline your marketing tasks.

Make your customers happier

Unified experiences make customers happier because they ensure a consistent, authentic experience with your brand. Sprinklr Marketing is part of Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, which gives organizations a competitive advantage by bringing their digital strategies together in one place.

With the continued uncertainty of the future, the rise of social media use and expanding digital channels, the ever-increasing volume of customer experience data, and the widening expectations that make chasing new tools untenable, we see a new path and a way back to building human relationships and to do it at scale. We bring experiences together on one unified, AI-powered platform. Unified-CXM.

Learn more about Sprinklr Marketing, and download the ebook.

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