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Are Your Brand’s Social Media Accounts Secure? How Sprinklr Can Help

Sprinklr Team

June 18, 2019  •  4 min read

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When a customer contacts your brand via social media, who’s on the other line?

With 67% of consumers turning to social media as a customer support tool, brands are under constant pressure to route and respond to inquiries quickly and professionally. A single misstep can easily be shared to the masses, and we’re familiar with the many cases of brands going viral for all the wrong reasons.

In addition to training customer-facing employees on how to best use social media to engage with customers online, it’s vital for companies to actively monitor exactly who has access to the brand’s social accounts.

Read on to learn why it’s so crucial, and see how Sprinklr can help.

Revoking Social Media Access

There are times when brands need to adjust or remove access from social media account administrators. It is a normal course of business as a result of employee turnover, internal job transfers, and even seasonal internships.

For some social media platforms, it’s as simple as adding and removing system admins via their personal profiles on those networks. For others, however, there’s one shared username and login across the team  (For the IT managers who are reading this: we know, it hurts us, too). As a result, each time an employee or intern leaves that role or company, at least the user password must be changed to maintain account security. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

Maintaining Oversight of Social Postings

In addition to making sure that only a select group of employees or vendors have access to a company’s social media accounts, enterprise brands should have a process in place to approve posts before they go live. If users are posting updates natively to each platform, likely from their personal mobile device, it’s nearly impossible for managers to see and approve each update before it’s published.

Even if you have 100% trust in a social media manager’s judgement and ability, there is always room for error. There are numerous instances of posts going out with incorrect links, spelling mistakes, and on behalf of the wrong brand. By setting up the necessary approval paths, these blunders can be caught before anything goes public.

Boosting Collaboration While Maintaining Governance

Social media is one piece of the marketing puzzle, yet it touches every other process within the marketing organization. This is why collaboration is so important. But, collaboration should never come at the expense of security, and fortunately, it doesn’t have to do so with Sprinklr.

Sprinklr Secure Access (SSA) allows brands to manage who has access to which social media and messaging accounts, with what permissions are in place for each user. Rather than have employees post to networks natively on each platform or share a login, they are granted unique authentication access through Sprinklr.

Brands can limit account access to specific time frames — which is useful for employees covering for colleagues while they’re on vacation, or for interns who will be moving on in a few months. It’s also ideal for third parties, such as agencies that post on behalf of brands during a campaign. Account and posting access levels can be updated on the fly by the brand to keep up with changing needs.

With Sprinklr Secure Access built right into our Social Engagement & Sales publishing product, brands can leverage full social media and messaging channel functionality, regardless of any API limitation, without risking account security and brand integrity. By granting access to social media accounts without sharing usernames or passwords, teams have an added level of governance to ensure that only designated community managers are able to post approved updates at any given time. The feature is available to all Sprinklr users and can be set up with the help of a brand’s dedicated Success Manager.

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