Using UGC to Drive Sales: Introducing Sprinklr Gallery

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January 11, 20182 min read

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I recently got a new watch that I’m really excited about.

It first caught my eye in a crowded store. I snapped a photo to remember the brand, then moved on. Come Christmas, my wife asked me what I wanted and I thought about that watch. But I wasn’t sure if I liked it enough – based on just one glimpse – to fully commit. So I took to social to see how it looked on other customers, browse other styles, and finally make my decision.

And it turns out that my path to purchase isn’t at all unique.

Countless times a day – at least 25% of all purchases, according to one study – shoppers turn to user generated content (UGC) before pulling the trigger. The same study found over 75% of consumers find UGC more trustworthy than traditional ads. No wonder customer testimonials have long been a go-to marketing tactic – brands want to show “real” people with real enthusiasm. The problem, as you’ve noticed, is that it rarely looks natural if you have to pay someone to say it.

Social media, however, is a rich repository of the real thing – customer advocacy in its purest and most compelling form.

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Introducing Sprinklr Gallery

Up until now, the pressing challenge for brands has been figuring out how to take advantage of the abundant content being organically created by fans – then turn around and present it effectively to new customers.

Helping brands to solve that challenge is why we created, and are thrilled to announce, Sprinklr Gallery: a powerful new solution that allows brands to curate and embed social content directly onto any website or mobile app. This streamlines the buyer journey – helping customers discover, validate, and purchase products directly in one place.

Sprinklr Gallery

Here’s What’s Possible with Sprinklr Gallery

  • Curate and embed both brand content and UGC onto websites, product display pages, and mobile apps.

  • Create shoppable experiences by tagging posts with products from a brand catalog.

  • Gain valuable insight into the posts and people generating the most sales – intel that can be used to drive content creation, influencer marketing, and social strategy.

  • Strengthen relationships with customers by putting them and their experiences in the spotlight.

Learn more about how Sprinklr Gallery can help your business.

Authentic Conversations Control Commerce

Connected and empowered through social, even casual shoppers now passionately and publicly share how they feel about products and services – every millisecond.

This leaves brands with a choice (and a challenge). Tap into the the power of social and use customer conversations to drive marketing, sales, and beyond – or let those conversations control you. With Sprinklr Gallery, we’re excited to help brands turn customer-generated content into unique and compelling selling opportunities.

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