Which Consumer Electronics Brand is Winning Social?

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January 29, 20214 min read

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Consumer electronics brands are at the center of social media

Consumer electronics brands are the fundamental enablers of social. They provide the tools for us to connect, share, research and chat. Meanwhile, the various social networks enable purchasing research, product reviews, and discussion forums for consumer electronics products. Every time you touch social media, consumer electronics brands are there. But who has the best social media influence?

Which consumer electronics brand has the most social media influence?

Sprinklr ranked every consumer electronics brand to determine who is engaging, connecting, and reaching consumers best over a 30-day data sampling. In the past, we’ve tracked which automotive brands, airlines and fashion brands are winning in social, and this week we’re looking at the world’s most social consumer electronics in the following five categories:

  1. Biggest Audience

  2. Best Engagement

  3. Most Social accounts

  4. Best Audience

  5. Honorable Mentions

We studied 38 tech brands and tracked their performance across a variety of social channels: Facebook, X, formerly Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Renren, Vkontakte, and blogs.

Here’s what we found:

Biggest Audience + Best Engagement: Samsung

Not only has Samsung managed to sell 11 million Galaxy S5 units in its first month, beating the Galaxy S4 first month sales by 1 million units, the brand has both the largest and most engaged audience on social. Its audience is 39% greater than #2 Sony. Among the top 3 biggest audiences, it has the largest ratio of participants to subscribers – 37% greater than Sony and 44%  greater than Microsoft. For the top 10 brands with the highest post counts, the brand also maintains the highest engagement score.

Samsung is working hard to keep its large audience engaged, and to produce share-worthy content for its active subscribers. The brand’s engagement score is 35% greater than is typical for the top consumer electronics brands.

Top 10 Audience Size

  1. Samsung

  2. Sony Electronics

  3. Microsoft Electronics

  4. Nintendo

  5. HP Electronics

  6. Nokia

  7. Apple

  8. EA

  9. Blackberry

  10. LG Electronics

Top 10 Engagement Score

  1. Samsung

  2. EA

  3. Sony

  4. Microsoft

  5. Apple

  6. Nintendo

  7. Nokia

  8. LG

  9. Beats By Dre

  10. Sharp

Most Social Accounts: Sony

Sony manages 323 company accounts within its electronics division across all major social networks, 25% greater than the amount of Samsung’s company accounts. The brand is actively managing social experiences for consumers across social touchpoints, leveraging the most accounts amongst competitors to effectively reach consumers.

The brand also comes out on top with amount of posts, 10% higher than Microsoft and 20% higher than Samsung. Sony’s engagement score is almost 35% greater than the average engagement score amongst the top 10.

Top 10 Number of Company Accounts

  1. Sony Electronics

  2. Microsoft Electronics

  3. Samsung Electronics

  4. Nokia

  5. HP

  6. LG Electronics

  7. Nikon

  8. Dell Electronics

  9. Panasonic Electronics

  10. Toshiba

Best Audience: Sharp

Sharp has the highest ratio of subscribers to participants amongst its competitors, 3X greater than #2 Lenovo and 5X greater than #3 Nikon. It’s subscriber-to-participant ratio is also 10X greater than the average ratio amongst the top 10.

Sharp maintains its loyal, active audience base across all social channels, and ranks amongst the top 10 in engagement scores as well.

Top 10 Participant-to-Subscriber Ratio

  1. Sharp Electronics

  2. Xiaomi

  3. Lenovo

  4. Nikon

  5. Nokia

  6. Hitachi

  7. Apple

  8. HTC

  9. Panasonic

  10. Samsung

Honorable Mentions: Microsoft, Nokia, Apple


Microsoft is a consistently strong performer across all categories measured. Microsoft’s audience is 2X greater than Apple’s, and also has a higher engagement score than Apple (even with a larger audience). Microsoft’s audience is 30% greater than the average audience size of the top 10 largest audiences.


Nokia ranked in the top 10 in all of our categories, indicating strong social activity overall. The brand maintains an audience 3X the size of Blackberry’s with subscribers 19X more engaged. Amongst brands with the top 10 biggest audiences, Nokia has the highest participant-to-subscriber ratio.


Apple’s iconic brand image keeps its loyal audiences active, engaged, and conversational with the brand. Apple’s participant-to-subscriber ratio is 2X the size of the average ratio amongst brands with the biggest audiences. Apple’s engagement score is 35% greater than the top 10 brands with the largest engagement scores. This activity is primarily driven by iTunes and AppStore activity, as the brand does not utilize social as a content distribution or engagement hub.

Social experience management isn’t easy. But consumer electronics brands are working hard to build up audiences and engage.

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