Sprinklr Innovator’s Series with Michelle Brannan

Vinti Agarwal

June 18, 20213 min read

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At Sprinklr, we work hard every day to reshape the CXM landscape, turning conversations on modern channels into valuable business insights. Our world-class engineering team is constantly finding innovative ways to raise the bar even higher to enhance the customer experience with our industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI). Today, we’re spotlighting Michelle Brannan, AVP of Product Design, Engineering, who shared her thoughts on working at Sprinklr.

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Can you share more about your role and what you do at Sprinklr?

I work with our (expanding! Apply now!) product design team, product researchers, product owners, developers, and clients to ensure that we are creating experiences that exceed client needs and provide them with experiences that make their job enjoyable.

What do you love about working in Sprinklr’s Engineering Department?

The teamwork and get-it-done attitude of the engineering team at Sprinklr is so inspiring. The passion that goes into creating product experiences really exemplifies our vision of creating the most loved enterprise software. Everyone from research, design, product and development come together to go the (1,000) extra miles to ensure that design and performance are living hand-in-hand. Speaking as a designer, I am living the dream by being empowered to make decisions that are 100% user-driven.

What’s one of your favorite things that you’ve learned as part of this team?

That with the right team, talent, and attitude you can accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. All of the teams that I work with at Sprinklr push each other to create a truly great product. Within the engineering org — specifically our research, product, development, and design teams — everyone is encouraged to share feedback and challenge each other to ensure we are creating exciting experiences for our users.

What makes Sprinklr’s approach to innovation different?

Our approach to persona driven software at an enterprise level is world-class. Thanks to our research team’s in-depth interviews we are able to ensure that we understand our user’s needs and provide them with experiences that go beyond what they are expecting. With a holistic understanding of our users role and current processes, we are able to create experiences that will make a users job easier while also increasing their production. We focus on taking the powerful data generated by our development and AI teams and presenting it in easy-to-consume interfaces. This involves presenting our AI in a human-centric way to help users in their day-to-day role. Being able to incorporate advanced AI in a simplified and easy-to-digest way really sets us apart from other software and makes us the best tool on the market.

Which Sprinklr value do you associate with the most?

I’d say ‘Fix it, don’t complain’ resonates heavily with me. What I really love about Sprinklr is that when there is an issue, everyone steps up to fix it. There are no meetings about ‘meetings to figure out things about another meeting.’ If there is a blocker, the immediate reaction is ‘who do we need to talk to to fix this’ and whether it’s the CTO, CEO, or the client, you have direct access to get those things resolved. Being empowered to make the right decisions throughout a project ensures that we are creating a product that will be the world’s most loved enterprise software.

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Vinti Agarwal is a Culture & Talent Manager at Sprinklr based in Gurgaon, India.

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