How Philips uses Sprinklr to work with 100 agency partners across the globe

Rachel Alvarez

March 4, 20204 min read

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As one of the largest companies in the world, Philips faced challenges managing the creation, distribution and analysis of its social advertising. Philips’ social advertising campaigns involve working with about a hundred independent agency partners located across the globe in more than 30 countries.

With agency partners working independently on creative, strategy or reporting for the company’s advertising campaigns, Philips’ fragmented system of record made it difficult to gain full visibility into who was building creative assets or publishing content on behalf of the company.

Much of the company’s social advertising data and learnings were sitting in spreadsheets, either at Philips or with the agency partner. As a global company in the health technology space, where regulations are stringent, governance was proving to be another big challenge.

“We didn’t have a clear view of the market or performances,”said Anna Stoiloudi, Social Media Manager, of Philips. “There were many inconsistencies in terms of reporting and how the different markets were calculating specific metrics. There was no standard tool.”

A Centralized Tool that Provides Global Visibility

To address these issues, Philips began implementing Sprinklr across the organization in fall of 2018. The phased rollout started with a few markets. Just over a year later, all markets and their respective agencies had been onboarded, with a global adoption rate of Sprinklr across the organization at 78% and climbing.

According to Stoiloudi, the implementation of Sprinklr has already increased efficiency and transparency in a number of ways, and the central marketing team at Philips now has global visibility across all social activity.

“Everyone can log in and work on the same dashboard within Sprinklr, so that has saved us a lot of time.”

“Everyone can log in and work on the same dashboard within Sprinklr, so that has saved us a lot of time,” Stoiloudi said. “They are able to handle account management across the agencies and markets using Sprinklr. Everything is kept within the platform. Approval workflows for stakeholders happen within Sprinklr so there is no need for email exchanges. That minimizes the time needed for launching a campaign.”

Sprinklr also provides the Philips team the ability to see audit trails and channel performance from a paid social perspective. “We really like the fact that with Sprinklr, you can have a system of record and audit trail and it’s compliant with all of our internal IT requirements.” Stoiloudi said.

Easy Integration with a Variety of Digital Tools

The ability to easily integrate with other digital tools is also an important benefit.

“Sprinklr is such an integrated platform. It has become part of our digital ecosystem because it’s connected with different kinds of digital tools, including Adobe, Hadoop and Google Campaign Manager (formerly DoubleClick) and that was really important for us,” Stoiloudi said. “We have seen all the benefits of having such a platform because you can auto-generate tracked links. Then the data goes to Adobe, then we get the web data back into Sprinklr. So we can directly see the social media metrics within that platform.”

Stoiloudi continued: “When we integrate campaigns with Google Campaign Manager, our team is able to capture all these clicks to our campaigns and put them into an audience pool within Salesforce Audience Studio, and now we’re able to use the data to retarget users with programmatic ads. That’s something that in the past was not possible. It required so much time to be done. The click trackers had to be applied manually, and the campaign managers required a lot of time to do that kind of process.”

Philips by the numbers:

  • Founded in 189

  • #423 on Fortune Global 500

  • #470 on Forbes 2,000 list of largest companies

  • 77,000 employees on average

  • $19.9 billion: 2018 revenue

Read more about Sprinklr customers here.

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