How to Find the Hashtags That Actually Work

Umme Sutarwala

October 10, 20234 min read

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The power of social media is indeed unquestionable. It provides business owners with a strong platform to promote their products and for individuals to express their passions and experiences. But how do you distinguish yourself amid millions of posts? That's where hashtags come into play.  

Strategically using hashtags on various platforms such as Instagram, X, Facebook and TikTok can increase your visibility and outreach. Whether you are a social media newbie or a seasoned professional, learn the fundamentals of using hashtags, understand their importance and gain practical tips to use them effectively on a day-to-day basis.

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What is a hashtag? 

A hashtag is used to categorize social media content through the "#" symbol. It serves as a clickable link that displays all posts containing that specific hashtag.  

Hashtags increase the visibility of content. Users may click on a hashtag to see all posts that have been tagged with it since they serve as searchable links.   

A powerful tool for navigating the broad and constantly changing landscape of social media, hashtags promote connection, discovery and conversation, whether for personal expression, business, activism or participation in trending topics.

Why is using hashtags so important? 

Using hashtags is important in the world of social media and online content for several compelling reasons. 

  • Enhanced visibility: Using hashtags is essential for increasing the visibility of your content. Incorporating relevant hashtags in your social media posts makes it simpler for users interested in those topics to find your content. This increased exposure can result in more likes, shares and followers.

  • Targeted audience: Hashtags assist you in connecting with a highly focused and relevant audience. For example, if you're a travel blogger, you must use relevant hashtags like #travelgram, #traveladdict or #wanderlust to draw in followers who have a passion for travel. This would improve engagement.

  • Trending topics: Make the most of trending topics to increase the visibility and reach of your posts, improving the chances of others discovering and sharing your content. Plus, use industry-specific popular hashtags to engage in meaningful conversations.

3 things to keep in mind when using hashtags

To maximize the impact of hashtags, consider these elements: 

Social media networks have different rules for using hashtags. On Instagram, it's effective to use up to 30 hashtags per post, while X users tend to use fewer hashtags. You must keep platform-specific best practices in mind to leverage hashtags successfully.

Choose the right hashtags for your post to ensure visibility and reach. Avoid unrelated or overly popular hashtags that can bury your content or make it appear spammy. Research and select relevant hashtags that align with your message to enhance its reach.

Create unique hashtags for your company or personal brand to enhance your online presence and make your content easily discoverable for your audience.

Benefits of using hashtags

Let's explore the benefits of incorporating hashtags into your social media strategy.

  • Enhanced engagement: Posts with hashtags typically have better engagement rates. Instagram posts with at least one hashtag receive higher engagement than those without hashtags.

  • Brand exposure: To increase brand exposure, encourage customers and followers to use specific hashtags associated with your company or brand when discussing your products or services. This generates user-generated content and expands your audience base.

  • Trend participation: Stay updated on current events, special occasions and industry trends to add relevant hashtags to your posts to engage in relevant conversations.

  • Analytics insights: Track the effectiveness of your hashtags using social media analytics tools. Determine which hashtags generate the most traction and adjust accordingly.

A word cloud with the most most popular crisis-related hashtags related to a particular brand.
  • Community building: Hashtags can foster a sense of community by connecting individuals with shared interests or causes.

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How to find and select the right hashtags 

Here's how to find and select the right hashtags to increase the reach of your social media posts: 

1. Research your niche 

Research and analyze your business or area of expertise to effectively use hashtags. Identify the specific words and phrases that resonate with your target market. If you work in the fitness sector, for example, appropriate hashtags may be #FitnessGoals, #HealthyLiving or #WorkoutMotivation.

2. Leverage social media platforms and tools 

To find relevant and popular hashtags for your industry, turn to social media platforms and online tools. These tools can provide social media insights into trending and popular hashtags in your field. Additionally, social media networks provide real-time suggestions as you type, making them a convenient resource.

3. Analyze your competitors 

To optimize your social media strategy, analyze your competitors' profiles and make note of their frequently used hashtags to gain insight into their effectiveness so you know which ones to use in your posts for maximum impact.

4. Create a variety of hashtags 

Use a combination of general and niche hashtags to diversify your hashtag approach. While specific hashtags like #YogaForBeginners might be right if your focus is on a particular group, more general ones like #fitness can reach a larger audience.

5. Check the popularity of hashtags 

To maximize your content's visibility, be strategic with your hashtag selection. Using popular hashtags like #Fashion may hinder the visibility of your content. Conversely, using obscure hashtags may not yield the desired results.

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Mistakes to avoid when using hashtags

To improve your social media presence, using hashtags effectively is important.

  • Avoid excessive use of hashtags: Using too many hashtags, especially more than 10-15 on platforms like Instagram, can make your content appear spammy and diminish its quality. Additionally, be cautious when using popular hashtags. Implementing a popular hashtag without proper context can make your brand seem opportunistic and inauthentic.

  • Irrelevant hashtags: Use relevant hashtags in your content to maintain credibility and engage your viewers. Avoid using irrelevant hashtags as they can confuse your audience and harm your reputation. Make sure the hashtags you choose are directly related to the information in your post.

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  • Ignoring social media analytics: Use the insights provided by different social media platforms to know which hashtags are driving the most engagement. This vital information can help you enhance your hashtag strategy. (Find out how to measure social media engagement.)

  • Not using a unique brand hashtag: Developing a distinct brand hashtag can give your business a strong online identity and encourage user engagement with your content.

5 tips to make the most of trending hashtags

Here are some tips to maximize the impact of popular hashtags:

  1. Stay informed: Stay up to date with the latest news and trends in your industry and beyond. This will help you identify popular hashtags that are currently trending.

  2. Act quickly: Maximize the impact with time-sensitive hashtags. Share trending content promptly to increase visibility and reach.

  3. Be relevant: Make sure your content follows the latest trends. Avoid using hashtags just to increase visibility. Ensure they are relevant and meaningful to the topic.

  4. Engage with trending posts: Like, comment, interact and engage with trending posts using a related hashtag. This can enhance your visibility and reputation among the hashtag users.

  5. Track performance: Use trending hashtags to track the performance of your content. If you see positive results, incorporate similar strategies in the future.

Sprinklr dashboard with comprehensive campaign performance metrics from the final quarter of 2021.

Hashtag examples for your brand

Here are some examples of hashtags that you could use in your posts. 

  • #InnovationNation: Use the hashtag to highlight ground-breaking concepts and inventions

  • #CreativeSolutions: Draw attention to inventive and imaginative approaches to tackling problems

  • #IdeasThatMatter: Emphasize the importance and impact of your ideas on society or your industry

  • #ThoughtLeadership: Become a thought leader in your industry by sharing intelligent ideas and content

  • #IdeationProcess: Generate innovative ideas for your business

  • #FutureForward: Use the hashtag to demonstrate your forward-thinking mindset

  • #VisionaryThinking: Demonstrate your capacity to consider alternatives to the status quo

  • #BreakTheMold: Share concepts that go against conventional wisdom or social standards

  • #IdeasIntoAction: Show that your ideas are being implemented rather than being just a theory

  • #InnovativeTech: Use the hashtag to share innovations and ideas in technology

  • #GreenInnovation: Focus on concepts and methods for environmental innovation and sustainability

  • #DisruptiveIdeas: Emphasize concepts that have the potential to disrupt markets or industries

  • #ProblemSolvers: Demonstrate your aptitude for locating and resolving challenging issues

  • #Trailblazers: Use the hashtag to position yourself as an innovative thought leader in your industry

Final thoughts 

Hashtags are a vital tool to broaden your reach and increase online visibility. However, it's important to strike a balance and avoid excessive hashtag usage. Stick to the recommended number of hashtags for each platform. 

Remember, consistency is key. Give your hashtags time to gain popularity and resonate with your audience. Avoid frequent changes. As you go along, refine your hashtag strategy to align with your audience and objectives. 

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You should always optimize interaction on Instagram by using 9 to 15 hashtags per post. On X, limit hashtags to just one or two per post for better engagement.

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