Sprinklr Acquires Booshaka: Helping Brands Increase the Effectiveness of Paid Social

Sprinklr Team

November 2, 20153 min read

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Organic and paid social have been on a convergent path for a while. I think the business world finally felt the impact around two years ago when headlines conceding the demise of organic reach started popping up. Since then, paid social has become increasingly vital to a brand’s ability to reach the right audiences with the right messages. And by 2017, it will be a $41 billion industry.

Today, I’m excited to announce Sprinklr’s acquisition of Booshaka, an advanced audience segmentation and management platform, to help brands deliver more targeted, meaningful, and personalized customer experiences through advertising.

How Sprinklr + Booshaka Will Help Brands Be More Effective in Paid Social

In its simplest form, advertising is a game of data. It’s using data to create messages that will resonate with audience members. But as the world becomes more social, mobile, and connected, big data becomes a big problem.

The dilemma facing many brands is what to do with all this data. You know you should have it, but how do you manage it? How do you use it to make strategic decisions in real time?

Until recently, the problems with managing big data couldn’t be easily resolved.

Booshaka’s “one-click connector technology” extracts customer data from platforms like ExactTarget, Marketo, Shopify, and Stripe, among others. The platform automatically generates “smart segments” from customer activities across these sources and overlays them with Facebook and X, formerly Twitter data, creating enhanced custom audiences that can be used for social advertising.

You can imagine how a brand benefits from having these additional customer insights. Now imagine those insights coupled with Sprinklr’s fully integrated enterprise social management platform.

Our intent is to leverage Booshaka’s capabilities throughout our platform over time, giving some of the world’s biggest brands the ability to apply real-time audience segmentation to social data. In the near term, this will allow Sprinklr’s clients to better manage and increase the effectiveness of their paid social campaigns.

In the long term, it will enable every customer-facing business unit to create more personalized customer experiences.

The rise of unified customer experience management platforms like Sprinklr’s has shown that, increasingly, advertising needs to be part of a brand’s social strategy. In a world where one part of a business (e.g. marketing) is spending money to attract customers and another part (e.g. customer service) is spending money to hang up on them as quickly as possible, there is an obvious chasm to bridge.

For Sprinklr, that bridge is audience, and it is built upon the foundation of knowing your audience across different environments.

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