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Matt Myers

January 14, 20225 min read

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The Great Resignation is in full swing, with a record 4.5 million Americans leaving their jobs in November 2021 alone and no signs of slowing down. At the same time, the job market is raging as companies are hiring en masse and the U.S. unemployment rate has plummeted to 4.6%. The majority of the exiting workers are leaving the hospitality industry, followed by retail trade and professional business services. And, because hiring rates are higher than quit rates, a lion’s share of people are leaving their current jobs for new career opportunities, remote work, and increased salaries. Although this is a very good thing for the economy, for many companies it puts a lot of strain on recruiting efforts, particularly in those verticals where there is a high churn rate.

In a recent Gartner pulse survey of 900 C-suite leaders, 60% reported a greater than normal attrition rate in 2021, and 68% of those executives said that the recruiting efforts of their competition or other companies are what’s causing their employee turnover. So how can HR leaders stay ahead of the Great Resignation? One often overlooked tactic is leveraging social advertising for talent acquisition.

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What is social advertising?

Social advertising is using paid social media to connect with customers, or in this case potential talent, via paid content across social media platforms like X, formerly Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Marketers and advertisers promote their brand, products, and services through these social channels to increase their reach, create leads, and generate sales. Social advertising for talent acquisition works similarly, but instead of attracting sales, you’ll attract new talent.

It is estimated that half of the world’s population uses some form of social media and that number is growing exponentially. TikTok announced that in 2021, they had surpassed 1 billion monthly active users (in only five year’s time) and passed Google as the most popular website for the year. Facebook boasts approximately 2.9 billion users, and YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram are somewhere in the middle. With more than 4.5 billion social media users, leveraging social advertising for talent acquisition is a sound recruiting strategy.

Recruiting talent with social advertising

Traditional recruiting relies on job site postings, organic social media posts, and employee referrals. Social advertising strategies are not commonly used by HR teams, as social advertising typically sits within marketing and advertising departments. But, by using social advertising for recruitment and talent acquisition, you’ll create a confluence of recruiting and marketing and advertising that can benefit all three areas of the business and your organization overall.

Consider your recruiting efforts in the same vein as an advertising campaign. You’re able to target your potential future employees based on the interests and skills desired for your role and then sell them a particular product: a position at your company. You want your message to be personal and you want it to reach the right people, at the right time, and on the right channel.

Choosing a social advertising platform

When selecting a social advertising platform, there are many factors to consider. You want a platform that is built to automate every step of your social advertising campaigns, including those campaigns for recruiting new talent. Social advertising can help your HR teams reach the right candidates by identifying:

  • Insights to candidate markets

  • Broad job seeker sentiments

  • Topics of concerns or desires

By empowering your HR team with research, they’ll get unique insights into what candidates are looking for in an employer, and can use that data for ad creation. Understand what top candidates are looking for in their field, including benefits, compensation, workplace culture, and if the company promotes a remote or hybrid work model.

Recruiters can then work with their marketing and advertising teams to create content that takes into consideration the mindsets of those potential candidates for more personalized messaging that is also aligned with your organization’s overall brand strategy. All of which can lead to improved candidate acquisition, shorter time to fill requisitions, and increased productivity of your teams.

AI-optimizations can streamline the delivery of your employment ads, and maximize the application submissions per dollar. And reporting dashboards will tell you in real-time how those ads are performing. With easy multi-channel ad management, performance reports, and governance, you will have a collaborative process that will keep you on budget, within your desired timeline, and protect your brand’s reputation, all while keeping your organization fully staffed.

When you reduce your costs for HR advertising, reach the right candidates and hire them in a shorter timeline, your HR department will directly benefit your company’s bottom line.

Forefront of innovation

The right social advertising platform can uniquely deliver value for candidate insight and candidate acquisition across your organization, just as it delivers for your company’s marketing and advertising. With Sprinklr Social Advertising for talent acquisition, you can reduce the talent acquisition cycle, lower costs, minimize the impacts of unfilled roles, improve your company’s productivity, and boost return on ad spend (ROAS) by 32%.

Increase your hiring campaign performance up to 50%. Create personalized recruitment ads that deliver higher performance with listening-based creative insights, AI-powered budget optimizations, audience integrations, and smart triggers.

Improve productivity by 53% with automated workflows. Collaborate with every team involved in your hiring campaign in real time, and across the top social advertising channels with a channel agnostic UI, intelligent workflows, shareable campaign insights, and reporting dashboards.

Mitigate brand risk across multiple modern channels. Protect your brand’s reputation through governed account access, a centralized creative library, pre-configured ad details, and automated approvals.

As HR teams adopt social advertising into their recruiting efforts, they are on the forefront of innovation. The Great Resignation continues to hit a multitude of industries across the United States and millions of jobs are left unfilled by companies that desperately need workers. Unfilled positions directly impact a company’s operations, consumer perceptions, and their bottom line. Attracting the best talent in a competitive market requires creative solutions. Social advertising for talent acquisition may just be the solution you need.

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