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November 9, 20162 min read

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Here’s a fun fact: 93% of Pinterest users—or “Pinners”—have used the platform to plan for purchases. Ninety three…that’s not a typo.

The image based platform not only sits alongside the Facebooks, Instagrams, and Snapchats of the world, it’s also a vital resource for brands.

To help companies tap into Pinterest’s impressive audience, which includes 75% of all US moms and 50% of US millenials, Sprinklr is proud to announce that it now supports Pinterest Ad buying through the advertising component of our platform.

  • Publishing and social advertising on one platform. Through the integration, Sprinklr users can manage both content publishing and advertising on Pinterest. Brands can take advantage of earned engagement by promoting high performing pins, develop cohesive strategies, and report on the full paid, owned, and earned story of a campaign’s performance through one integrated platform.

  • Audience targeting. To help ensure that ad campaigns reach the right Pinners at the right time, Sprinklr provides a range of audience targeting capabilities. Brands can dynamically create audience segments based on integrated first-party customer data, and use that information to inform ad targeting strategies.

Brands also have the power to build segments such as loyal shoppers and mobile app users who haven’t joined the email list, and update the groups in real-time as a consumer’s behavior shifts. These features are easy to harness thanks to their seamless integration within Sprinklr’s ads management and reporting tools for Pinterest.

  • Better experiences. The ability to build audience segments is a boon for companies seeking to reach Pinterest’s massive user base, but the integration goes further. With Sprinklr, brands can monitor customer behavior on Pinterest and use those insights to create better digital experiences in real time.

If a furniture company sees that a certain couch is being pinned at a high rate, for example, it can adjust its strategy on the fly to drive conversions among people likely to make a purchase.

Managing content and advertising in one place, reaching the right people, and accessing customer insights at the speed of social: it’s an integration worth celebrating.

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Pinterest Ads: A Closer Look

With Pinterest Ads, brands can reach audiences with Promoted Pins to drive in-store and online sales, build brand awareness, drive traffic to brand websites, and even increase app installs.

These tools allow companies to target specific demographics and use keywords to reach users across the diverse platform. The three types of available campaigns include:

  • Awareness. Measure and pay each time someone sees your Promoted Pin

  • Traffic. Measure and pay each time someone clicks on your Promoted Pin

  • Engagement. Measure and pay each time someone clicks on your Promoted Pin, repins it, or zooms in for a closer look

An Important Expansion for Pinterest

Pinterest has expanded their Pinterest Marketing Partners program to include audiences and measurement, alongside the capabilities it already supports: advertising and content marketing.

These new solutions will bolster Pinterest’s position a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for the world’s most sophisticated brands and agencies.

The Next Step for Sprinklr

With this integration, Sprinklr strengthens its position as the most complete social media management platform for the enterprise, and the only technology that allows brands to manage paid, owned, and earned social on one integrated solution.

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