Contact center AI maturity model: How to move the needle of digital transformation toward an AI-driven organization? (Part-2)

Raghavendra Rao

Priyanka Malik

May 2, 20234 min read

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In our first blog, we discussed contact center challenges and the various stages of the contact center AI maturity model. Now that you know how to move swiftly from the beginner to the advanced stage, the next step to creating an effective customer service strategy is to explore a solution that meets your business requirements.

In this second blog post, we will focus on the crucial parameters to narrow down to the solution that meets your business requirements and leave your customers delighted. This blog will also provide valuable insights into how Sprinklr has helped leading brands improve their customer experience and drive business growth.

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How to select a Contact Center AI solution that fits?

With multiple point vendors and application suites in the market, every other AI solution seems like a 'me-too' product with minimal differentiation available. It becomes highly challenging for organizations to choose an AI application that will cater to specific business requirements.

Sprinklr offers a wide selection of in-house advanced AI capabilities to offer unified customer service. Here are the top five differentiators that give Sprinklr's unified contact center AI an edge over its competitors:

1. Real-time insights

Sprinklr's Contact Center Analytics offers personalized insights to help your brand drive targeted initiatives across different stages of the customer journey. 

Real-time customer information also empowers your agents to serve your customers better and deliver memorable experiences every time. You can also capture AI-powered insights from the billions of visual data points shared by customers without missing an opportunity to drive growth, protect your brand, or deliver enhanced customer experiences.

2. Integration and scalability

You can only derive your investment's worth if your purchased technology integrates well with your existing tech-stack. Sprinklr's CCAI solution integrates well across your unstructured data and channels.

Sprinklr's CCAI solution helps your brand to scale quickly by supporting over 30 channels and over 100 languages.

An image showing how Sprinklr Insights Engine integrates across channels to drive personalization

3. No-code AI Studio

Sprinklr allows you to create custom AI models without any coding requirements. This platform helps fine-tune your filters for actionable mentions and messages to provide accurate results that you can apply across the entire enterprise.

An image showing how Sprinklr allows you to create custom AI models without any coding requirements

4. Precise and accurate

Sprinklr offers a high level of customization according to the brands' requirements with over 80% accuracy.

According to the NLU benchmarking method, Sprinklr’s NLP accuracy (by the recall and F1 macros) is higher than its contemporaries — Google Cloud, Azure Language Studio, and AWS Comprehend. For both small and large data sets, the Sprinklr NLU engine is a clear winner.

5. User-friendly

Since the Sprinklr CCAI is a plug-and-play solution, your agents don't need to contact IT frequently for support. They can explore the application and accomplish desired tasks.

Contact Center AI Maturity Assessment

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How does Sprinklr enable brands to improve their customer experience?

Let’s dive into how Sprinklr is enabling leading brands to deliver loyalty and growth through Unified AI.

1. World Health Organization

World Health Organization was exploring a solution to address the following challenges during the pandemic:

  • Reduce the spread of misinformation about COVID-19

  • Disseminate critical information

  • Track citizens' interactions across digital channels

As part of the collaboration, the WHO Health Alert Bot was enhanced with Sprinklr’s conversational AI capabilities and included on WHO's official Facebook page to reduce the spread of misinformation. The bot is also integrated with country stats updates & other informative features like Self Help Course, Quit Tobacco Program, Myth Quiz, Surveys and more.

An image showing how WHO benefitted from implementing Sprinklr

2. Cdiscount

Cdiscount, a French e-commerce leader, was looking for a solution to address the following challenges:

  • Understand customer sentiment

  • Improve customer interactions for their 10M customers.

  • Assist their quality management teams to analyze 100% of support conversations

  • Coach their agent

Sprinklr’s unified AI architecture works as an overlay solution without replacing any current systems, leading to a low degree of change management and internal churn. Sprinklr’s Contact Centre AI module enables Cdiscount to analyze omnichannel customer interactions at scale to understand conversation themes— such as delivery issues, refunds, and subscription questions. Every interaction has an associated customer satisfaction (CSAT) score and quality score to explore agent training opportunities and opt for a proactive customer service approach.

An image showing how Cdiscount benefitted after implementing Sprinklr


3. Aramex

Aramex, a leading logistics and transportation solution provider, was looking for a customer experience solution to address the following challenges:

  • Reduce delivery reattempts

  • Decrease logistics costs

  • Improve customer experience

Aramex leverages Sprinklr’s AI chatbots in four languages to automate responses, improve efficiency, and drive positive customer experiences across channels such as emails, live chats, and Whatsapp. Aramex is now able to automate the rescheduling process and suggest nearby pickup locations to its customers.

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Final Thoughts

The increasing volume of customer queries and the changing customer preferences have created new challenges for contact centers. To address these challenges, contact centers are increasingly investing in AI-driven customer service technologies that can automate customer interactions and reduce contact center costs.

However, implementing AI in customer service comes with its own challenges. To solve these challenges, organizations should evaluate their AI maturity levels, assess their AI readiness, and invest in the right contact center AI solutions.

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