11 important social media trends you need to know in 2023 and beyond

Rachna Shah

October 20, 20239 min read

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Most of us look at trends as mere fads or something that we laugh about and forget later.

However, social media trends go beyond just temporary entertainment. They can leave an enduring mark on the customer psyche. They present an opportunity for businesses to enhance their connections with customers and engage with target audiences.

Fun fact: The average person spends more than 145 minutes on social media every day, so these platforms are prime real estate for brands to make that deeper impact.

Whether you're an influencer, a business owner or just a user trying to understand the ever-changing landscape of the internet, you cannot miss out on social media trends — they hold the key to establishing a successful brand online.

But first, let's try to understand what exactly a social media trend is.

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What is a social media trend?

When a specific topic, format or behavior gains a great deal of attention and becomes popular on social media platforms, it’s called a social media trend.

A social media trend first sparks curiosity and then strikes an emotional chord by resonating with the audience. Once the trend’s engagement and reliability reach more people, users start to spread it across social media platforms like wildfire with tons of users posting their takes on it. These can include things like hashtags, challenges, catchy dance steps, memes or other creative ways of sharing content.

And here's a colossal stat: 77% of businesses use social media to connect with their audience in 2023. So, the natural progression for them would be to start making use of trends to amplify their social presence.

But why is it essential for a business to be on top of the trend bandwagon? Well, here’s why.

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Why should you be updated with the latest social media trends?

  • Stay relevant: Being aware of the latest trends ensures your content aligns with what captures the attention of your target audience, thus keeping your online presence fresh and appealing.

  • Maximize engagement: By making the most of popular trends, you can increase user engagement and interactions. This approach widens your reach and has a more significant impact on your followers.

  • Outshine competitors: Keeping up with trends allows you to stay ahead of the competition, giving you an added edge and positioning your brand as an innovative and dynamic presence in the digital sphere. To dive deeper into this, learn more about competitive benchmarking.

  • Build authentic connections: Embracing current trends fosters authenticity as users appreciate brands and individuals who connect with them on a personal and relatable level.

  • Identity and leverage opportunities: Being updated on trends helps you identify potential marketing opportunities, partnerships and collaborations that can elevate your brand or content to new heights.

  • Adapt to platform changes: Social media platforms often introduce new features and algorithms. Being aware of trends allows you to adapt quickly and make the most of platform updates to optimize your online strategy.

  • Enhance brand image: Incorporating relevant trends showcases your adaptability and willingness to evolve, reinforcing a positive brand image that resonates with your audience.

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Now that you know why being in the know of social media trends is vital, let's take a look at the trends that will continue to grow in 2023 and beyond.

11 social media trends you must know in 2023

Here’s a list of 11 social media trends that you need to incorporate into your digital strategy to ensure your brand stays relevant in today’s day and age.

1. Augmented reality content will become more popular

In 2023, social media is poised to be revolutionized by augmented reality (AR). Brands are eagerly embracing AR technology to offer captivating and immersive experiences to their audiences.

With the advancement in AR filters and lenses, users can now virtually try on products, change their appearance and transform their surroundings.

So, get ready for an influx of advertisements that seamlessly blend the digital and real world, captivating users and elevating brand interactions.

There will also be a surge in AR-powered storytelling, enabling brands to engage with their followers through narratives that leave a lasting impression.

2. Short-form video content will continue its domination

Short-form videos will continue their reign in 2023, driven by avenues like TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. These captivating and concise clips resonate with Gen Z and millennial viewers, offering a quick and entertaining way of consuming content.

The fact that this form of content is consumed by 66% of social media users daily makes it an absolute must in any brand’s social media arsenal.

Companies can create trends out of this content form by producing visually captivating videos that concisely convey their message.

Engaging features and smart editing techniques within this dynamic format can help capture the interest and attention of users.

3. Disappearing or ephemeral content is here to stay

The rise of ephemeral content, as seen in the popular stories feature, will continue to dominate social media platforms.

Businesses will take advantage of the 24-hour lifespan of stories to create a fear of missing out (FOMO) and a sense of urgency among their followers. You can expect more behind-the-scene glimpses, exclusive offers and time-limited promotions that encourage users to stay engaged.

Through creative storytelling in ephemeral content, brands will continue to establish a personal connection with their audience, fostering an authentic bond and loyal following.

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4. Sustainable and ethical branding will have more takers

It will be crucial for companies in 2023 and the future to effectively communicate their dedication to ecologically sustainable practices and social responsibility.

Social media platforms will highlight these initiatives as consumers seek brands that are transparent and genuinely committed to their eco-friendly values. As more people become environmentally conscious, there will be a growing demand for sustainable and ethical products.

Brands that actively support meaningful causes and show genuine commitment to reducing their carbon footprint will certainly have an advantage over their competitors.

5. Livestream shopping will become more mainstream

Live video streaming is changing the way we shop. In 2023, we'll see a growing number of brands and influencers using videos to present their products, provide exclusive offers and directly interact with their followers.

This exciting experience that blends entertainment with the convenience of online shopping will enable customers to ask questions, watch demonstrations and make purchases effortlessly.

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6. Brands will start to integrate voice-optimized content

With the increasing prevalence of voice search and smart speakers, businesses will emphasize optimizing their content for voice-based queries.

Voice-activated devices are becoming more and more prevalent, they’re all set to transform the way users engage with social media platforms. We can anticipate a surge in long-tail keyword content that caters to voice searches as well.

What’s more, social media platforms might introduce more features that are driven by voice commands. This will provide users with the opportunity to interact with content in new ways, and it will create fresher ways of brand-customer interactions.

7. Influence of micro-influencers will rise

By the end of 2023, we can anticipate a shift in the influencer landscape. While macro-influencers will still have a good online presence and following, micro-influencers are set to rise in prominence.

Micro-influencers do not have millions of followers, but they make up for it with higher engagement rates and a dedicated fan base. As a result, brands will increasingly recognize the value of collaborating with micro-influencers to target audiences and establish connections.

Did you know that 50% of millennials trust product recommendations from social media micro-influencers, as opposed to the 38% who place their faith in their favorite celebrities or macro-influencers?

This trend highlights the growing influence and impact of micro-influencers on consumer behavior and brand preferences, making them a powerful force in the realm of marketing and advertising.

8. Expansion of social commerce

We can expect social media platforms to become go-to shopping destinations, more so, in 2023. Exciting features, like Instagram Shopping, Facebook Marketplace and Pinterest Shopping, will gain greater popularity.

These advancements will allow brands to offer effortless shopping experiences within these platforms. They offer the convenience of a streamlined shopping journey, complete with personalized recommendations and simplified checkout processes.

By embracing social commerce, businesses can look forward to better conversion rates and happier customers.

9. Greater emphasis on mental health and well-being

As the awareness surrounding health and digital well-being continues to grow, social media platforms are expected to introduce features aimed at promoting a more positive and supportive online environment.

More than 39% of users are addicted to social media. To combat this, you can anticipate an increase in tools that enable them to manage screen time, keep track of their social media usage and establish healthy boundaries.

To top it off, more brands will likely incorporate well-being initiatives into their social media marketing strategies. This could involve the creation and promotion of uplifting content, forming partnerships with health organizations or launching educational campaigns focused on mental health.

By doing so, brands will not only gain trust but also foster loyalty among users.

10. AI-powered content creation will become more common

In 2023, AI-powered content creation is already making waves and dramatically changing the face of digital marketing. So, as we step into the future, AI will definitely be used to generate text, images and videos efficiently, allowing brands to scale content production.

Natural language processing (NLS) algorithms will enable coherent and contextually relevant written content, while AI-driven image creation will produce stunning visuals.

Brands can create captivating video ads and personalized storytelling content with AI automation. This technology will ensure a steady flow of engaging content across multiple platforms, meeting ever-rising audience demands.

There's no doubt that human creativity will remain essential for adding a unique touch to AI-generated content. But embracing AI-powered content creation will optimize strategies and enhance customer experiences on a whole other level in the competitive digital landscape.

11. Consumers will demand more control over their data

In 2023, people are becoming more aware of the value of their data. As a result, they will want more control over how it is used going forward. To meet this demand, brands will have to prioritize transparency in how they collect and use data.

Brands will have to respect users’ privacy preferences and provide more specific options to them if they choose not to be tracked or have their information shared. This includes allowing users to manage cookie settings, opt out of targeted ads and have more control over the access to their information.

Brands will have to take a customer-centric approach toward managing data if they want to establish lasting relationships and loyalty in the privacy-conscious landscape of today.

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Wrapping up

In 2023, some of these social media trends have already made their mark and continue to build momentum. From AR to short-form videos, these captivating trends have the potential to transform how we connect and engage on social media platforms.

By staying updated on the latest trends and closely observing the changing social media landscape, you can enhance your brand’s presence and leave a mark that lasts for years to come.

At Sprinklr, we know how incredibly important it is to keep a close eye on social media trends. We offer a unified social media management platform that will assist you in monitoring, managing and optimizing your social media content creation while helping you bring out the best from your customer interactions.

So, schedule a demo today and see how you can thrive in the competitive social media landscape with Sprinklr.

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