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How a daily internal TV show upped morale in a pandemic

Nina Giordano

April 18, 2022  •  4 min read

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When the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded in March 2020, the commute to work came to a screeching halt, offices were drawn empty, and the fear of what would happen next loomed over billions of people working across the globe. At the beginning of it all, the need for connection was overwhelming, and closing the gap between computer monitors seemed nearly impossible. But one day, a bright spot appeared in my inbox in the form of a short-form daily internal television show — DJTV: The Daily Joe with Tony Vargas.

Originally ideated by our CEO and Founder Ragy Thomas during an impromptu meeting with the Culture & Talent and Communications teams, DJTV has grown into a global show for Sprinklrites, with more than 370 episodes produced since its inception. With the goal of “bringing joy to people every single day” as their sole instruction, Julie Steelman, Joe Charnitski, Tony Vargas, and their trusty production team took to their blank canvas and began brainstorming on how to drive employee engagement, increase company morale, and foster global camaraderie.

“When the pandemic forced us to stay at home and 
rethink work, we needed to stay connected and celebrate 
the amazing work our employees do both personally 
and professionally. Helping Sprinklr feel a little happier 
was the inspiration for DJTV. And I’m so proud of our 
commitment to creating the most loved enterprise 
software company to work for.”

Ragy Thomas

What they created was inspirational. These short-form videos shared internally across 26 countries and 3,000+ employees touch on a variety of topics. “Views from Your Window/Office'' showcases how Sprinklrites live around the world, from India to Miami, Paris to Romania, Tokyo to Mexico City, and beyond. DJTV also features executive interviews from thought leaders, key business wins, and  “Tunesday Tuesdays” where Sprinklrites can reveal their hidden musical and performance talents.

As a guest on DJTV, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my experiences and passions as an implementation consultant working across the Hudson River from our global headquarters in Herald Square, New York City, by self-producing a mini-tour of my one-bedroom apartment in Newark, New Jersey — including my morning routine, my desk, some surrounding features of my neighborhood, and my late pet bearded dragon who was always a member of internal and client-facing meetings. As an avid baker, I’ve instructed my global counterparts on how to create a funfetti cheesecake, as well as hosted an episode of “Blind Baking,” where I guided my teammate Brad Page through a secret recipe, only revealing the final product once it was complete (I never got a sample of those chocolate chip banana cookies, unfortunately).

“When we launched the show in April 2020, I simply hoped 
we could provide a little break from the stresses of sudden remote work in the middle of a global shutdown. Now after two years, I’m blown away at how the show has become 
part of the fabric of our culture. For example, when Sprinklr went public in the Summer of 2021, of course DJTV reported live from outside the New York Stock Exchange! Where else would we be?”

Joe Charnitski

DJTV Co-host

Participating in these episodes has brought me closer to all of my colleagues, regardless of whether we have worked together. During the pandemic, the in-person connection has been replaced by Slack messages and emails. “I saw you on today’s episode, loved it!” and “I want to be on an episode, who do I talk to?” are only some of the messages I’ve received, driving unification and perpetuation of one of our core values: “Passionately, genuinely, care.”

As a viewer of episodes featuring other Sprinklrites, DJTV serves as a great way to break up my day and bring a smile to my face, helping me find a burst of positivity and fun during my lunch break. The show has also helped me learn more about the cultures, roles, and hobbies fellow Sprinklrites hold, fostering connections through mutual interests.

“Hosting DJTV has been the honor of a lifetime. We started the show to keep our community connected when we initially got dispersed. People loved it and shared how much it meant to them. Connecting with Joe, our production team, and our guests quickly became one of my favorite things to do.”

“When the tragedy of the pandemic struck close to home, DJTV became my safe haven and the thing that helped me deal with grief the most. What I thought was something I was doing in service to people became the source of joy and happiness for me when I needed it the most.”

Tony Vargas
DJTV Co-host

Starting in March 2022, episodes are now produced and shared twice a month, featuring Sprinklrite stories that amplify our culture and align to global Sprinklr events. A recent episode features Courtney Heise, Jim Kesselring, and Brad Finkeldei, who all have unique passions outside of work, driving them to be the most authentic versions of themselves today. DJTV celebrates its second birthday on April 20, 2022, and I couldn't be more excited to see what the team has in store.

Sprinklr’s mission is to enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier and DJTV is making our employees happier, one episode at a time. 

Learn more about Sprinklr’s Culture & Talent initiatives and explore career opportunities at Sprinklr today.

Culture & Talent
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Article Author

Nina Giordano

Senior Implementation Consultant

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